A poem


How can I forget the moment when I graze your lips?The sweetness that washes over me.I sit there thinking of the past.And then I'm jolted out of my reverie by the melody of a sad song.I feel like crying.Petrified, I sit there like a stone.Or like a piece of ice in the sweltering summer.My heart is frozen; only your kisses can melt it away.My heart is bleeding; only your love can heal my wounds.Honey, I feel sad because you are not going to come to rescue.Pulling me away from the the abyss of despair.I just want to clasp you in my arms and tell you how I miss you.Bleating about the the moment you left me.You just left me, leaving me standing there alone as if I had been banished to SerbiaA place where people find themselves caught up in a state of forlornnessI just want to be with you.Heading together towards the altarWhere we both say I doWhere we smile at each other and cry afterwards..................................................................................................Can you hear the soughing leaves outside?Whispering with an air of melancholy.I close my eyes and pretend to be walking with you in another imaginary place, dotted with a grove of treesWith a river gurgling between leafy banks.With the insects stridulating, punctuated by the voice of chirping birds.With a horse scampering around.We snuggle together under the sky draped with patches of cotton-shaped white clouds.Then the sky gets dark with inky clouds materializingDarting about like groups of shell-shocked bison.The sky seems to be becoming a monsterGlowering at usThen the purple rain starts to fall with eddies of wind swirling.Blowing us away.....................................................................................I wake up and find myself lying on the grass.How could this be? I ask myself, pound my chest , and screamWith my eyes becoming moist.I feel so frustrated.Struck by the realization that we can't even be together in my fantasy,What am I supposed to do?I just want to be with you.Nothing but you.How can I forget the moment when you say you need me?The sweetness that washes over me.


A Poem


It's written based on a song sung by a Chinese singer. I wrote this poem several months ago for fun.Peering at the cerulean sea, I felt etiolated and stood there motionless without tears.Lifting my head, I saw the sky mottled with patches of clouds, and I felt agitated. "My heart resembles a capsized boat, vanishing into the sea as waves lap against the shore," I said sotto voce.I couldn't espy the harbor that's supposed to be the shelter for me to tide over the storm.Although it's not far from hereI kept looking around, trying to find my bearings.I kept walking even though my face was etched with tiredness.I kept thinking some questions as I stravaigedWho's the ruler in my life?Why would I have to play to the gallery and run with the flow every day?I get older as time wears on.Yet I'm still a husk laden with the feeling of emptinessWeighed down by a sense of solitudeOnly all the old memorizes still flash through my mind, like gusts of wind that tousle a girl's hairCausing ripples in my heart and making me cry.I miss all the old days.I miss all the joyful memorizes.I miss the time when I still held my nanny's hands and behaved like a coddled baby.Time changes everything.Not just my looks but how I perceive this world.I think I'm a misfit banished to the wildness.Just like reverting to the stone age.Yet I don't even want to bleat about it.Because I feel elated when I think of you.With all the happy memorizes washing over me.I closed my eyes and wiped off the tears with my own hand.I peered into the gloom. It's frigid and inky.I told myself to keep walking."I'm not stopping until the day I'm too exhausted to move or even to think. Then all I have to do is close my eyes after watching the blue sky dappled with scudding clouds.And say adieu." I said to myself.


Hebe is Wrong


Hebe, who's a Taiwanese female singer and member of SHE-which is a girl group-has come under attack after she expressed support for another Taiwanese male singer named Show Lo, who has been berated by his former girlfriend on a Chinese social-media platform for being a Lothario. Show Lo also "stands accused" of seducing his female fans and engaging in sexual activity with many partners at the same time. Writing on her own Weibo, which is China's answer to Twitter or Facebook, Hebe argued that it would be wrong for celebs to use social-media platforms to either air gripes or launch into a tirade about how poor girls have been betrayed by their promiscuous boyfriends. "Celebrities carry a lot of clout and their actions tend to influence their fans. Thus, it would be a mistake for them to show their fans such "rotten" stuff about how well-off hunks like Show Lo play to their strengths in their quest to hoodwink gullible lasses. We have lots of kids visiting social-media platforms. We just have to refrain from hurling invective at playboys, lest other kids see it and follow suit, " writes Hebe, adding that a girl should call the cops if she has been bullied or even sexually attacked. What? Who would file a lawsuit against your former boyfriend and accuse him of acting like a playboy? Show Lo's former girlfriend has never been physically abused by Show Lo nor has been drugged-rumor has it some chaps even spike their girlfriends' drinks and let their other male friends mack on their befuddled girlfriends. In other words, there is no way for Show Lo's former girlfriend to sue him, even though she has some prurient video clips featuring Show Lo and other girls. That's why I think that it doesn't make sense for Hebe to harangue the public on this issue. Show Lo's former girlfriend, who had been dating him for 9 years before she decided to part with him after finding out that her former boyfriend had been dating lots of girls, has the duty to tell the public how nasty her former boyfriend is and disabuse anyone of the notion that male celebrities are allowed to seduce girls with impunity. More broadly, she is saving more potential victims who simply don't shy away from mingling with male celebrities; some girls truly think that their idols would love to marry them. Writing on her own Weibo, Show Lo's former girlfriend said she doesn't want more poor girls becoming the victims like her. " I have come of age," she added.搜索复制


