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Japan Finds the Woods of Dunsinae Moving Against It . . . [Copy link] 中文

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The Jesuit pioneer of missionary work in China, Mateo Ricci, is on track toward canonization, whose elevation by the Catholic Church will be viewed positively in Beijing, since Ricci was truly a follower of his own preaching and did not seek to impose Western ideas and Western interests over the Chinese government or people.  With Pope Francis I heading the Catholic Church, this belated recognition of Mateo Ricci is almost certain to come to pass.

By coincidence, the Vincentian order (Lazarist) is building a case for beatification of its martyrs in China, who died at the hands of Japanese soldiers as they were defending the lives and virginity of some 200 Chinese women refugees who fled to their seminary in 1937, soon after the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War.  The Netherlands bishopric is submitting the name of Msgr. Frans Schraven to the Vatican for beatification due to his courageous stance against the Japanese soldiers who demanded he hand over 200 Chinese women to them to be used as military prostitutes or "Comfort Women".  Eight other Europeans were rounded up by Japanese soldiers on October 9, 1937, who tied their hands, and beat them up, shot them, and in the case of Bishop Frans Schraven, threw him on the stake, and then doused him with gasoline and burned him to death.  As usual, the Japanese first "politely" paid the Bishop a visit requesting to have 200 Chinese women under his protection given to them for routine Japanese sexual orgying.  The "polite" Japanese however would never take NO for an answer.  The Japanese commander had given his men an 8-day pass to rape, to loot and to kill, as reward for their successful takeover of Zhengding, on the outskirts of Beijing.  When the Bishop refused and put his life on the line by saying they would have to kill him first, the Japanese never let down their chance to kill him and confreres.  The Devil loves to hear a holy man offer his life in lieu of the lives of innocents, as any exorcist manual would warn about - the Devil cannot resist an offer of a holy man to be sacrificed or tortured - and in this case, the Japanese did both.  With Shinto as their guide, the Japanese butchers followed the orders of their commander, feeling that whatever they do under the dispensation of this man who represents the Japanese emperor's authority, cannot be wrong.

As the beatification of Bishop Frans Schraven progresses, the truth that the Japanese government had committed War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity inside China will become unstoppable.  Abe and his Shinto ghosts will have to hide their faces in shame when the light of truth shines on them.  Msgr. Frans Schraven is being proposed as the patron saint of all sexually abused persons.

For Abe to say that in modern Japanese law, there is no such thing as a war criminal, is itself a WAR CRIME.

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