Afghnistan war ,who win ...writen by irfan tariq .contect e mail irfanjournalist77@gmail.com................................                   It is true that history and historical facts sometimes repeat themselves in one form or another, just as the hands of a clock turn back and forth, but the elapsed time does not return, the elapsed time. Much changes at the same time, but the change and history we are talking about here is the changing sun of Afghanistan, which set twenty years ago today and revolves around the rocky cliffs of Tora Bora. Doha was hit by a collision, and now it is trying to rise from Doha to the plains of Afghanistan in the same way, in the form of the Taliban. History has reversed or history is repeating itself. ۔Twenty years later today, in response to the 9/11 attacks, Afghan bombers tore apart Afghanistan and the then Taliban government, and today the United States has returned, evacuating Bagram Air Base. In the same way that Soviet troops were defeated on Afghan soil forty years ago today, and one day they had to leave Afghanistan in the same way that the United States did today at Bagram Air Base. The return journey has begun, the return journey is conditional on the start because the US has not yet fully withdrawn from Afghanistan, but the September deadline is being given, then the month of September is of historic significance. These were the historical facts, now taking a closer look at the Afghan journey from the past to the present, what happened, what is happening and what is going to happenThe Trump administration and the Pentagon were left alone after the economic downturn and were forced to ponder how the United States would now emerge from the war when the United States announced that it would It will go from Afghanistan to 2016, although there have been many announcements before, but it was so difficult for the United States to get out of this fire that no traces can be seen in the distance. Finally, the United States came up with a new plan. He said that the Taliban should be completely eliminated under the guise of negotiations, but in this policy, the United States faced very disappointing results and then history repeated itself. The only difference was that at that time, the United States withdrew from Iraq. It took years, and today the United States took four to six years to get out of Afghanistan, because the United States had planned to get out of Afghanistan in two thousand fourteen, fifteen and sixteen decades, but as it went, something had to be done to remember history. But this time, the United States did not achieve what it set out to do, and in the end, the United States did. Evacuates Bagram Air Base               Bagram Air Base was the largest US warship in Afghanistan from which Afghanistan and other countries developed war strategy after the Pentagon. In a sense, this base can also be called the center of practical war strategy after the Pentagon. For the readers' attention, Bagram Air Base should be mentioned that this base was built in 1906, at that time it was used only as a runway, after which it was used in the Soviet war. Gaya and all the foreign forces that entered Afghanistan used this base. In that sense, it would not be wrong to call the Afghan war encyclopedia Bagram Air Base because the history of Afghan war strategy is based on this base. Interestingly, the devastation that took place here during the Soviet .The base was built with the help of the United States by the then provincial government. It is foolish to believe that the last US troops have left the Begram Air Base. Because the United States is still saying that it is having a hard time getting out and talking about September, I have to believe in the deadline to some extent based on my poor experience, but Still waiting for another September because September 9 was 9/11 when the clouds of attack on the United States and then the attack on Afghanistan enveloped the whole world, now it remains to be seen what the strategy of the United States would be in September. Yes, the United States should not say again that a few troops will be stationed like in 2016, but the US President has hinted at this to some extent, or the United States is planning to make September a memorable one. Is doing, nothing can be said in this regard will be premature but it is feared that the United States will not come up with a new move for Pakistan because at this time the United States is very angry. As in the past, the Pakistani government has turned its wishes into denials and sabotaged the secret mission set up in 2000, but I said at the outset that history is repeating itself, but this time something. The global political scenario has changed. In the past, the US helped us by trapping us, but this time the story of China and the US is a bit different, and it is feared that this time the US will seek help from India and Pakistan, China and Iran. Will be a block of, because both the anti-US countries are also neighbors of Pakistan and time is needed that Iran and China will give full support to Pakistan which is to the advantage of all three countries, now it is to be seen that the US which is two thousand fourteen It has taken six years for the United States to withdraw from Afghanistan, so in those six years the United States must have planned something to keep its influence in the region beyond Afghanistan, but the answers to all these questions. YouSee you in September.                    What is going to happen in these two or three months now, if we look at the latest situation in Afghanistan at the moment, it is the seventh month of this year, and it is the first week, meaning there are still about one day left for the US to withdraw completely. Which may span a hundred days, the links of US officials in recent days with India and then with a group of Indian Taliban are also found in the United States, and the bitter and some of the past Due to hypocritical practices, Pakistan B has also gained a lot of experience that Pakistan will no longer be a part of anyone's war, then what will be the situation of political peace and order in Afghanistan after the expected complete withdrawal of the United States in Afghanistan. Only time will tell, but the questions that arise are that the United States declared the Taliban terrorists, now what will tell the world that the United States has now made those who were declared terrorists in the past its friend? And if the Taliban are recognized at the negotiating table, then who will be responsible for such a long war and its effects, the United States or the United Nations? The member states that supported American policies