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Help: how to lose weight? [Copy link] 中文

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Maybe you should try another diet

I used to have a weight problem myself and found that the diet that is generally advised in Belgium (basically: lots of fibre, little fat, little sugar, no limit on cereals) didn't work at all for me.

Finally I discovered that a low-carb diet was what I needed to lose fat and stay that way.  And the doctor says I'm in excellent shape.  For other people it may as far as I know be different though.

Good luck.

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one week loose at least 2kg in a healthy way

I donont know whether you have heard about acupuncture therapy for losing weight these days, It is a  Chinese traditional way to loose weight . I have learnt that how to do it, cause in the beginning i am not believe in it , simply putting some needles on your body that people could loose weight so fast and harmless to our health, when I have seem my friends around me tried it and serched for some information aobut it, and then, I totally be convinced and go to medicine school learn that.

I would like to recommend you try acupuncture therapy, If you are interesting in it, you could contact me or christina13391034775

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What we all want

We all want fast results with as little hard work as possible.

The fastest i've lost weight, was during a training phase, where i lost about 15kg in about 15-20 days. Even lost muscle mass.

Doing aerobics does not really help you build muscle mass.

How much exercise do u do?

Try to NOT eat any starch OR sugar  OR fat. Force your body to burn your bodyfat.

Heavy on the fruits, and veggies and meat and WATER. Drink LOTSA WATER (or tea).

As much exercise as possible.

Walking around is NOT exercise, by the way. Only count REAL exercise as exercise.

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BY the way

how tall are you, and how much do u weigh?

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About losing weight....

Thanx guys. Talking 'bout diet,  it is like this, i was on a diet for one year before, and that REALLY worked.  Low-carb way really worked for me, but it is just hard to be continously on diet for ever. So when I tried to use the old way again, it doesnt work at all this time.

Thanx for your help.  I do eat a lot fruits, vegetables, drink a lot of water and go jogging. They make me feel better.

I'm 5'8, around 128 pounds.

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Did you mean you are 1.76 m high around 58 kg weight?

maybe that not too bad! and i think i like the situation you hold now.

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Battle of the Bulge

Eat less and take your time.

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