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doya still address" Comrade.123"if a Male foreigner with a Chinese guy for frien [Copy link] 中文

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do you think it is more comportable to be out with a female foreignor or a male one if you are Chinese guy.

How can you treat with she or he,when she or he want to invite her or him for a meal.. Do you follow a rule of calling Dutch system AA ZHI......and Where do you think it is acceptable place for both to consume if Foreingn one have 100 yuan on him or her,you own 20 yuan cash on case,but some in credit card.

Do you want to lead him or her to a place which is westernized and quiet fit for their appetite.
or you prefer to lead him or her to a chinese restautant for something a new trial.

So hard to be a host for a foreign friend when have a day or nightout,looking for some place to enjoy a meal. i can't pay beyond my ability,can i not be so hospital and treat him or her just as a normal of mine,have yourself in China,good or bad ,they all need to try.

anyway i really have one nice black foreign friend,who don't care much who i am,much money or not,beijinger or nonbeijinger

if i find them have a bad day with me, it is my bad luck,but i don't complain,

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Yes, I agree with you!

I think your idea is very common when we date with foreigners. I have this kind of experience. I want to make them happy and have a enjoyable feeling in Shanghai. But sometime I don't know whether they like or not. Because I don't know about them.
I think time can make us know about each other, After not long time. I think we can know each other very much, And know what they like and no like. Do you think so?:)

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another point of view..

If  Westeners wanted to meet Westerners, or learn about Western culture, why go to China?

Ask that person, if you're not sure.
And never ever feel ashamed or insecure about money or yourself!

If you can't be comfertable around people that are your friends, or would like to have as a friend, there's no point in pursueing it.
There must be activities somewhere to please both parties.. just ask, and be honest  (don't worry about losing face.. Westeners don't..)

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Thanks for you two__Chinese r too good to be ture_I try Different view of Chines

Currently I had caused an ass abuse here for some people unpleasant on my random,unorganised post,which i drafted it and thrown  up without any hesitation.....

I  wish i could be serious here,but i can't........ Everyday i was caught in trouble to distinguish which one is typical phenoninem i gonna say..

I m a countryboy from rural area....everything is fresh here Even.eating a common in my life sound strange.  .It is right thing for people to dine out while  catering and restaurant in booming and this also save trouble of doing cooking at home,which white color lose faith in it.

Attention!!! here. if you are poor student, you willl be scolded if you go to M Donald with your a little rich student <for whom,it is okay,even we are both students>following their pattern of life...

Why poor are forced to cope with inferior goods in a fixed rule,it is hard to meet an end if you added one big meal in your normal meal which only need 10 yuan a day.

sometime you feel guilty if you can lift up the level of consuption you friend  do.....AA ZHI sometime can go to be like this "I treat this meal wholly,you won't forget to give a treat next time as a whole"..All that is unexpected assigned with month consumptioned of man you family sent you..

Haha,  Poor doing everythin  is wrong,becoz they are not susposed to do this frequently.
     Meeting and receiving friend is an frustrated experience for me if i claimed to be host.<<<

<<<  But seems like..people like to talk of Love relationship in China,and How will we treat forignors..........The both are frequently asked and scaore of high rate of click,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but  i don't have much effort on it, i like my topic in and out of Campus,rural or city,home or abraod>

But one thing for balance,many city people go to country to enjoy life they  haven't had

Fujian is a beautiful one,great mountainouse area and sea coast. it is not a problem if you find some rural feature in my place and also  some investigation for research guild is availbe

here, Next time i like to say................What it is the sensitive thing you can not do in the school, as if prisoner lost some rights in living jail.

I want to apologize if i creating mest here , i only have one month abundance of time here since i worked a partime cafe net charger here..

byebye by the way i will have some silent time out just like i leaving  21centurty online community for almost half yrs before came to Chinadaily..

I might try to some other place which can allow me make more mistakes.

I feel disgradeful to do bad to China s label thing,in constrast ,do i feel happy if i sending bad to other international forum

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It is usually understood, the one who invites pays the meal. Another time the second part will do.
If you think to go with your foreign frien to a restaurant to spend a nice time, it is wise to go to a chinese place, one of not expensive, simple ,but good stuff.
If it is not cold, preferably choose a table out doors (but not at the bussiest street). Foreigners do not like much the very crowdy huge area restaurants with tables filled up to the maximum and noise which changes talking to shouting. The prices are  surely of smallest importance - therefore expensive places are not the wisest choice.
If you are not filthy rich , but for example a syudent,  your guest will feel ambarassed in an expensive place. Because he/she would try to pay it, you would rufuse him/her to pay and a strange situation happens.
One chinese custom which is viewed as very strange by foreigners without experiens in Ch ina, is when the payer checks scrutinelly the maidan. As if it his high probability the waiter has croocked the bill.
Therefore it would be fine if you chose a known restaurant where you can trust and no need to check the bill.
It is the atmosphere of the place which is most important, not the hight of the bill.
BTW, mistakes are part of human nature, I do not know anybody free of them. It is a question of skill how to repair them only. Nothing really terrible.

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thx for your advice or a stance there

........................ are a friend i m sure.............
........but people ask for more if  in hunger............

Only girls are allowed

Only girls have patience

Yeah Girls are tasty if i can recommend you some who are not my sincere friends

I would like to introduce all the nice girl friends to you ,if that is all you need to survive in China,and leave us busy in clearing mess after you dump them with a fleight ticket'''Huuuu,bye" Catch me if you can"..

haha, Will some one not talk of "Chinese sexy" while i pick on some other things for fun.

In fact, it is nonsense to say freindship and brotherhood here, i should go out to get my "cheering lady"

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So, it's not only a cusine

I only wanted to help you to understand how the choice of a restaurant is seen by the eyes of a foreigner.
As a boy from rural area you seem to have a lot of girl friends, in abundance allowing you to share with others. You are a high hander.Good for you.
Then I think I should also tell you another thing. The eastern countries, not only Ch ina had some customs in their past to offer a woman to a guest. This may easy go against the current western culture.
What I mean , if you appear at the meeting with a female foreighn friend having your girls around , make sure you will behave nice and never pushy! Westernars value a total free will of all sides in such situations.
One of a shocking situations I had ,happened in one karaoke in Far East.
The host invited a group of mixed chinese and foreign men and when we were all seated, a group of girls was driven in. The host (korean) started to point at girls and was choosing which one will accompany which man.
I hardly kept my mouth short of telling him ******** (self censored).
Another way , as bad as above, is when a group of scared looking girls come in, and the ritual goes in the manner virtually giving a recall of a slave market. So don't do it either , unless you are sure the foreigner is starving to have a co-singer in whatever way. Better check it before.
I like karaokes for the good atmosphere and simply for I like singing.
I almost always used to go with a group of men and my gf together. Thus I can avoid embarassement.
You're right many blokes of white race ( especially from nothern regions)view women of far east of extremely sexy. They have this something.
Many go deer hunting with no respect to results. They don't bother. Many ch inese and all others are similar.
You are in this comfortable position as a boy, that having so many restaurants and gf around you probably never feel hungry.

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