after 9/11 have so far reportedly infiltrated the Taliban in Wardak Province, just about 200 kilometers from Kabul, and several other important provinces, including Badakhshan. The districts are also under the control of the Taliban, which was already a Taliban stronghold in one way or another, and the Afghan government, backed by foreign forces, had influence over Kabul and a few other areas. It is too early to say what the Taliban do, but the Northern Alliance and pro-India leaders have joined hands, while there are reports that Afghan forces have provided weapons to the Taliban in some places. But on the other hand, the Afghan army chief says that the violence will be dealt with and the areas will be regained control. After this statement, the Taliban claim that they will take further steps, when will they do it? There will be an evacuation, and in the meantime there is adialogue process between the US and the Taliban, there are talks, and there are still differences in the Ashraf Ghani government, which is directly benefiting the Taliban, if we Speaking of Mullah Omar's era, there is a stark difference between the Taliban of that time and today's Taliban. In the Taliban system, the policies of Mullah Omar's era also seem to be changing. Obviously, a new vessel will emerge in twenty years. After such a long war, the younger generation now wants some change, and among the leaders of the Mullah Omar era in the Taliban are now educated young people who are slightly different from the traditional Taliban, who have been thinking for twenty years. It will be different from the previous Taliban, thanks to today's technology, or let's say the Taliban is now a religious organization as well as Afghanistan. I am entering the field as a political party, and one of the doubts about the success of the Taliban's negotiation process and success with the United States was that the Taliban wisely admitted that the Taliban had been negotiating with the United States since 2118. The process was busy in Doha. Earlier, Pakistan had also tried to play the role of mediator in these talks, but the United States was still angry with Pakistan, because the United States was pulling Pakistan towards Dow Moore. On the other hand, he was secretly expanding his friendship with the Taliban. When Pakistan came to know, then the Pandora's box was opened and it was revealed that the United States was now working hand in hand with Pakistan. Then Pakistan understood the real game changer. The US needed Pakistan's help and will continue to do so, now it is clear that the Taliban in Wardak provinceWhen do they advance beyond, when do they get the next signal and what strategy do the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan adopt, whether they leave their country and then go to Germany and the United States or Australia. Because there are some reports that American forces With that, history will take a turn for the worse and there will be a war between the Northern Alliance and the Taliban as in the past. If that happens, who will take over, while this time China has also hinted at playing a mediating role and a coalition government in Afghanistan. Building is the future of Afghanistan, while Pakistan is ready to help the Afghans as a mediator, but does not support any kind of intervention.               If we look at all the above-mentioned situations and events in the mirror of history, then even during the Soviet war, foreign forces were stationed in the fruit and vegetable provinces of Afghanistan, but this time it is a little different. Bari is the largest province, ie it is self-sufficient in commodities. That is why the Taliban have set up camp here first. This province consists of eight districts. The Taliban had writ in some areas before and the Kabul government There have been several defeats in advancing with the Americans, and in the last twenty years the Americans and Afghan forces have never had full control over Afghanistan, but the Taliban have claimed control of most of the territory. It may be surmised that when Raqam went to Afghanistan during the 9/11 attacks, the Northern Alliance's hats had taken over the Taliban's turbans in such a way that Taliban supporters wore black turbans for fear of US attacks. He took off his Northern Alliance hats and once again history has revived Trying to repeat the past by taking a juice turn, which not only threatens to lead to civil war, because itAfghanistan's historical tradition is that whenever there is a transfer of political power after the devastation of a war, then there must be a short or long civil war in view of which it is possible to gain power with the help of external forces It remains to be seen which force will come after the US withdrawal in Afghanistan this time or whether the US will adopt its aggressive policies in the Pentagon through modern technology, and it remains to be seen whether this time again, including the Taliban. Whether other parties form a coalition government with Northern Alliance hats and black turbans or not, but on the other hand, which side is Pakistan's biggest enemy, will it leave Afghanistan with the United States or not? Will he continue to help his fully trained agents, will the black turbaned Hindus be tolerated, does Mullah Omar's Taliban have the same heart for Pakistan as Mullah Omar has, the answer to all these questions is the complete withdrawal of the United States. It is possible later, but whatever surprise the United States may give on this complete evacuation, but September is again in a surprise mode. During the American evacuation, a surprise has come to light that July 4 is the day of American Independence. And on July 4, the last US soldier returns from Bagram Air Base, so now it's Afghanis A day of celebration has also been set for them, that is, the day the Americans celebrate their independence and the day of the withdrawal of American troops, on the same day the Afghans will also celebrate their independence in this celebration of the Americans.In the end, it is up to the readers to decide whether to call this 20-year war on terror the return of Tarzan or the arrival of Tarzan…


