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Life- What is it?


Just Rambling.....Life is strange! Strangers become family and families turn to strangers sometimes.It's a movie. Characters show in life, they perform and leave. Some die. Some just pass by. A few stay a little longer than others.You change as the film moves on. You play a child, young adult, you mature, old age and it's over. Places, feelings, thoughts, values everything change with time. And if it doesn't, the movie gets boring.What's your movie about?Does it have adventure, romance, risk, creativity, courage, highs and lows, tears and laughter, failure, success? ?That's not a bad movie then.A protagonist doesn't always have to win as they show in Hollywood films. Real life shows real stuff. It can break you down at times when you feel so down below.It also brings you ecstasy and pleasure when you feel at the top of the world. And it gets you on your knees sometimes. You fall in love and you fall out of love.Haven't you experienced that yet?Your character matures with time and experience. You keep evolving with every setback, each curve ball that life throws at you. Emotions get stronger and stronger with time. The perspective changes.Things don't hurt you as much as they did. Life teaches you to connect with self and leave the outside outside. Fakeness, an urge to be important, validation, approval, you stop being a monkey.And you know what?Nothing really matters. That only thing that matters is how much you loved and cared for others without seeking, wanting anything from anyone.You shed all you masks. That's freedom. You identify with no groups, cults, trends or anything happening in the mainstream. Walking in a crowd you see things from above. Because you knowYou're a traveler, not a resident here.


That's easier said than done. It's hard. Patience means to wait for some significant change and happening while keeping busy with routine life matters.Patience is selfcontrol. It works its best in times when you're angry in some life situation when the other person does or say the things which you don't really like. Somebody cuts of off in traffic, speaks loud or behaves in a way that's irritating. I'm sure you've met them. I have, many times. There are so many people carrying resent and rage walking on this planet.I wasn't patient at all in the beginning of my journey. I lost it on a few occasions. And then I learned. There's no easy way to get to that awareness. It's learned through life's negative side, people and events.Another way I learned this art is through observing nature. How a tree grows out of a tiny seed, how seasons change, how humans grow, the sun comes out real slow and takes its time and goes down, the whole universe practices patience. No thing of nature is in a hurry to get to somewhere.Life's not instant coffee. It's real coffee when you grow coffee plant, tend it patiently, get beans, beans go though a process, then you grind them in a blender, use a coffee maker, brew it, pour it into your favorite mug add milk and sweetener. Then you sit in your favorite spot, smell the aroma and sip it slowly enjoying it. Finish it.The joy part is the journey itself. And it's not the end of it. It's not as much to do with the destination but the journey. That requires patience.Patience is cultivated. We allow the Universe to play her role when we're patience within.A pissed driver or a rude person ultimately encounters a super rude, pissed person because that's how it works. What you give, you get back. You've got to choose your reaction responsibly.I know it's Easier said than Done.In the end you're responsible for your words and actions. It's your peace of mind that is the most important and not them.


Resistance any negative emotion that blocks loving kindness flow through us. Simple.Loving kindness is our default setting, we're born with this feature. It's a factory setting installed in our soul.Babies are an example.When they're happy, the whole household knows they're happy. And when they aren't, the whole neighborhood knows it.They express. They hold nothing inside. They return to their happy smile and playfulness after crying for a while.Once you were a baby too. Curious, surprised, excited!That child is still there inside you if you wake her.Most people want to play with babies, they hold them, speak to them in baby language. Their innocence attract people towards them.As we grow older, we unknowingly install malware in our soul from unreliable websites(negative people, situations, experience)Resent, anger, greed, selfishness, vindictiveness, and more. We're not born with them. We get infected by connecting those people who carry such malware.Once these viruses take hold of us, our soul, they create resistance. They resist loving kindness and compassion flow through our system.These viruses are so malicious that we can neither receive nor offer any love or compassion from others.What do we do when our phone or computer gets infected with Trojan?We run an antivirus.What does the antivirus do?It eliminates the bad bug.Similarly, when we realize that we are carrying negative emotions, we remove the source which has caused this dis-ease. That means toxic people, circumstances. We cut them off. We leave them alone and move on.We don't have to fight them, change them. The more we engage with them, the more damage they will do to us.We go into quarantine, we isolate our self from everyone for some time to get our soul cleansed from the viruses (Resent anger hate and such).This period is called healing.We come back to our factory setting after getting healed. A few negative people don't make the whole world bad.Once the resistance is cleared up, abundance flows from you and to you. Your love and vibration attracts more of love and abundance.Be strong when you're healing. Bad bugs in your system resist so hard before they leave.In isolation you save others from getting infected. You're not avoiding or angry at the world.You're loving , kind, giving and forgiving child of the universe. The whole world smiles when you smile. A smile is infectious. A good infection.Try it now. Give it to a stranger.


What is some creative work that you love to do just for the pleasure for it? In other words, What would you love to do if you could without thinking about money, fame or validation, and when you do it, you are so immersed into that, that you forget about time.That is your passion, your calling or your voice. Think about Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Lao Tzu, Picaso, DaVinci, Steve Jobs and all those great creators who revolutionized this world. They had one thing in common. Passion. They were so busy  doing their passion that they were never bothered about what other people were doing. Do you ever pay heed to your inner calling? What does it say to you? Are you working on what gives you fulfilment or it is something which everyone else is doing? I don't mean that you quit your job and go bankrupt soon but my point is to make you think about doing some creative stuff on the side and work on it everyday, little by little until you become the best at it. Your creativity will, one day , become your identity. You'll become so attractive that people, money, happiness, abundance will get attracted to you. Jim Rohn said, ' You attract things by becoming attractive.' You don't have to chase anything once you become the best in what you do. Look at sports stars, actors, singers, scientists who are currently famous.  They have invested into themselves. You never get bored when you follow your heart. Jobs get you exhausted, working for somebody has never been a source of pleasure. Working on self is. It's a slow journey but it's worth it. Working at a job will pay the bills and grocery while working on self will get you fortune. But, there's always a but. You've got to be obsessed with what you do. J.K Rowling(Harry Potter) wrote her first book in great depression. She had a child, her husband had left her, she was teaching school. Her book got rejected a multiple times when finally it got accepted. She never quit. Start slow, but take a baby step today. You'll be thankful to your self in the future. Cheers!Rizwan