This morning, I understood suddenly a thing that it had been my heart for a long time. The sudden understanding made me feel lost. If I wasn’t anxious very much for that thing to resolve, maybe it would have another a result. When things are slow, they will be round. When people are slow, they will be safe. Many things in the lives are important and worried, So we always want to resolve them early, the more anxious you are, the more bad you feel. You will focus on the spirit on the things and want to resolve them as quickly as possible. But in fact many things can’t be resolved as shopping. It needs you to be slow and look for the more way to resolve, to make the thing develop for a good reslut that you want. Maybe the procedure is a little long, it may make the people who often worry feel suffering. But the suffering is an exercise for us. It needs the wisdom and patience to resolve an important and anxious, but we often lack the patience to make the result to be opposite. However we can’t know that it is made by ourselves. We think it should be so. We are also depressed for the result, even we lose the confidence to ourselves. Until someday, when you look back the thing, you will find that you have chosen a stupid way to resolve that thing. At last, the thing seemed to be resolved, but the result isn’t what you want. So , anything develops to have its regularity, to resolve the thing also needs to according to its regularity. As the people don’t grow up at a moment, the flowers don’t open for a night. The live need the wisdom, it needs the patience the more.


Today is Dec7, the last month for the year. Suddenly, The time is getting faster and faster.The year will be end after 24 days. I don’t know how I spent these days for the last 11 months. I feel it seems only yesterday for the first of 2019. Yesterday night I chatter with a friend about the life of 2019. Then she recalled these days in our junior middle school. It had passed for more that 20 years. But when I heard she reminded somethings about me, I was moved and felt warm. At that time, I felt she didn’t care other classmates except for studying. Unexpectly she can remember so long time. From her describing, I felt I are a happy person. But Whether it is the past or present, I never feel I am so happy person. We said the merits about each other, we admired each other. It seems that We both become the excellent person for each other. but we don’t both felt we were so excellent. We aren’t satisfied with ourselves. We both have pity for our live… Maybe the most of people are so. We always admire other person, can’t enjoy oursleves. We are used to see the good aspects for other person, and our bad aspects. So We ignore the bad aspects for other person, it seems those things never happen for themselves. We often feel the day spent long when we are unhappy, We also hope the time can stop when I feel happy. We often remember the unhappy days in our memories. We also forget the achievement that we have gained. We only want these things that I haven’t get. So we often feel that other person is better than us. We admire them. So every person should learn to admire oneself. To cherish these things that we have gotten. To remember the good things that have happened in ourselves. We will feel happy.