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Describe China's changes in your eyes     [Copy link] 中文

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China has announced sweeping reforms last year, among the most noticable are loosening of the one-child policy, abortion of the "reform through labor" (laojiao) system and enhancing the fight against corruption, which have already won very positive responses from home and abroad.

What are your views on the wide-range of reforms that China has put forward? Have you noticed any changes of China, no matter how great or small? Have you encountered any major problems that need to be addressed? What are the inconveniences you can think of?  What challenges or obstacles China faces in 2014? Do you believe China will get these problems under control? You can contribute your views of any given topic or choose topics that interest you. Please feel free to join our discussions.


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"Everything rises or falls on leadership." With that said, I think the changes that are being brought by President Xi are highly encouraging. His campaign to reduce graft  (I don't think it is possible to elminiate it in China) will do a lot to restore trust in the government by the people. I recently read his speech about reinforcing socialist values in China and was very inspired. In fact, I'm using his speech as a learning resource for English in my classes here in Zhengzhou.(A big thanks to China Daily for providing the translation of his speech.) Overall, I'm encouraged by what I see in China. It is easy to see the problems when you come here with 'fresh eyes'. Especially 'fresh Western eyes.' You can see a lot of problems in the stark differences between Western and Eastern societies. Nonetheless, my hopes and beliefs are high for China. Many problems remain, but, I believe that President Xi will continue to accomplish great success in leading China in the direction that it needs to go.

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It is easy to see the problems when you come here with 'fresh eyes'. Especially 'fresh Western eyes.' You can see a lot of problems in the stark differences between Western and Eastern societies.

Actually, when my 'fresh eyes' veiwed China, it made me notice more problems with the West. It's only after a much longer time that I've noticed any real problems. 'Fresh eyes' showed many differences, but to call these 'problems' is judging the rest of the world by your own standards.

It's hard to remember all, but some of the impressions of my 'fresh eyes' were:

Cleaner. Streets not covered in chewing gum stains, litter and dog turds. Roads not littered with broken glass from smashed car windows. Walls not covered in bill posters and grafitti. People dressed casually but smartly.

More industrious. Lots of 'street workers': road side market stalls, street food stalls, people collecting plastic bottles, cardboard and anything else that could be recycled. Hardly any beggars. The other way around to places like London. Workers and students start earlier, finish later. Banks have the same opening hours as other businesses rather than closing early and weekends are business as usual.

Efficient public transport. Crowded at times, yes. But efficient, cheap and reliable. (That was then.. nowadays far more cars on the roads making the transportation somewhat less efficient)

Safer. Very little crime. Perhaps a little occasional pickpocketting, but not the car 'smash and grabs', street muggings, or car theft that was witnessed daily in London. No fear of walking down the darkest of backstreets at 2 in the morning. No groups of 'hoodies' or drug pushers lurking on dark corners.

Unintrusive. No 'big brother' street cameras watching you all the time unlike UK. Where, apart from possibly at home, you never get away from that feeling of 'being watched'. Some stores and banks for abvious and acceptable reasons, but that's about it.

Convenience. Almost anything you might want is obtainable somewhere within walking distance.

More Peaceful. The lack of religion was also very noticable. 'Silence is golden' is the phrase that comes to mind. The quietness and lack of 'God this' and 'Jesus that' everywhere was very refreshing.

More communal. People playing together in the local squares, group dancing and exercising. Friends regularly dining together.

Efficient. So many things are so much quicker to get done. Whether that be opening a bank account  (which took me less than 10 minutes), building a skyscraper or just needing to see a doctor.

More choice. For just about everything there is more choice. Certainly, the bottom ranges of these choices fall below western standards, but they still exist here, allowing those who are prepared to accept those standards the choice to do so.

More common sense and self responsibility. Not the blame-game culture of the west. Only in the KFC and McDonald franchises will you see stupid things like 'caution, this coffee is hot'. Roadworks just involve cordoning off a small section of the street or road with a couple of small signs - not closing the entire road or sidewalk.

The only negatives I really noticed was the mad push and shove to get on a bus rather than a queue. The terrible smell inside public toilets, and people spitting.

What's changed?

More car owners and roads are now far busier. Younger generations now have higher pressures due to the rapid increases in house pricing and many other living costs. Obesity is far more common. Lot's of urban renewel and inner city rennovation. More compliance to international IP rights. More environmentally conscious. More foreigners and tourists.
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China has changed so fast that it is hard to know where to start. I came to China in 94 and have been here ever since so I have seen the change. Take one city, Shenzhen, when I first saw this city it was filled with beggars and lots of low rise buildings, many of these buildings had tin shack buildings on top of them.

There were no birds and little wildlife, it was like entering a different planet, but 20 years on and Shenzhen is an ultra modern city with huge high rise buildings and a stock exchange, also a very large shipping industry and of course a large offshore oil and gas industry.

The city is very green and thus the wildlife has returned, finally I can hear the birds sing and this brings hope of a better China in the future.

As China moves from being the "workshop" of the world to a more acceptable service industry orientation the fog will subside and peoples lives will be enriched. The present leader is taking the country in the best possible direction and this is admirable.

I am sure the people of shenzhen will remember Deng Xiaoping for many years to come, they built a statue of him on Lotus hill;
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There is a theory of analyzing Chinese politics that says that each  of the five generations that have lived since the CCP was formed face a unique challenge and the theory proposed that significant changes in China will come under the fifth generation (Mao being first and Xi being fifth) all these changes are falling well with that theory, however, i still think China has a long way to go.

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When I first went to China by bus through the boarder from HK it was a bloody nightmare, such a long winded ordeal. I recall queueing up for ages and when I got to passport control I had forgotten to fill in an entry form> was I mad or what having to get out the queue and rejoin it after I'd filled one in

For several years now since the SZ boarder has been in use, taking a HK mini bus through that to the China boarder and getting straight into a Chinese Mini bus to a Hotel is such a great move forward. It's a pleaseure now instead of an ordeal.

Another massive change over the years are the roads throughout Guangdong. For many years the 'pot holed' roads were literally 'a pain in the butt' ut the roads now compared to then are a much better....

I mainly go to various Cities in Guangdong so really can only share my views about there. It is an area that is highly populated due to manufacturing and has been slow to make progress it has in many ways, there are far more ktv hotels than before too thats great after being in meetings all day

I have been to other Provinces but cant really comment as I dont know them so well.

   China has changed for the better and Iv'e enjoyed every minute I;ve been there>>>>So far, I should be back in May with a bit of luck and a fair wind

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In my view,a lot positive measures have beeen done to improve the state of China after the chairman
Xi JinPing took offfice,the one which impresses me most is measures of incorujption have be decisived.
We know  that He, who is upright, acts without orders;He, who is coward, disobeys the orders.wo can learn that .

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