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节期间疫情会反弹吗?12月29日,中国工程院院士钟南山在接受央视记者采访时表示,一般我们讲反弹还是又像开始那样大规模增加,我不认为会有,因为中国已经形成了非常有效、比较严密的防控,早期在社区防控的机制,这些都是很好的。不过,反复的、散在的可能会有。Will the pandemic rebound during the Spring Festival? Zhong Nanshan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, expressed his opinion in an interview with CCTV that he didn't think that the rebound will take place in large scale like in the same period of last year, because Chinese government had already adopted a series of effective and strict protection measures, and established a mature prevention mechanism at community levels, all were beneficial for the control. Howerer, the sporadic and repeatitive cases would still be there.他还说,元旦和春节“双节”出行需求的增加是必然的,而且在中国没必要禁止出行。但出行现在确实要更加重视注意。并不鼓励大家到国外,国内也是可以的,不过中风险地区除外。基本的还是那三个戴口罩、勤洗手、保持距离,这还是需要的。他总结,“要是这样的话,我觉得还是可以平安度过新年和春节。”He added that in China it was not necessary to prohibit people from going outside, and it was inevitable that more people would go out during the New Year and the Spring Festival period. However, people should be more cautious when going out, and they could travel inside China except for the middle-risk areas, but it was not encouraged to go abroad. And it was still recommended to wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep social distance. In a word, it was safe in China and people could spend their new year the Spring Festival safely.