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Where in Australia/NZ Are the 153 Chinese Passengers of MH370? [Copy link] 中文

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Where in Australia Are the 153 Chinese Passengers of MH370?

China should stop playing the blame game with Malaysia while precious time is being wasted in public bickering over who should have done what.

Careful analysis of all the data points to Australia and New Zealand as the most probable countries where the MH370 could have landed, explaining why the "pings" to the satellite stopped 4 hours (around 5:22 AM) after the initial disappearance of the plane on Malaysia's civilian radar over the South China Sea) and refueled, and re-landed (around 8:11 AM) at its final destination.  There is no other place on earth for a 200-foot Boeing 777 to land, refuel and re-land in total secrecy, so why keep up the pretense and polity of looking everywhere else where the probability of a find is virtually ZERO?

The Chinese government has a duty to its citizens to begin the search for their whereabouts in the place where they are most likely to be, if they are still alive, and therefore, China should officially request Australia and New Zealand to provide a list of all holders of Chinese passports, as to their addresses and telephone numbers, as soon as possible.  China should also advertise in Australian newspapers and TV/Radio programs a reward for anyone able to provide information on possible casualties of the rapid ascent and descent of the plane over the South China Sea that was very likely to cause altitude decompression illness in a significant number of the passengers, if not all of them, many of whom may be comatose and unable to exercise their rights to contact their families, or too confused to know what to do.  Reports that the plane could have been most likely 1,000 miles to the West of Perth, Australia, merely bend the truth to fit the theory, that the plane flew that far on its existing stock of fuel, in order to bury the truth in the depths of the Indian Ocean.  No way the plane could have gone that far to the West of Perth, but by the timing of the last ping of 8:11 AM, it could have gone that far or more to the East of Perth after refueling.

The first place to search for survivors is Darwin, next Perth, then Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, but possibly also Tasmania.  Some of these folks could be very sick, and if they die, the truth dies with them.  There is no time for niceties.  China has the right and the duty to protect its citizens, whoever holds its passport, if the passport and the government that issued it is to have any meaning whatsoever.  Check out all the hospitals for their ER and decompression chamber admissions in the past 8 days.  This is the least that the Chinese government can do for its citizens whose rights may have been violated in a grave and dangerous way in order to produce a false flag political stunt, at the expense of their lives.

No more theories.  Cut to the chase toward the most probable place where anyone could be alive, not towards the place where nobody would be expected to survive.


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It would be most unusual for such a meticulously planned hijacking false flag plane incident to omit buying off some officials of the aggrieved countries, to follow false leads, or to make a lot of noise without going after the real conspirators.

The refusal to track down the cell phones of some passengers whose relatives were able to find them ONLINE at the QQ Instant Messaging service is a RED FLAG that China's own internal surveillance procedures are being tampered with, as otherwise, a regular official would have followed up on this lead with great zest and energy, rather than ignore it.

The blaming of the Malaysian aviation authorities for not providing China with the information sounds patriotic, but when one realizes these complainers have not made the most fundamental analysis of the conflicting information provided by Malaysia and other sources, this kind of whining behavior is the equivalent of being AWOL and a dereliction of duty to do the utmost to make the best sense of the conflicting information, rather than acting helplessly waiting for Malaysia to provide the conclusion.  This is another form of collaborating with the Malaysian authorities in obfuscating the situation.

True serving of the people requires first-hand analysis of the available informaton, rather than waiting for a second-hand analysis, and now, where facts need to be confirmed on the ground in Australia, as to where the Chinese passengers could be hospitalized or held, China should not wait for Australia or New Zealand to provide the information, but should actively demand that the relatives of the passengers be given visas to visit Australia and see for themselves if their passenger relatives are there.  And China's embassy in Australia and New Zealand should take out ads encouraging folks to report to it about the presence of any Chinese individuals suspected of having been brought into Australia between March 8 and the present for treatment of altitude decompression illnesses.

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It is high time for China to be sending at least a dozen teams into Australia and New Zealand to find out where the 153 Chinese passengers of MH370 are right now.

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777 could have landed to Pakistan to?

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yasawakic Post time: 2014-3-18 04:42
777 could have landed to Pakistan to?

Yes, after it has refueled in India, that is.

Australia and company should stop all this nonsense, when it is clear as daylight that the plane had to have refueled, and there is only one place in the whole world where the plane could have refueled and then continued its journey up to 8:11 AM at the least, and that is AUSTRALIA.

China should show more balls in fighting for its citizens's lives and stop going along with the lies and falsehoods that other ocuntries have the courage to insist on, to protect their national interests, while China has NO GUTS to protect its own citizens' lives, 153 of them, plus 2 infants, and allows itself to be restrained by their lies in not demanding the right to send its own investigators into AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.  

MH370 is China's 9/11.

And those who collude with the terrorists will have their names erased from the memory of the Chinese people as honorable men, and engraved as cowards and traitors to their people.

No more diplomacy and niceties.  Demand Australia allow Chinese investigators to fan out to Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, etc. to look for the bodies of the passengers and those probably in critical condition because of the decompression trauma they sustained when the plane intentionally ascended rapidly to the highest tolerable altitude of 45,000 feet or more, and then descended almost in free fall to nearly 0 feet.  This is terrorism and must be dealt with solemnly and with utmost determination!!!

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Where the sh!t did my post go?  Did it disappear like the MH370 in CD cyberspace?

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