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Japan Admits Diaoyu Belongs To China   [Copy link] 中文

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(Okinawans are not considered full blooded Japanese by the Japanese, as they know, it was a colony of Japan, annexed officially soon after the British-engineered Meiji Restoration of 1868).

All true! It WAS annexed by Japan and Okinawans were ordered to commit suicide if Okinawa fell during WW2, which it did. But going back further, the whole of Japan belonged to China millenia ago. It was where we used to send exiles.

The actions of the Great Satan gangsters with regard to Dioayuda and which contradict treaties after WW2 is similar to the actions of its poodle pertaining to the border between China and India. Clearly, in each case, these low-life have done their best to ****-stir, or as former ambassador to China, Dr Gregory Clarke wrote about his C.O. who wrote in the margin of one of Clarke's reports that the Auztralians wanted to see India and China "at each other's throats".
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More Discrepancies Between Claims and Behaviour
- Vietnam admits Xisha belongs to China too

Since the Great Satan "pivot", various neighbours have provoked China. The western propaganda rags claim that this is China being more assertive.

The purpose is to disrupt trade, infest nations under a protection racket as well as peddle amerikan krudware armaments. The Great Satan gangsters want both the Asia-Pacific region and Europe as part of their patch, hence, Georgia, Ukraine and the asian "Pivot". But this risks dividing the World into two spheres of influence and a third World war, with Russia supplying gas not to Europe but to China and India, possibly with the middle-east supplying the actual gas and under the thumb of the Great Satan.

Despite the lies from the state-run BBC and Bloomberg BS, their own propaganda reveals the truth:From his Vietnamese Coast Guard boat at night, Lt. Colonel Phan Duy Cuong can see the yellow lights of an oil rig 10 nautical miles away. Owned by a Chinese company, it sits in waters near islands claimed by both nations in the South China Sea.
. . .
“We have to defend the nation’s sovereignty and our people,” Cuong said. “Since we have been at sea, tensions have not eased. We’ll stay here until the Chinese side takes away the oil rig. Our purpose is to chase them away from Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone.”

- China Plays Cat and Mouse With Vietnam Coast Guard on Rig

Get that? Vietnam claims an EEZ but not the Xisha islands, consistent with China's claim that there is no dispute. Notice too that Bloomberg BS cites that the rig is 10 nautical miles away from a boat which isn't even a stationary object.

Never mind that the EEZ of the islands overlaps that of Vietnam. Like Japan which failed to extend its ADIZ over the Diaoyu islands and whose own historical records show that they belong to China and Japan planned to steal them, Vietnam fails to claim the Xisha islands.

Like Huangyan Island, the so-called Scarborough Shoal, that the Philippines claims in contradiction of the Treaty of Paris, the Xisha also has a western name, the Paracels, showing the Anglo ****-stirrers are the root cause of these troubles. Just as the Anglos deliberately used a nonsensical interpretation between India and China's borders (which indian writers have graciously pointed out) in order to formulate the McMahon Line and foment trouble, the Great Satan contradicted post WW2 agreements when it gave control of Diaoyu back to the Japanese. History tells us that Japan annexed Okinawa too, revealing an expanding area claimed by Japan.

Claims that Vietnam has video footage showing that their boats have been rammed are disingenuous. When you're floating on a liquid, you have no fixed point of reference, so it is not clear which boat is deliberately moving to intercept another.
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US is Bankrupt, Insolvent and Desperate

Nations are contesting sovereignty over areas which are indisputably part of China in order to justify, to their own tax suckers, the purchasing of amerikan krud armaments.