Having issued a travel ban from the European Union with a view to keeping visitors from Europe at bay, President Trump and his put-upon patsies like Mark Levin are playing the blame game over the the origin of the covid-19 pandemic. For good measure, they seem to be going the extra mile to pin blame on China for trying to blarney and even jawbone most American news outlets into buying into what they call Chinese propaganda. Such moves have provoked a backlash against Trump as more and more celebs join the bandwagon of clapping back at Trump's racist comment after Trump called covid-19 the Chinese virus. Katie Leung, who played the role of Cho Chang in the Harry Potter film series, excoriated Trump for being a racist on Twitter, and even used an obnoxious Irish slang term to describe Trump's conduct. " Kiss my arse you racist gobshite," She tweeted. Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, was rankled by Trump's invective against foreign nations as well. She posted an article on Vogue's website, in which she explained why would she decide to vote for Joe Biden. "Like everyone else, I have been experiencing this COVID-19 crisis as a series of hurtling developments, where one never knows quite what each new day will bring. Through it all one fact, however, remains stubbornly unchanged: President Trump. I, like so many of us, have been appalled by how he has responded to the pandemic—the optimistic and fact-free assurances that all will be fine, the chaotic implementation of travel bans and claims about a “foreign virus,” the narcissistic ease with which he has passed blame to others, his dishonesty with the American people, and worst of all, his shocking lack of empathy and compassion for those who are suffering and fearful. Meanwhile, his administration has been unforgivably slow to provide testing, and to mobilize treatment to all who will need it. These weeks have been a reminder—as if we needed a reminder—that America must choose a new president. And it is my belief that we should choose Vice President Joe Biden. I have been impressed with the wider field of Democratic candidates this primary season, but after Biden’s decisive victories on Super Tuesday, I, like so many Americans, made up my mind to rally behind the Vice President. He is unmistakably a man of character and has so many qualities that we are in desperately short supply of in Washington right now: decency, honor, compassion, trustworthiness, and best of all experience. I know that we will get through COVID-19, but on the other side more challenges await—not the least of which is grappling with our ongoing climate crisis. We must choose a president who is ready to govern, who understands how to get results out of Congress, and who can set this country on a path to sustainability. And what a relief it will be to have a president who puts the well-being of others before his own, who doesn’t constantly think of himself first. For all these reasons, I look forward to casting my ballot in November for Joe Biden—together with whatever running mate he chooses (and he has wisely committed to choosing a woman). I am confident she will be qualified and equipped with the experience that Biden knows—as well as anyone—is required for the job," Anna Wintour writes. Most top-tier American publications like The New Yorker and The Atlantic seem to take the same stance: their writers are no slouch at exposing Trump and his lickspittles' biases and abuses of power, arguing that America needs a benevolent leader willing to rub shoulders with the needy than an actor like Trump, who is a dab hand at selling political snake oil on stage and Fox News. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to see Trump kiss up to his followers and act like a bootlicker in the next few months in his quest to get reelected. Katie Leung for that reason, may have a shot at hoodwinking Trump into licking her boots by telling Trump-who is said to have been a fob who pines for the totty- that she is going to vote for Him. Too bad that Katie Leung was born in Scotland.搜索复制


Who's Right?


Emily Tamkin , an American journalist who just joined the New Statesman as its new America editor, lit into president Trump yesterday, calling Trump a slowpoke or ignoramus when it comes to coping with a pandemic. Irked by Trump's lackadaisical attitude and his reluctance to admit that the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious threat facing every American, Emily Tamkin doesn't mince words in her new column, arguing that Trump's patronage network is doing a disservice to the American people. "Trump is not a president doing his best with a bad system and a worsening situation; he is actively making a bad system in a bad situation worse," Emily Tamkin writes. By contrast, Peggy Noonan, who is a consevative columnist writing for The Wall Street Journal's opinion page, which has been Trump's fervent tub-thumper, struck a conciliatory tone when it comes to bleating about Trump's handling of Covid-19- some liberals would prefer to use the word bungling- in her own column published by the Journal last week. Peggy Noonan opines that " a crisis calls for reason and realism, not ‘an abundance of caution." "Don’t panic,” in the current atmosphere, is a way of shutting up people who are using their imaginations as a protective tool. It’s an implication of cowardice by cowards. As for abundance of caution,” at this point, in a world-wide crisis, the cautions we must take aren’t abundant, they’re reasonable and realistic. Reason and realism are good," she writes. Fox News, which is widely seen as the mouthpiece of Trump's Republican party, is also loth to apportion blame, in spite of its decision to remove Trish Regan from prime-time slot after she lashed out at Trump's critics for being agitators. Trish Regan reportedly said that fears of Covid-19 have been amplified by Trump's critics. When was the last time Trish Regan washed her gob? Arghhh!搜索复制


