This is all I have been talking about and this time China response in kind showing US that Asian and the region will no longer support them in any way if they think they can simply put their thumb on country as and when they like without any reason and accusation. By far they did the same in the middle east and they think they can muscle in to Asia as well. Asian should look at the mess they created in Iraq, Syria and Afganistan. Twenty years later, there are still no conclusion in these countries and they are left in a shamble with no chance to even ever make a comeback. Is that what Asian countries want this to happen to them?I did once suggest a response team before and are glad that something this sort do happened and in Alaska. China cannot sit down and did nothing. They whack you make sure you smack them doubly hard and that response must be fast and furious giving them no time to response. What China did in Alaska is exactly the type of response it should take and given them no time to response. They are very good at creating false news and informations and the worst part is those in the west believe it. Remembered they claim about WMD in Iraq then and did they find it, NO. After the war look at Irag now. From the live broadcast of the news, China cleanly swip Blinken and Sullivan slate clean with nothing to progress further on their claims. This should have happen during Pompeo's time when he is in office.Great job to Yang Jiechi and Foreign Minster Wang. This is what China must do and keep that response team eveready for any future encounter. Believe me, this will not be the last and with China readiness to encounter, the balance of truth must never be in their favor.