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British have invaded nine out of ten countries   [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, Yes, We know that.......

.....BE CALM and CARRY ON!

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Some of the countries mentioned were invaded by other colonial powers such as Belgium who were incredibly brutal in their administration of the Congo.

At least the Brits brought Hygiene, Roads, and the Steam engine with them.

A bit like the Romans.

The day I stop learning will be the day I die. Maybe.

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seneca Post time: 2014-4-19 21:32
Still, it puzzles me to read that the U.K. invaded LIECHTENSTEIN. To do that they had to traverse  ...

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seneca Post time: 2014-4-18 20:33
If YOUR country had as long and as noble a history as the British do, you can bet your country wou ...

How can anyone claim that the moon was invaded by China, what a ridiculous claim. No body owns the moon, no body live there. and it was the Americans who first walked on the moon and therefore invaded  invaded it if that was at all possible. A spanish woman who legally claimed ownership of the sun did so to point out to the world that a citizen of the USA claims ownership of the planets and stars.

I am English and must agree with the author's findings based on the definitions he is claimed to have used. Like the Roman Empire and now the American Empire the british used corruption to take control of many countries. Look at what we did to India and tried to do to China. But unlike the britain of old America has invaded every country in the world, through youth culture. They don't have the courage to invade them because they have never won a war they have started in their entire history, which is rather short, but a history of greed and war.

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As an English man I would be nice to take the moral high ground on this and point out that the criteria he used can't really be seen as invasion in all cases. But the truth is we have invaded most countries at some point or at least took violent action in countries sanctioned by the governments of the day.

The Roman Empire was built using force and corruption, the Holy Roman Empire was built using the same devices. But the British Empire was built with a slightly different twist. It was an Empire built by corruption and mercenary armies working for private companies such as the Hudson Bay Company, the East India Company etc.  Did the british people benefit from all this trade? No is the simple answer, but the rich who ruled us and still rule us made vast fortunes sanctioned by the government in the same way the Catholic church's greed was satisfied by sanctioning invasions we call crusades and of course the rape of south America by the Spanish in the name of God. The English, French Spanish and Portuguese all practised genocide in the name of God and Empire although to a lesser extent the Portuguese.

But despite the achievements of these Empires, they are nothing compared to the US which is a new country whose history is one of starting and losing wars, but making money from them. America has bought most of the countries they have added to there Empire. such as Texas, Louisiana, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The Us really has invaded every country in the world despite its military incompetence. Like most Empires the US empire is driven by greed that benefits the few at the price of many. But because of the US's military incompetence it invades countries through youth culture and corruption.

All around the world we see Coke, Pepsi, Mcdonald's, KFC, Apple, Microsoft etc. The base ball cap is worn in every country with printing on them that promotes the American fantasy of products and labels, which people wear as fashion accessories or for practical reasons, such as shielding the eyes from the sun.

America works on the minds of the young to feed its corporate greed. Through marketing they convince the world that native products are inferior to American products. They buy native companies Then destory them buy asset stripping and generating internal markets to drain them of money, that clears the way for american products. But this is only one part of the story of American invasion.  

England is now no more than America's "Bitch" because of corruption in the highest offices. In fact most memebrs of the British Cabinet are memebrs of the Conserative way forward group which was founded during Thatcher tenya. It's mission is to promote America and not our own country. That why I chose to live in China rather than little America.

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how very silly you are

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