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Why Do I, A Native Chinese, Think the Communist Party of China Should Be Esteemed as the Only Rightful Leader of ChinaThe Communist Party of China decided to fight against the Japanese intruders on the Luo Chuan Meeting in August,1937. The truth was, before that, the Communist Party had already held a scaled army at hand. She could well stand by and wait for calls for help, and then choose a side in the war. Thus the case would be very much beneficial to herself. Or she could choose to just stand by in order to preserve its own strengths, because none could accuse her as not taking up the responsibility to save the country, for the Communist Party was not at all government of the country at that time, and to save it was first of all the duty of the Kuomintang government, actually. As the worst so-called "rebellion" to the then legal government, the Communist Party of China was the last one on the list to save the country. The situation was also that the Chinese people barely had any chance in winning over the Japanese at that moment. But the Communist Party didn't wait, nor did it choose to help the Japanese intruders which looked clearly much stronger. We are now living in a time when we've learned too much about making choices that are more likely to win. And we are too wise to take risks, especially those bleak ones. But the Communist Party of China took up the duty of the Anti-Japanese War voluntarily without any complaint. All it was thinking about was genuinely caring about the Chinese people. The Communist Party of China had at least reminded us not to forget that there is yet the other way around. That is the most important thing we should learn by heart. And eventually, the Chinese, that was--- the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people together, had won the battle. After the victory, the Chinese people chose their favorite as their own government. This may be the first time in Chinese history that all the people had unanimously agreed on who would be leading us. Thus, it should not be negated or underrated by any person, nation or organization at any time. Anyone should be happy for that if they truly adore the freedom of humanity, 'cause this is the happiness for all the Chinese because we are on our own. And no one should ever deny the Communist Party as China's legal government just because of the feelings towards the old government which had been distained, rejected and finally discarded by our people. We have the right to choose our own and no one should look down upon our choice for our own selves. To have chosen the Communist Party to be the leader of China is a great and significant event both in Chinese and human history that all the people should be proud of. Those who were too blind to see which was right have been mistaking us for too long. It's high time the mistakes be mended. Let's be "wise".我们有权力为自己做选择,我们的选择不可以被轻视。