"There he is. Bill Gates is coming", a Chinese girl calls out to her friends as other pumped-up Chinese students jostle her and push their way to the security line. Seeing this, Bill Gates, who is coming to China to scout out business opportunities , smiles and waves in their direction, his face gleaming. " Bill Gates, Bill Gates," more and more Chinese students start screaming in unison, behaving like a nutter when someone is listening to psychedelic music. "That's remarkable for Microsoft and Bill Gates," David Kirkpatrick, who used to work for Fortune, wrote in an article published by Fortune in 2007, adding that he's just another well-regarded tech rock star for tech-savvy students in China. That is to say, they'd love to do anything to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. " At the very least, I want to be a role model just like Bill Gates. He is my king, " a Chinese student told a journalist when asked about his own life goals We don't know if this student has achieved this goal or not; he may be still struggling to find his bearings. Yet one thing we know is Microsoft will be a different company without Bill Gates, who just announced that he was stepping down from its board, becoming a technical advisor to current CEO Satya Nadella, who was born in India. In a sense, Bill Gates, who founded Microsft with his friend Paul Allen, has already handed over the reins to Satya Nadella, who is said to be working hard to turn Microsoft into a best-in-class cloud computing company with the launch of Azure and game streaming service. Speaking to Bloomberg Businessweek, Satya Nadella said cloud computing would be the cash cow or money-gusher for tech stalwarts that offer cloud computing services, say Micrsosft, Amazon, and Google. Satya Nadella has a point. Unlike the cash-incinerating WeWork, which still hasn't been able to find a way to break even(not to mention to turn a profit), Microsoft has already found a new way to generate profits by harnessing the benefits of cloud computing and cloud gaming. Piggybacking on their incomparable computing capabilities offered by their massive global data-centers, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are in a good position to provide such lucrative services to companies eager to tap into cloud computing and use it to curb operating costs; it would be difficult and costly for most companies to set up their own date-centers. Moreover, unlike WeWork's founder Adam Neumann, who was sacked by WeWork's board after he failed to give credence to the view that his business model was effective, Satya Nadella, who appears to be a cerebral sort, knows what he is doing. And Microsftsoft, flush with cash, has no trouble snapping up tech upstarts that have state-of-the-art technologies and brainy techies , thereby giving Microsoft a chance to make the pie bigger. On the other hand, there are no grounds to think that Bill Gates will "decouple" from Microsoft's day-to-day operations if Satya Nadella strays from the right path as the founder of Microsoft. After all, Microsoft is part of his life.搜索复制


Covid-19 Effect


It's telling that the global covid-19 outbreak has taken a toll on the world economy. The Purchasing Managers Index in Asia has taken a nosedive; besides, lease rates of the Baltic Dry Index- a measure of shipping costs-are also down by two thirds since early December, according to Jeremy Cliffe's latest column published by the New Statesman, which is an influential publication just like The Economist and The Spectator in the U.K. And there are signs that consumer spending is falling and trade flows are slowing, roiled by supply-chain disruptions and fears of a global pandemic. At the same time, The global covid-19 outbreak also offers a chance for companies and employees to change the way they do their work, with more and more companies asking desk-jockeys to work from home instead of toiling in their poorly ventilated offices or cubicles. And that means you can sit on your chintz sofa or even sing a song while coping with paperwork without being harassed by officious colleagues and your tetchy boss. Simply put, you are the king of the world in a situation like this. That's good news for companies scrambling to curb their bloated travel expenses and come to terms with travel ban imposed over Covid-19 in some nations. Technology giants like Google and Microsoft have already used teleconferencing tools and even suggested "offering free access to their teleconferencing tools to help businesses and schools continue operating in spite of the global coronavirus outbreak." That's also what's going on in China, where many employees are said to embrace teleworking with glee, particularly some working moms who are forced to stay at home to take care their children after China decided to close schools in a bid to fend off the onslaught of Covid-19 outbreak. " I have to fess up that I'm in my element when I work from home, " a Chinese mom says blithely. "You know it allows me to manage my own time efficiently and save me some hassle. In a word, I don't have to fret about having an eagle-eyed or poker-faced gaffer hanging around as if I were were being watched by a spook." Yet you also find some parents' gripes being echoed by other families that have surly kids in China. " When is my son going back to school? I can't put up with it anymore. He seems to have become an idler or even wastrel since he spends all his time playing games or watching videos offered by Douyin", says a Chinese mom on Weibo. " He is supposed to be studying. There is nothing I can do about this since he doesn't have to go to school now," says the mom glumly. 搜索复制


