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Music heals the soul [Copy link] 中文

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“Music heals the soul” has been a famous cliché ever since music became a hit. This has been said subjectively over the past years whenever certain melodies give their recipients a soothing and calming effect. However, as time passed by, this argument became more and more convincing as medical researches proved this to be true. Over the years, several studies have been conducted in universities all over the world to really find out if music has anything to do with the response of the human body to certain activities. And indeed, it has!

One particular study in Pavia University showed that the human body reacts accordingly to music. A group of 24 individuals were put under a certain experiment wherein they were asked to listen to music while their heartbeats were monitored by an electrocardiogram or an ECG. It was found out that whenever there is a period of silence, the human body had the tendency to relax and calm down. On the other hand, whenever a fast beat is played, the human heart had this tendency to get all hyped up! This led to constricting blood vessels and a faster gush of blood going in and out of the heart. And the higher the notes, the tighter the blood vessels constrict. This goes to show that the wilder, the music will be, the more excitement and adrenaline any individual would feel. At the same time, the calmer the tune, the more likely is any individual to doze off easily.

That’s the reason, probably, why there the trend of loud and upbeat tunes in parties and discos. It is to extract the “party spirit” of the people. The loud beats make anyone go “oh-eh-oh”, jumping up and down almost in sync with their heart’s thump. This also explains the provoking drumbeat whenever a winner is to be announced. The beats get faster and louder thus increasing the anxiety and excitement of people on who the winner will be.

Contrary to that is the peace and quiet that any individual would feel in response to classical music or any soft tune. Notice how saunas and spas have with them tunes playing musical instruments; how hotel lobbies have soft jazz backgrounds and how coffee shops sometimes have acoustic tunes to beat. It’s because these are the type of music that suggests calmness and tranquility to the soul, and these are exactly the places we go to get those treats.

Now, we could definitely conclude that music can indeed heal the soul. When in pain, any person could turn on the volume and hype things up, watch a music video, sing jolly songs and be merry about the good things in life. When stressed out, one could simply tune in to tranquility brought about by jazz and classical tunes. Music is the remedy to any soul in anguish, in despair; to anyone searching for his purpose and significance. It is one key to happiness and peace, binding up wounds of loneliness or simply bringing in smiles and laughter.

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