The Xisha (Paracel) islands belong to China as agreed with Vietnam in 1950s and energy exploration was agreed a decade ago. Anglo/amerikan propaganda claiming there's a dispute is just total B.S. Even ignoring Xisha, 17 nautical miles away from the rig, Vietnam's "exclusive" economic zone, 220 nautical miles away, ain't so exclusive either: The rig that China is operating is 80 nautical miles from China's Yongxing Island, which is indisputably an island under the regime of islands in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and thus entitled to an Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) and continental shelf, said Sam Bateman, a senior fellow S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) of the Singapore-based Nanyang Technological University.
. . .
Bateman is also a former Australian naval commodore with research interests in regimes for good order at sea. He said Vietnam's current claim over Xisha Islands is seriously weakened by North Vietnam's recognition of Chinese sovereignty over the islands in 1958 and its lack of protest between 1958 and 1975.

A number of governments, including the United States, have explicitly or implicitly recognized Chinese sovereignty over some or all of the islands, Bateman argued.

- China owns sovereignty over the South China Sea rig: Australian expert

see also: "China slams Vietnam's Xisha Islands comments"

Similarly, the Nansha islands belong to China and there are no other claims. The Phillipines is bound by the Treaty of Paris and the Nansha islands are to the West of that boundary.

Similarly, Japan's own records show that the Diayou islands belong to China and that they planned to steal them. Okinawa is the next in line and was seized by Japan:

Okinawa timeline
1429: King Sho Hashi establishes Ryukyu kingdom
1609: Satsuma clan from southern Japan invade
1872: Japan makes Ryukyu kingdom a feudal domain; absorbs it in 1879

- US envoy Caroline Kennedy visits Japan's Okinawa

Two Chinese have been murdered in Vietnam during riots over these lies. A Chinese fishing boat captain was also murdered by Phillipines forces who chased and then straffed his boat. The Phillipines have charged the murderers but we have yet to see if justice will be done.

Like the illegal coup in Ukraine, this is all because the thieved state of Amerika is bankrupt, insolvent and desperate as the "worthless paper" dollar is no longer the dominant reserve currency. As Pepe Escobar has noted, the latest COFER report from the IMF hides 48% of FX reserves as unknown. Escobar reaches the conclusion that none of these "unknown" reserves have dollars because the report deliberately hides the decline in the USD. That means the USD represents only 33% of FX reserves and the euro probably eclipses it.
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Occupied Philippines to Buy Amerikan Krud Krops

The Philippines is considering easing rice-import restrictions as Asia’s second-biggest buyer battles record-high prices and seeks to curb losses at a state agency, Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said.
- Philippines May Ease Rice Import Curbs as Prices Soar

Yet, just as the UK's foot & mouth disease was from a strain of their own goon & thug laboratories, the occupation government are the cause of higher prices here too: Debt at the National Food Authority, which subsidizes farmers by buying rice at higher prices, will probably climb to 180 billion pesos ($4.1 billion) by end-2016 without any changes to the program, Aquino said in an interview last month.

Occupied Japan is forced to buy amerikan krud rice, banned from re-exporting it and often uses it as cattle-feed or simply lets it rot.

The Philippines also bans infestation by amerikan troops but has now been forced to allow them to set up bases in the contrived territorial dispute with China and despite the Treaty of Paris clearly deliniating the disputed territory as not being part of the Philippines. That leaves China as the only claimant. The Philippines is also forced to buy out of date, second-hand armaments from the Great Satan such as a krappy boat that would stand no-chance in a fight with China. Both Occupied Korea and Occupied Japan face a daily fight against crime in their occupied regions.
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woodburn Post time: 2013-12-13 04:24
Another incredible piece which should be read by everyone.

What planet are you from? America arrived late to both World Wars, but tried to claim credit for both. reasearch and know your history, your ignorance is showing.

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jay_dee Post time: 2013-12-13 07:52
Are you on drugs, or did you forget to take them?
Suggest you go back to school and learn some ...

The Chinese don't know their modern history.

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dusty1 Post time: 2014-6-26 16:23
The Chinese don't know their modern history.

rogger on that one...
otherwise NO chinese would go or buy Japs good
It takes about 40 muscles to smile, but only 4 to pull the trigger of a decent rifle

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