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Cooler Heads in US Begin to Think for Americans First, Not Japanese First. [Copy link] 中文

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zglobal Post time: 2013-11-30 14:31
Maybe you should learn to write before you write ....

Japanese SDF sends out a squadron of 8 F15' ...

You probably also need to have your eyes checked and your brain scanned before you even try to read.

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Even though the FAA had instructed all commercial carriers to abide by the guidelines of the ADIZ of China, and in that sense appear to have "backed down", the reality of the military confrontasi only becomes more pure and concentrated.  Japan, on the other hand, can no longer justify hiding its F15's behind the skirt of its civilian air traffic, in the hopes of their turning into Kamikaze planes for the empire, even if just by "accident".  The FAA issued those guidelines because Americans have rights to be shielded from combat as civilians, but the Japanese are another matter.  Their citizens have always been the cannon fodder of the empire's leaders, before and as this crisis shows, even now.  Sending civilian planes without proper identification into an airspace where aerial battles could erupt at any time is Japan's version of "democracy" especially when its elected party in power says it's their duty to do so.

China's establishment of an ADIZ that is a mere fraction of its adjacent coastal airspace, compared with Japan's that is twice as big as the footprint of Japan itself, is really a tiny ADIZ.

Just think.  If China were to fly military planes into Japan's ADIZ several times each day without announcing their purpose and flight plans, one of these days, something bad will happen, right?  The same works for what is happening now, as China's ADIZ is being ignored, in the hope that China will back down, which it will not do irregardless of the multitide of potential threats buzzing on its radars.  One day, something will happen, and then, war breaks out in a free for all.  In the end, the matter will be settled with strategic weapons, as one side or the other will run out of tactical options and diplomatic solutions.  But, that is perhaps what Britain wants, as its ex-colonies and proxies close in on the Cathay that it once tried to poison with Opium and failed, cut up like a watermelon and failed, slice up with a Japanese katana and failed, now it will finally abolish the government of China, strip it of any sovereignty over any of its territories, and cut it up like sashimi.  Or, at least, that is how Britain thinks it will end.

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zglobal Post time: 2013-12-1 05:04
Nahhh just take a few basic English lessons and you'll be fine....

Your English is not worth emulating, in case you do not know.

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Even thoug ...


Anything that falls short of this basic foundation is too little.  And any threats conveyed to China is too late.  The die is cast, China has crossed the Rubicon.  Julius Caesar had only one legion against all the other legions of Rome.  

The time for peace is now, or in a very short while, accidents, true accidents, will happen, and events will overtake all of Biden's good intentions.  The framework for peace is simple.

1.  China and Japan will officially begin government-to-government talks on the sovereignty status of Diaoyudao/Senkaku.

2.  While talks are in progress, no military planes of ANY country will fly into the ADIZ of either side without permission.  

3.  Conversely, if any military plane of ANY country does fly into the ADIZ of the other side without permission, the talks will stop, and if uncorrected, will automatically terminate.

This is the only way peace can be preserved, not just for Asia, but for the whole world, including Europe (and Britian), Middle East, and elsewhere.  The time before the statistically certain first shot heard around the world is short.  To delay is to fail, and to fail is unforgivable.

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This whole issue is utter nonsense, a dispute over presumed ownership of uninhabited islands.
Come on people get your heads outta your asses already it's not worth all the rhetoric ({:soso_e174:}) being thrown.
All Commercial airlines carry digital transponders to identify themselves for radar tracking worldwide.
Not sure about military aircraft due to security and stealth concerns.
The truth to the matter is that in this day and age the chances are nil that China, Russia, US, Japan, SK, etc. would contemplate staging an unprovoked first air strike against one another is ridiculous - even moreso over a few worthless rocks.
I'm just here for the money

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jay_dee Post time: 2013-12-1 08:12
This whole issue is utter nonsense, a dispute over presumed ownership of uninhabited islands.
Come o ...

Let us not minimize the issue in the hopes of it going away.  If indeed Diaoyudao were just a few rocks, to either China or Japan, there would not have been the furor we see over China establishing its ADIZ over the islands, and if indeed no country has any contingency plans to bomb China with conventional weapons or nuclear weapons, there would not have been any angst over China merely setting up an ADIZ to protect its belly that consists of its most densely populated cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.  Merely telling a country whose coastline is within a short flying distance from its designated ADIZ that one's military planes are not planning to enter its actual airspace should have been simple courtesy amongst civilized countries.  China was not saying "No, you cannot fly your military aircrafts through the ADIZ", it merely wanted to make sure there are no hostile aircraft amongst the thousands of aircrafts buzzing by its doorstep.  

One can say, "OK, but China should not have extended its ADIZ over Diaoyudao."  That is true, if Diaoyudao is clearly a part of Japan.  Up to now, Japan has no basis for claiming sovereignty over Diaoyudao.  The US Congressional Record as recently as 1971 denied that the turning over of "administrative control" of Diaoyudao to Japan equated with a transfer of sovereignty to Japan.  If so, Japan's claim to Diaoyudao has to based on its 1895 grab of Diaoyudao as a "terra nullius" unclaimed by other countries, which is also patently false, because it was being used by Taiwanese fishermen at that time, when Taiwan was in fact a formal part of China, before the Treaty of Shimonoseki ceded it to Japan in April of 1895.  The claim of discovery by Japan being clearly false, its further implied claim of sovereignty by conquest is negated by the terms of surrender of Japan in 1945, in which it accepted the Cairo Declaration, which in turn declared that all territories taken by Japan out of greed should be returned to China, not limited to the Treaty of Shimonoseki, but inclusive of it.  Therefore, Diaoyudao is legally speaking, not a part of Japan, even if it was "given" administrative control minus sovereignty by the US in 1971.  Therefore, China wanted to sit down with Japan in a civilized manner to discuss their claims of sovereignty.  Japan refused, and still refuses, preferring to hide behind the Mutual Defense Treaty with the US, and the US agrees to back up Japan militarily in any event, and therefore, China established its ADIZ over Diaoyudao without negotiating with Japan, which refused to negotiate over its ownership of Diaoyudao.

Now, back to the question, "Is there any valid threat from outside to justify China setting up its ADIZ in the post-Cold-War era?"

The answer is YES, and in fact, the flight of two B52's from Guam towards and into China's ADIZ proves that China was not overly paranoid about such a risk.  The risk materialized to justify the ADIZ within 12 hours, and lasted a little more than 2 hours.  Easily wthin a timeframe that allows Shanghai, and practically all the coastal cities to be nuked, stretching from Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai, Qingdao, to Tientsin.  

In this civilized age, to whom do you send two B52 bombers without telling him that it was not loaded, and was on a training mission only, and right into his Air Defense Identification Zone?  To Russia?  

Like Rosa Parks, China will keep her seat at Diaoyudao.

As a civilized country, it has every right to self-defense.  If South Korea, Japan and Taiwan all have ADIZ's in the East China Sea, there is no reason China becomes a threat by having her own ADIZ, over her own sovereign territory of Diaoyu island.   The real threat to world peace is Japan, annexing China's and Taiwan's Diaoyudao.  And as of now, Japan is playing Russian Roulette with B52's with China.  Of course, China will never know if the next B52 is loaded or not.  But China can absorb the first attack, easily.  Can Japan survive the retaliation?  So, should a "democratic" Japan welcome the new game of a nuclear Russian Roulette being played on China?  Not if it is still a democracy.  It should have protested, but it is no longer a democracy.   It is once again the old Empire of Japan.

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