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How could you Plan a Gruadate paper with an English profeesor nowdays [Copy link] 中文

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Radio and TV program, the best awarded to Britain.

Yeah. Things in China all sould good.

Jo English teacher told me Britain produce greater radia and tv pro in the world.  I said mightbe.

I love bbc,i m listening bbc online while typing something else.I m torturing myself.

Seldom have i received bbc,with many good pro by my Radio,but i listned FM, and hit fm already days, China horizon ,and people in the know are my favorite. but music is something as food there,every day playing.

If you received some health enquiry, some local program anser you everynight on sex and couple life and how to pursue nice sex life and how to cure some sex health diesease..........those kinda of radio program is nice for peasant who don't understand sex scientically....they called sex aid program

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The best thing to do is to talk to your teacher... foreign teachers are accustomed to communicating with their students.. they take <i>healthy</i> critism very well... so don't be afraid to confront him/her... and I'm sure any problems in the classroom will be resolved, be it concerns with the teacher or concerns with the student.

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any way, they are well paid and well buddased,they take money,why not bother the

but  i can't..  and they are not saint,not god,sometimes we are both stupid at talking something in no direction...

only disoppointed,as like My mom and fa expected me so much to do well,but i can't..

The profess can order me to have a try this or that always the time, i get used to sth he or she writen and in orderly for me.....i just insert it in my paper,so easy thing to do,then i can take my life easy

nonsense,recently, my dormate told me i was speaking to myself while i was sleeping..

thx, loss. you are too bad to be like That, a nice freind,people compete to occupy your heart

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a marriage arranged for myselft to marry a sexy for fun like Britney

The most obvious way you can help yourself become a good writer is by writing. We strongly suggest that in addition to completing the tasks in Study Writing you also keep your own personal journal. Buy yourself an extra notebook, and try to write down some ideas every day, in English, about anything that interests you. Write down your opinion on life ,love, the writing class,whaterever interest you ,As you write do not worry too much about putting your ideas in order,just let them flow;you will be surprised at what you will learn about your own thoushts,attitudes,feelings,etc. Neither should you worry about length; just keep going until the ideas stop. In some cases you may not produce more than a set of key words, in totters a set of notes, while, occasionally, you will surprise yourself by producing pages and pages of writing. The main purpose of this stage is to find out what you know/feel/etc.

The second one is more difficult. Once a week, reread your journal, select one topic and rewrite it for a particular reader, This may be your teacher fellow student, or the whole class. You will need to thing carefull7y about how to present your topic in such a way tha

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Have you ever tried to copy thesis which charged_tell me how to pay onli

hehe...... i was wondering how can I purchase something private & illegal product online.  But i m not sure how will i pay,how can they get the product charged reasonly..

for examgle, you want to view a Porn moive seris you can regiested money and be dialer in so that you are permited to enjoy..

will they pirate your money if you put it on the bank online
sayhi22china: hello
sayhi22china: an accountant mersures the firm's accounting profit as the firm's total revenue minus only the firm's explicit costs
sayhi22china: revenue = economic + implict costs and explicit cost{opp cost}=accounting profits + explicit costs
sayhi22china: econonmic costs = explicit cost + implicit costs
sayhi22china: economic profits = revenue_ economic cost
sayhi22china: economic profits = revenue_ economic cost
sayhi22china: Examples: rent rages supplies < Implicit cost= costs that measure what is forgone they do not requiremonetary payment
sayhi22china: Profict = total revenue
sayhi22china: _  explicit costs
sayhi22china: average cost: total cost / output=>ac= tc /q
sayhi22china: ac= afc +avc
sayhi22china: When marginal cost is below average cost,it is pulling cost down when Mc just equals ac,ac is neither rising nore falling and is at its minimum
sayhi22china: when Mc is above Ac, it is pulling Ac up, hence at the bottom of a U-shape
sayhi22china: .......monopolictic competition
sayhi22china: Each producer is small compared to the market , each firm faces a downward sloping demand curve. No of firms ajust until econonoic profits are zero
sayhi22china: Managine a monopolisdtically competitive firm
sayhi22china: Market power permits you to price above marginal cost just like a monopolist . How much you sell depends on the price you set,just like monopolist,But the presence of other brands int he market makes the demand for your brands more elastic than if you are a monopolist
sayhi22china: Long run_  the firms market share decrease and its ATC increase due to extra advertising =>profit diappear
sayhi22china: Strategies to avoid the zero profit outcome.! Change: don't let the long run set in
sayhi22china: be the first to introduce new brands or to improve the existing products and services
sayhi22china: creat barriers to entry<how>
sayhi22china: {  Legal restrictions: patens,entry restrictions,foreign trade tariffs,and quotas
sayhi22china: Advertising and product differtiation,creat prduct awareness and loyalty to wellknown brands
sayhi22china: topic ten
sayhi22china: Why do you think wage rate differ fro different occupations
Yahoo! Messenger:  sayhi22china may be offline.  If so, the message will still be sent and they will see it next time they log in. (6/15/04 2:46 AM)

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So you're a cheat.

That's why your english is so bad. Maybe your prof. knows this and this is why he doesn't want to spend extra time on you.

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Hehe. There is no residential professor here who are qualaified in line with Chi


i will post some ass later until it make the No total 100.

Seriously, I like beijing local people very much>

I saw people play majiang together,"a big gambling", but with smale beta openly. it is nice to note, 2 or 3 people also can play Majiang here with creative.

And i play pingpong with local people,but very funy while i playing with some children who called me Gege,rather than Gemen from the poeple my age.  sometime i was a lord at the tale,the two other kids as a pari play against me,trying to knock of the lord seat and elevated.  hehe have you even see 3 people playing pingpong and enjoyabley. that is the nice kid tell me how to enjoy a game indinitely............and they play basketball in  the park,throw the ball into the space between too bar to score.

People  enjoy fishing here even at night you can see them there,it is a process of training yourself into stronger mind.

hehe,people swimming in the Arti lake here,even the water make me terrific. i missed my childhood spending whole summer on game with water in the pure river.

I like the local people on sleeping wear with slipper dancing on the ground,very kicking,which quiet different from Taiji 48 steps....
If you watched  Xiyouji, and know the girl Student pig like to have for wife,always are beauty who dancing in the heaven hall.. i think they using the music well .

hehe. Some senior people spend day to enjoy sunshine,unlike some odlie foreign i bar kissing some Yougn Face Chinese girl

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