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The US has to be punished somehow [Copy link] 中文

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America Punishes its own..

with the worst possible sentences.

We all know these orders came from teh pentagon.. but I can tell you that positions of stress for 45 minutes, is easy, in the US Military we have to hold those for 2-3 hours... sleep depreivation of 72 hours is a holiday vacation, we go without for 7 days..  all that other crap is better than the standard treatment for all enlisted men in the US's own armed forces.. they used to be able to kick and punch you...

watch the movie "Full Metal Jacket" for an accurate depiction of life in the US Armed forces 10 or so years ago.. physical contact is removed today, but even my Chief Kicked and Punched a few people, as they see fit for the greater good.

the torture and humiliation in Abu Garib is nothing special, when you are a prisoner you really have no rights, and all those actions are merely psychological tools to break ones will and get him talking... nothing special

But neither the Pentagon, nor even my Chief, would cut any mans head off, let alone with a 12 inch machete, and let alone make it a 5 minute ordeal.

Thats not an eye for eye.. that eye for an eye is today being carefully calculated by the pentagon to be made quid prio quo at an appropriate time... I assure you, every member and officer in the pentagon is calculating and planning equality as we speak... Equality boy

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Good response , but... a small bullshit again.
7 days without sleeping - this was probably because you hit wrong key .
Correct it , or leave it, but if you come back and tell me 7 x 24 hours is what you meant I'll eat you raw.
Marx was the german Jew... you should remember.

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France has to be punished somehow.

Next time boots land on normandy, it won't be to liberate them.  
Americans don't forget 09/11!
Scartooth, they only see what they wnat to see, which is a negative perspective of america.  They don't remeber we were attacked first without doing anything.  If the war was even, then nobody would care, but because the terrorists have to run and hide from us they think we are being a bully.  So, don't waste your breath trying to explain to monthblac

Hopefully le pen won't be as anti-american as chirac!!  

Monthblanc, if you wnt to know what torture is, go to Iraq and tell them ur and american...maybe then you will be able to see clearly.

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Hijacking this thread, with a note about the new International Criminal Court

Lifted from Reuters:

US Lacks Votes for Immunity from War Crimes Court
By Evelyn Leopold, Reuters
UNITED NATIONS (June 19) - Secretary-General Kofi Annan and key U.N. Security Council members intensified their opposition to a U.S. draft resolution that would renew the exemption of American soldiers from international prosecution.

Consequently, the Bush administration on Friday still lacked the required nine votes to renew the measure that would give U.S. troops immunity from the new International Criminal Court. The previous resolution expires on June 30.

"We're going to be coming back to the council by Tuesday with a final plan -- with our position in terms of next steps," U.S. representative Stuart Holliday.

The resolution was first approved in 2002 after the United States vetoed a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, and threatened to oppose others, one by one.

The immunity would be extended to all nations not among the 94 countries that have ratified a treaty establishing the court, set up to prosecute the world's worst atrocities -- genocide, mass war crimes and systematic human rights abuses.

But this year the abuse by U.S. troops of prisoners in Iraq is largely responsible for opposition among the 15 council members, diplomats said. The court steps only in when a nation refuses or cannot carry out its own probe, making it highly unlikely U.S. citizens would ever appear before the tribunal.

No council member is expected to veto the resolution but a significant number of abstentions would kill the measure.

China's U.N. Ambassador Wang Guangya told Reuters on Friday he decided to abstain, adding his voice to Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Benin and Romania.

The only sure "yes" votes at the moment come from Britain, Russia, Angola, the Philippines as well as the United States. Pakistan and Algeria were undecided, council sources said.


Annan appealed for the second consecutive day to council members to oppose the resolution, distributing a memo at their monthly luncheon on Friday. He said the measure undermined international law and sent an "unfortunate signal any time -- but particularly at this time."

The memo, obtained by Reuters, "strongly urges the council not to renew this measure."

After the lunch, Annan told reporters the resolution would shatter the unity achieved in the council when it last week endorsed a new interim Iraqi government and a U.S.-led multinational force. He noted the council was "hopelessly divided" last year, refusing to authorize the war in Iraq.

The Bush administration is opposed in principle to an international court having any jurisdiction over American soldiers abroad and fears politically motivated prosecutions.

Its resolution would exempt from the court's prosecution military and civilian personnel "related to a U.N.-authorized operation." This includes U.N. peacekeeping operations as well as those endorsed by the council, such as U.S. troops in Iraq.

China's position is unusual because Beijing has not signed or ratified the court's treaty. Diplomats believe it is related to disputes with Washington over Taiwan, although Chinese envoys said the prisoner scandal was the reason.

Algerian Ambassador Abdalla Baali, who had been expected to back the United States, said he was now undecided.

"Obviously the Americans don't have the nine votes," said Baali, the only Arab envoy on the council. "The secretary-general's statement was quite strong and apparently the Abu Ghraib situation had an impact."

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montblanc has been deleted
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this thread has to be revisted

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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montblanc, we want u,

lets be honest here, by payment u meant death, u meant all americans, maybe u saw on tv the lawyers in action and thought it would be good idea for a post. but probably not an alternative to death. treatment wasnt harsh, they treated them roughly, the way muslims treat women. naked, good, running around with everything covered, forcing women to hide their faces, fuq.

lucky for u it was all 'illegal', you're luckier still that americas full of slimy kerry-like lawyers looking to win big.

if americans were captured in ieaq, we know they'd just be killed, u have no rights to our financial system. this prison thing is just an excuse for beheading people, why behead? its terror, fear, control, power (illusions thereof). killing every prisoner, brutally, on camera, they do it regardless of country, it has nothing to do with the prison, u took heads, thats ur mental payment, now comes ur death. we will cut ur body into pieces and spread it to the most forbidden places, we will eat your flesh, desecrate your remains, we are the people of hawaii. i never ever want to see you post anything about hawaiians or native north american inhabitants, u r filth, our enemy, we will meet  you in war, mortal combat, life for life, right for right, god, for god.

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Yes! We should be punished!

How dare us? Pulling their pants down.

We should do it like the civilized ones, slice their heads off.....

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