Nobody raised a stink when Fortune magazine named Jack Welch manager of the century in 1999, in light of the fact that GE had become the most admirable company in corporate America. Better yet, CEOs around the world were striving to learn his leadership style and his much-coveted management practices or rules. Welch's rules also gained currency in China after then-CEO of Haier, Zhang Ruimin or 张瑞敏 in Chinese, decided to take a page from Welch's playbook and turn Haier into another global powerhouse instead of a traditional Chinese company bound by bureaucracy and nepotism . To that end, Zhang went to Boston to seek the counsel of Jack Welch, trying to follow Welch's businesslike approach and use that to hone Zhang's own managerial skills in China. Welch told Zhang that business leaders in China had to ask their people to create value for companies by fostering creativity instead of sticking to the antediluvian rules championed by predecessors. Which is to say that you have to find the right people or like-minded sorts who are sympathetic to your views. All the same, just rid them if they are not receptive to your thinking; you just don't want such obdurate sods sabotaging your efforts to enhance your company's operational efficiency. " You own these businesses. Take charge of them. Get headquarters out of your hair. Fight the bureaucracy. Hate it. Kick it. Break it," Welch reportedly made such statements, according to Fortune's Geoffrey Colvin, who wrote several exceptional cover stories featuring Jack Welch's management style for Fortune when John Huey and Norman Pearlstein were still at the helm at Time Inc, which owned Fortune magazine way back. Welch also set store by the notion that a company has to find its own competitive advantage; otherwise, it would be a mistake to take on a competent rival that has the upper hand in this field. Case in point: it would be foolhardy for most American companies to compete with Asian companies in terms of production and labour costs, considering that such costs r much lower in China and Vietnam. " To stay competitive, GE must be No. 1 or No. 2 in its industry," says Jack Welch. Convinced that GE had to be a lean organization, Jack Welch introduced Six Sigma and graded its employees on a five-level scale, using it as a means to weed out the underdogs who failed to get their work done. For good measure, He was not loth to sell GE's underperforming businesses because he wanted GE to be a service company. You might think an old geezer like Jack Welch would balk at embracing digitization. You are wide of the mark. Actually, Jack Welch paid heed to the need to go digital after he started palling around with Scott McNealy, co-founder of technology company Sun Microsystems. They both appeared on the cover of the same issue of Fortune magazine in 2000 and riffed on technological advances that had transformed the way people did business. Welch told Fortune that "Scott McNealy has taught him lots about the need to go digital." What can a Chinese business leader learn from Jack Welch? I'd say it's not just about employee performance reviews, execution customer feedback, strategic planning and cost-cutting. It's more to do with a leader's willingness to be a game-changer in his industry. You have to be the cage-rattler if you want to survive.搜索复制


Some Chinese sports reporters covering soccer were left slack-jawed yesterday after attending a press conference, at which the head of China's Football Association announced that a Chinese head coach would be chosen to be the next national team manager instead of a foreigner like Lippi, who quit his job in a huff after his team lost out to Syria. China's Football Association also unveiled another plan aimed to resuscitate the moribund Chinese soccer industry, which has been buffeted by spiking operating expenses and staffing costs, exacerbated by soccer fans' gripes about the ineptitude of China's Football Association and Chinese footballers. That's why most Chinese soccer buffs would rather watch Premier League at home instead of the Chinese version of Super League. One part of this plan, which says naturalized soccer players who are not descendants of Chinese should be treated as foreign players instead of domestic players, has drawn flak from Chinese soccer buffs and sports journalists. They argue that it would be a mistake for China's Football Association to discriminate against naturalized soccer players in this way, not least because they have already become Chinese citizens. Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C., which is currently the most successful soccer club in China, would be the victim of this part of plan since it has more than six naturalized players , most of whom were born in Brazil. China's Football Association reportedly put this part of plan on ice after being reprimanded by soccer fans and some journalists covering soccer. Yet a reporter covering soccer in China suggests that China's Football Association may be experiencing an internal conflict, which sees Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao F.C. and Shanghai SIPG Football Club joust for supremacy. "The real enemy of Chinese soccer happens to be China's Football Association. It's a place riddled with bureaucracy and patronage " a reporter wrote on Weibo, which is China's answer to Twitter or Facebook. " "They only get shook on fighting a turf war within the system. They just know how to line their own pockets," he groused. "Where do we go from here?" Nobdy knows.搜索复制