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Why do Chinese girls look at their own boobs when you look at them? [Copy link] 中文

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Hey man this is really weird. I've noticed this for years. But i thought maybe it was just coincidence. But these days i've really been looking into this phonomenon and my findings seem to confirm with my previous suspect. On the street or so, if you look into the eyes of or look at the body of a Chinese girl who is a stranger from like 5 meters away, sometimes she would turn her eyes at her own boobs the moment she sees your eyes. Some even touch on the bosum of their clothes or drag the waist of the clothes down a little, as if to eliminate some wrinkle on the bosum. It was hilarious the other day I saw a girl in a netbar coming to the counter, where i was standing. and i looked at her as if i were looking characters acting in a film (sometimes i look at people in a way as if we are in different worlds and they can't see me at all), and it appeared she felt a bit uncomfortable, and you know what, she put her hand on her shirt in the space between her breasts. It was hilarious. Can anybody explain to me why do Chinese girls do that? I've never seen a foreign girl do that. Usually when you look at them, they smile to you.

for reference, i'm Chinese.

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Body Language

Did it ever occur that they are responding to you? They are human too. You can have quite a silent conversation just using body language. It can be seductive, even erotically exciting and you can learn a lot just by cooperating with them.

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look or stare at anyone and/or their body parts, and they will feel insecure, in turn, will look at themselves and wonder "what's wrong with me, or my so and so"... It has nothing to do with being Chinese, it's human nature my friend.

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There is definitely a cultural component

When French girls notice you are looking at them (or 'noticing' them) they tend to straighten their back, turn up their noses, move more energetically and smile.

Belgian girls will freeze, drop their shoulders and show a grim face.

The peculiar habit of putting one hand between the breasts is something I have seen in China too but it is also very common among elderly Belgian ladies.  

Body language is definitely universal but it does have regional dialects.

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THe proper reply

Hmmmm..... what is the appropriate bodylanguage reply? I know in certain parts of America, you would grab your balls, re-adjust your crotch, give a nice "wall-shaking" belch, give your ol'rear end a good ol' scratch, then walk over to the nice lady and introduce yourself.

Can anybody tell me what is done here? *grin*

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This is really funny ...

I'm a Chinese woman (not bred and raised in China though) - your piece is nicely woven and I never quite connected the meaning behind the pulling down or pulling up of tops to have some unspoken body language? lol

Anyway, I do know of some women who'd keep pulling their top lower to show some cleavage, and some keep pulling their tops up (around the shoulders) in fear of exposing too much of cleavage. However, most of us know where our boobs are, and we don't check them out before we 'adjust' our tops... usually, we do that in the privacy of the loo, or the moment we get up from sitting behind a desk for some time.

However, I'll keep a lookout for this in the future now that I know! lol

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re: Why do Chinese girls look at their own boobs when you look at them?

are you sure they are looking at their boobs and not looking down at the ground?  I know a lot of people who look at the ground when they make eye contact, because they are shy or self-conscious... or maybe because they don't want you to speak to them.

But if they ARE looking at their boobs maybe they are checking to see if their nipples are sticking out or something.  I have a friend whose nipples protrude quite frequently and she often folds her arms to hide them when she sees that I've noticed them.    They're HUGE!  (I wish she wouldn't do that!  I like the way they look!)

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