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China’s Actions in Hunt for Jet Are Seen as Hurting as Much as Helping   [Copy link] 中文

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robert237 Post time: 2014-4-16 12:04
I recorded a ping too!!!

Wow Robert.  Why are making light of a serious situation?  Do you consider the loss of life of these people a small thing?  Mao would be proud of you.

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TheMakerzBiz Post time: 2014-4-16 05:41
Oz has millions of people. You need a much larger sample to make any sort of projection.

For exa ...

If any one my comments I asked .. You should know it is a joke
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ColinSpeakman Post time: 2014-4-16 13:47
If any one my comments I asked .. You should know it is a joke

Sorry, pal :) I'm new here.

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China Is in Cahoots with Australia to Avoid Finding the Passengers?!

Unbelievable?  Think again!

Suppose some of the Chinese authorities in charge of the plane search operation were themselves responsible for the fiasco that resulted in the disappearance of the plane and more than 150 Chinese passengers - would they really want to find the passengers and let them expose their failings or worse yet, their betrayal?

Of course not.

Not only were the leads generated by the Chinese satellites, ships and planes fruitless, they contribute to the mass of misleading information that was generated by the Malaysian and Australian teams.

All three parties, Malaysia, Australia and China, have assiduously avoided the possibility of a "Third Corridor" between the Gulf of Thailand down the South China Sea to Darwin and thence Alice Springs, Australia, which would have fit all the time marks of this seemingly lost flight.

12:41 AM - MH370 takes off from Kuala Lumpur.
01:20 AM - MH370 disappears from all radars.
06:20 AM - Plane lands in Darwin, Australia, to refuel.
07:00 AM - Plane takes off from Darwin toward Alice Springs.
08:19 AM - Last ping detected by satellite from the plane's engines.
08:20 AM - Plane lands in Alice Springs, Australia.

So, far there has been no solid evidence that can disprove this THIRD CORRIDOR, which remains the most likely path taken by the Malaysian plane.

While it is interesting to see how the pot calls the kettle black, the Chinese people and the families of the passengers have no time for such slapstick comedies.  They must demand their government open up an inquiry with the Australian government to prove that the plane did not in fact end up in Alice Springs.  So far, nobody has asked for this demand to be made.  China continues to embroil itself in the false leads of the other countries, and be accused by these countries of misleading them in return.  Now, China is defending itself from these accusations, while still ignoring the search for the passengers, not in the Indian Ocean, but in the Australian continent itself.

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TheMakerzBiz Post time: 2014-4-16 06:09
Sorry, pal :) I'm new here.

Meiwenti! Welcome!
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An interesting collection of incompetence accusations, but as is human nature everyone has become distracted from a key fact. Malaysia failed to take any credible action or notify any counter parties for several hours after contact was lost. They did not even notify their own military! Why?

Had Malaysia notified Beijing as soon as they lost contact Beijing could have activated military radar and possibly satellites immediately to begin search. Not only that, but the PLA Air Force could have begun an immediate intercept and search based on last known radar contact.

Since it has already been determined that the plane continued in flight for several hours after contact was lost it is a pretty good certainty that Chinese or other countries radar, the PLA or other countries Air Force would have found that plane while still in flight.

So those of you trying to blame China now for delaying the search need to get your heads out of your butt. When you do finally pull them out ask yourselves some other questions. How is it the NSA can record and track every cell phone on the planet, but not any of the phones of the passengers? How is it the US has spy satellites that can read a car license plate and are stationed permanently in orbit above Asia and Southeast Asia, but data from those satellites during that time frame is not being made available?

The US has submarines in the Indian Ocean that can detect a fart on another submarine a few hundred meters distant, but none of them could hear a freaking multi tonne aircraft smash into the sea? Really!

I can't prove it, but I'm convinced Malaysia knows what happened on that Plane and the US knows exactly where it is.
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futsanglung Post time: 2014-4-16 12:01
I seem to remember a description of Oz as been like a 70 year old woman, we all know what is down  ...

That's being kind to the place, it's not quite the artshole of the world, that is Dunedin in Sheep Shaggers Land, oops I mean New Zealand....
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