(Hello friends, long time no see!after a long gap,  i am trying to come back here in CD plateform, i don't know either its working or not, lets have a try. i wanna introduce a manument called White pagoda in Beijing ) The Swetchaitya (White Pagoda), built by Nepali artist Araniko, is in the heart of Beijing. The construction of Emperor Kublai Khan started in 1271 and was completed in 1279. When this property was built, it was a unique ‘pagoda tower’ for the Chinese. The 51-meter-high White Pagoda became popular due to its ancient Tibetan style.For almost 8 centuries, this heritage has stood as a symbol of Nepal-China friendship and witness of friendship. It has been renovated many times since it became old. During the Ming Dynasty, the White Pagoda was restored five times. The White Pagoda has been renovated for the last time and made public in a new form.After the founding of the New China (People’s Republic) in 1949, the significance of this heritage increased. It was saved from being damaged during the Cultural Revolution in China. China has also given high importance to this heritage as a bridge of close friendship between China and Nepal.Nepalis get free access to this architectural fund, which seems to be tied to the friendship between China and Nepal. Heads of state and government visiting Nepal from China have also been visiting this heritage site.Pls, open the link to watch a video, waiting your valuable comments, thank you.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXGPuQcrgnU&t=7s


It is common to have vegetables in China but vegetarian knowledge is uncommon in China. I've visited some places of China due to business trips & other travels. Wherever I go, I found almost dumb restaurant owners about vegetarian cuisines. I wandered some so-called pure religious restaurants but unfortunately encountered totally ignoramus sellers. There are different views of point about vegetarian in the world but you find totally zero knowledge in China. Not only restaurant masters but the common people also don’t feel sorry about their poor knowledge of vegetarians. Let me tell some 11 situations that irritate vegetarians in China. 1- Once I was having lunch with my Chinese colleagues. There was single round dining table but I was hesitating to start my meal. One of my colleagues suggested me to take only vegetables separating from meat items. 2- Once I went to the Muslim hotel (Qinghai) assuming vegetarian soup but there were small pieces of meats inside the soup. 3- Once I was in Xi'an, Shopkeeper served me a bowl of noodles. He denied my blame and said - its vegetarian noodles, only few pieces of meat, no problem! 4- Once I saw some meat pieces in my food. I requested bring new one. They took my items and threw away the meat and served me the same. 5- Once I had been joining a wedding party. A cordial lady in our table was serving others too who are nearby of her seat. While I rejected, she took vegetables and suddenly put on my plate. She might be serving vegetables but her chopsticks were already covered with gravy. 6- Second time, I had joined another marriage party. Many happy people were delighting with various food items, I found nothing for me. A man suggested me to eat meat covertly, nobody can see/notice at. I said, I may deceit them but how can I cheat my soul? 7- Once, while I requested not to give me any meat items, servant prepared a fish item because many people don’t think that fish is a kind of meat. Because its not called meat. Or some suppose fish is the fruit of sea. Nowadays I use to say, NO lives (不是生命), so that it covers all kind of beings’ body. That’s because definitions have verities. 8- Chinese are obsessed of eating many insects, aquatic animals and amphibious. None of them believe that creatures’ body is made by meat. Only the big animals’ bodies are depicted as meat. 9- If you say, I am vegetarian. Some Chinese may ask, don’t you eat Yangrou(goat) too? Or even beef too? 10- Once I had found a vegetarian and religious Chinese friend. I was thinking he might help such a hapless vegetarian in Chinese land. On the contrary he use to eat meat very few or rarely. 11- Some Chinese suggested me to eat those vegetables which were cooked together and served by the same utensils. Cooking together is one thing, eating by separating is other?? Finally, what's wrong if I eat meat? I have tried it but couldn’t swallow and felt vomiting and dizzy. I have great respect to all creatures. I may change myself is the disasters overcome or if the miracles happen in my life. Its already 5 years I have lived in China. I feel more and more confidant while not having meat. I am conquering. 我胜利了. Please, don’t force me to eat any meat. Can you have your meal while sitting in the toilet? What if a bowl of vomit is near to your table? Or there is garbage side by? I wish, spontaneously if I could change myself that will be great to accompany with you. Till then, please help me to remain vegetarian.


I was wandering to the vegetable market (早市) with my Chinese friend’s mother at ‘Mentougou’ district last morning. Aunty brought rice and put it into the bag which I was carrying. While she was moving back shopkeeper loudly asked –‘Madam! Money, money.’ She said- I’ve already paid. Thus, you weighed the rice. Shopkeeper – No, you haven’t given. She said – look I’ve only 11 RMB, I didn’t want to break 100RMB so i first handed 10 rmb and you weighed the rice equal to 10 rmb, isn’t it? Shopkeeper- No, No…If you had given 10 RMB why I asked you for little more or little rice while weighing? She said – you might have forgotten, try to remember…! Suddenly crowd gathered. Both were jabbering and rests were looking their barking skill. Nobody helped to manage the temper. Aunty was trying to prove that she has given money at first but shopkeeper was not ready to accept it. Eventually situation was going to the worst. I suggested to aunty –‘leave the rice, 10rmb is nothing for us. She attacked me – why should I leave while I have paid for it? I couldn’t manage her temper. Again, I suggested shopkeeper to keep calm and listen the logic how customer is performing. Shopkeeper aggressively denied my suggestion too. I failed to manage the situation. Finally, I pushed her to go back and stop to quarreling. I didn’t leave the rice bag and we rushed away. We were talking the same issue even crossing the half way. I asked, what’s wrong while leaving this rice rather than fighting with the poor street vendor? She said,- if you had done it shopkeeper and crowd might treat you as a thief. If you are not wrong, why don’t you defend your point? honestly, i am too poor in bargaining point. i will leave rather than deafening voice. I am confused. Is it better to buy things on footpath and pay at first? Or, if you pay at last, also can be create troublesome, Or would you draw their attention before paying? Or you suggest, don’t buy the things on footpath, where vendors don’t have bill for the evidences or leave it, sometimes it happens in life?