Month of New year 2019 is ending ,and International political scenario is changing every day ,because Recently AfGhan taliban and US America Table Talk situation is creating in this region ,but afghan taliban rejected all option for american table talk (negotiation ),afghan taliban wants quiet all International forces from afghanistan ,including afghan puppet Government alos,this is new international game of 2019 ,pakistan only want peace in this region and this time that's why America is not happy with pakistan ,Recently pakistani Government is also playing important role of this game changing ,with out pakistan is impossible play in this region play the game of peace and change of political scenario. that s why now pakistan and china is important role in this region ,pakistan also want peace in afghanistan ,but some so called world political game changer is not happy for pak china economic corridor achievements ,this is reason amarica ,and india is playing bad role in this region they want monopoly in asia ,if we study international politics .india don't want grow pakistan ,and america want de stabilize china ,but this is time chian must be more impower to pakistan and pakistan must more Good relation ship with china ,then they will achieve the goals of game changing , now India is expose of china consulate in pakistan attacks .i told recent blog in this page chines consulate attack in pakistan was behind indian and enemies of pakistan china ,this is declared india have influence in afghan present Government , and india is afraid from pak china relation ship ,also american and others pak china enemies ,now this is very important pakistan and china play the role for peace in this region ,first very important pakistan and china must aware from enemies games ,this is very important pakistan and china must be make Good relation with afghan taliban ,because now in afghanistan more then 65 % area is under control taliban .yes its true pakistan is against the any type of terrorism ,pakistan condemn the terrorism always .now pakistani forces is also aware all international terrorist Groups activities , that why now american wants as soon as possible quiest from afghanistan but he is not giving date or deadline of quiet the forces from afghanistan ,thats why peace negotiation have dedlock till the american political policy . irfan tariq is pakistani writer /journalist .expert of this regionAmerican New politics in asia regionNew year political Game


Pakistan and China Friendship more strong ,Because yesterday pak china enemy (Terrorist)Attack chines consulate In Karachi ,and barve two police soldier failed this terrorist Attack ,this Attack is not only on China ,its also on pakistan ,because people of pakistan and china is on same page ,question is this why terrorist Attack on chines consulate ?and who is behind ?can we say this attack target is pak china friendship and Cpec projects ,?Yes Its true .This Attack Only one Reason Terrorist and Enemy of pak china Don,t want Cpec projects going Grow up ,lets we will discuss now whats Going up downs last few days back in International politics then we will understand where is Going this Game ,For some recent days, there has been some tension in international relations, the tension was rising from America to Pakistan ,that Prime Minister Pakistan stopped it and took care of matters whose credit should meet the Pakistani government, but the Pakistani government In this mouth-breaking response, America chose some silence, but it quietly started circulating in the region's risks in some other ways, first of all, the kidnappings of SP Tahir , and then after his martyrd in Pak-Afghan relations Tension was seen when SP Tahir death body was handed over to Pakistani authorities but now Until Afghanistan did not provide complete information to Pakistan, if such a situation was in Pakistan, not only Afghanistan but also the United States of America, including anti-pak forces, stormed a storm, open a thing on the Pakistani SP's martyred. It has emerged that the Afghanistan is still being used for India and India is using Afghanistan with its full influence, after that, during the twelve Rabi al-Awl day of Afghanistan both The attack on the birth of (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is an attack in afghanistan and this The effects of Indian intervention in Afghanistan have been going on, which is being tried to prove that somehow Pakistan and Afghanistan relations are badly damaged, after that, Pakistan's largest city in Karachi The terrorist attack on Chinese consulate is done at a time when the present government completes the hundred days, and there is another interconnected conspiracy to eradicate Pakistan's relations with China, we can not say anything till the complete investigation of chines consulate Attack , but it has happened in Sindh, thats why PPP government should answer the extent that the government's reinstatement in Sindh is established. , And how did it happen,? On this same day, terrorist Attack in pakistan tribal area Orakzai Agency, which proves that the day is behind two terrorist incidents? Well, one thing is clear that anti-Pakistan forces have once again activated in Pakistan ,further The pakistani Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa condom cheese incident he said we will aware from enemy activities and we will fight against terrorist till the peace in this region . After a formal statement, a pool has emerged so that the indian prime minister Modi government active in conspiracy against Pakistan ,and every day indian force unlawful firing on line of control (loC) , Hance pakistani prime minister Imran Khan government faces many challenges, the most important challenge for this Government make Good relation with international community ,attack on the Chinese Consulate The conspiracy was outer or orthani, its decision would be later, but its til was imposed on the Sindh government. It should be answered that why it happened ?where is falir , after this, the federal and provincial governments have to protect the security of the Chinese residents as well as to protect the security of Chinese people,Because In this situation pakistan Must careful for enemy and secure our relation with china,pakistan and china Governments and boths side people have long history strong friendship ,secondly whats behind this consulate Attack ,?i think enemy of pakistan and china Not happy of Cpec project because china is always protecting pakistan and pakistan is going grow up in near feature also china .i think most important India and american don,t like this pak china friendship ,If i read history India is involve every Terrorist activities in pakistan ,because biggest evidence is Indian army person Gul bhushan yaterd ,i think no Need more evidence against India because this is enough for india and international community ,In the end pakistan is aware our enemy ,but china must be careful from india and others enemies which one trying damage to cpec project .this all conspiracy is against cpec ,but pakistani security authorities committed to secaurty of cpec and chines in pakistan , Pak-china strong joint hand