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Marky, marky, marky....stop mopping, will ya?

Hey, what's there to be ashamed about? If there's a will to learn Chinese, there's always a way.

I can't read a lot of Chinese characters either, but I speak at 4 Chinese languages (Mandarin, Hakkha, Cantonese & Hokkien), and can understand Fook Chow and Teo Chew. Though I'm much better with the English language and easier at picking up other European languages - can read & speak a tiny bit of French, German, Italian & Spanish + two other Indo-European languages.

I have Chinese friends who tried to make me feel bad by not being able to read Chinese, but so what? I told them to 'open up their minds' and accept me as the way I am! Afterall, I'm neither complaining nor intend to complain about their sub-standard English language skills. I'm still open towards learning how to read and write in Chinese, but I can go into a debate big time through lip service.

To all ye who are thinking that you fit into the 'banana' stereotype, it's good to acknowledge the fact that not knowing Chinese characters isn't your fault, it's just circumstantial - at least I can speak for myself - I didn't have a choice to enroll myself into a Chinese school when I was a kid (my parents wanted me to be multi-lingual to be able to hop on the bandwagon of an ever-changing world). Being a grown up now, I have a choice to make changes to for the betterment of tomorrow  - learn along life's pathway - it's languages, it's cultures, it's traditions etc - in a gist, be more knowledgeable & be a responsible learned person.  

Anyway, it truly boils down to positive thinking and your very own confidence & acceptance of who and what you are at the initial stage - shooting yourself in the foot by declaring defeat will not bring you far in life. So... there's nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about in not knowing how to read or write in Chinese - start now! - one will learn faster if one has the initiative to ask whenever one don't recognise or understand a word - so, that's learning and building word power, hey! So, don't live up to be a 'banana' steoreotype, show the world your positive attitude towards improvising yourself to be a better person!

Sorry, Yakkity for pulling a 'tangent off thing' from this thread - I just wanted to share this and hopefully spread some vibes of positiveness to those who are feeling blue and mellow about being stereotyped as a 'banana'.

Anyway, I've just given my two cents' worth of thoughts... for the rest... a penny for your thoughts? :)

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What a racist thing to say

To call someone a "banana" is a very racist thing to say. It's equivalent is to call someone of African decent by the "N word" as we say in western culture.
You should work to remove such a concept from your mind.

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It depends on your action

well,be educated under 2 different culture,u can get different way to think.
normally,people judge u by ur manner,ur thinking,ur way to solve the problem,ect.  so the most important thing is what u think of urself

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in answer to the original question...

There seems to be a general consensus among the knowledgeable that among mainland Chinese females on the lookout for a mate the hierarchy is roughly as follows (from best to worst):

1) American huaqiao

2) European huaqiao

3) Hong Kong Chinese

4) Taiwanese

5) South-East Asian huaqiao

6) White American

7) White European

8) Mainland Han, Man or similar Chinese with urban hukou

9a) If and only if they have a rural hukou themselves they will consider a mate with a rural hukou

9b) Some will consider non-White/non-huaqiao foreigners

10) All the rest needn't apply

Please understand this post is largely (but not entirely) meant to be tongue-in-cheek

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I am glad that I would be #1 on that list if I were to return but...

The fact that a native Chinese ranks so LOW on that list is very disturbing... I think it should be mucher higher...

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