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Although losing your car key is always inconvenient, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world – and your dealer can certainly help. Read on for our advice on what to do if your car keys go walkabout.Situation: I've lost one of my car keysDon’t worry. If you have another key your dealer can supply a new one for you relatively simply. Give them a call and arrange an appointment. They can examine your car and the remaining key, and organise for a new key to be ordered, cut and programmed for you. This usually takes one or two days.If you do not live within close proximity of a centre, many police forces recommend contacting a member of the Master Locksmiths Association.Situation: I've lost all of my car keysThis is a trickier scenario. If you don't have any of your car keys and your car has remote locking or other similar features, it will likely have a code that will need to be reprogrammed. It's also possible that your car will need a new ECU. We have to comply with legal standards when supplying security products, so each process must be carried out by the book.Due to the security technology within a key and the work involved in getting a new set of car keys, losing all your car key can be expensive. This varies by model but will usually be several hundred pounds or even more. It will also usually take one or two days for the keys to be ordered, cut and programmed.How To Program a Car KeyOnce you get your key from the dealership, you will need to set aside roughly 30 minutes to program it to your specific vehicle. You can do this right in the parking lot if you need to!Ignition KeysGet into your vehicle’s driver seat with the key in your hand. Make sure all doors are closed.Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the second position, “Acc” or Accessories. The engine should not be running.Wait 10 minutes and roughly 30 seconds and then switch the ignition back to the off position.Wait a few moments again (but not too long!), then repeat step 3.You will have to do steps 3 & 4 a total of 3 times. Once you finish the 3rd round, your key should be programmed and completely ready for use. Go ahead and click the lock and unlock buttons to see if they work. If they do not, repeat these 5 steps again, keeping a close eye on your time.If you are a visual learner, check out these pictures of the ignition positions.Push-Button StartGet into your vehicle’s driver seat with the key fob in your hand. Make sure all doors are closed.Press and release the start button 15 times in quick 1-2 second intervals. It is imperative you do them back to back with as little time in between each press as possible. Make sure you do not have your foot on the brake, as you do not want to start the engine of your vehicle.Immediately after completing the 15 presses, push and release the lock button on your key fob. The doors should lock immediately and the key will be ready for use. If the locking does not happen, repeat steps 1 – 3 again, paying close attention to the time spent between each press of the start button.If these steps do not successfully program the key to your vehicle, you may need to consult the manual or a dealership for assistance. For security reasons, some car companies restrict the ability for just anyone to program a key fob.