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[Friendship] Have you ever dumped somebody who really loved you   [Copy link] 中文

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He doesn't love me{:soso_e101:}
That's why I dumped him...
Thus have I heard.

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Mugy Post time: 2013-11-16 11:41
What you talked reminded me of the boy I refused a couple weeks ago. from the love letter he delieve ...

If you had never noticed him before, how do you know he is not to your taste? You must just mean physically...

It seems a little narrow-minded... Too bad, he might be a really good guy.

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This post was edited by Smaug at 2013-11-16 23:09

Yes, and also been dumped a couple times too.

1. I was dating a girl in high school, a short (4'11", 150 cm) Jewish girl. She had a great smile and sense of humor, pretty  green eyes, and thick, wavy black hair. One day, she called and woke me up in the morning for no good reason, told me she'd decided we'd no longer have sex, then started nagging me about something else. I told her I didn't want to talk, wanted to go back to sleep, but she kept going. As she was complaining about something, I thought to myself: "even aside from the no-sex thing, this girl is making me unhappy more than happy." So I told her: "I'm done with you. Don't ever talk to me again please." and hung up. She apologized, cried, begged me to take her back, said we could have sex every day. I told her "No, leave me alone you little witch." Every once in a while, she would find me and try again. She showed up at my mom's house asking. One time she did it a couple years later when my new girlfriend was there. My new girlfriend asked: "Who the hell is THAT?!"  > "My ex-girlfriend who won't leave me alone." > "I'll take care of her then." My new girlfriend went and told her if she ever shows up again asking about me, she would beat the hell out of her. My new girlfriend was a full foot taller than my old one, she was 5'11 (180 cm) tall, so that was an interesting sight; it was like she threatened a little girl, hehehe. I did not hear from that girl for many years afterwards. Met her on facebook. She was engaged and very happy.

2. I met a lab girl at a camera store we both worked in. She was really nice and was in photography school. The only problem was that she was fat and I was a shallow kid. It was just not attractive, even with her great personality. I left her for a tall attractive girl, the one who threatened the girl in my first story. Big mistake, as that girl was a dummy.

3. The 3rd time was with that taller girlfriend who threatened the shorter girlfriend in the first story. I dated her during college. Met her in the camera store, where I was a salesman and she was a photo lab girl. We dated for a couple years, and had a great time. But one day, I started thinking seriously about our future, and I decided she is not the kind of woman I want to marry. She was a cheat. She'd cheated on her previous boyfriend for me, and I caught her meeting up with some other guy when I was not supposed to be there. She probably cheated on me at some point too. She was as dumb as a box of rocks; she only had street smarts. So I dumped her and asked her to move out of my apartment. Before she moved out, she started sleeping with a married guy who already had two kids, and got pregnant by him. Ruined that guy's life. I'm lucky it wasn't me, and glad I didn't catch anything from that whore. I never saw or heard from her again. She was devastated.

4. After that girl, I found a girl who was in school for medical imaging. She was the first girl I met online. She was nice, pretty attractive, but she was a liar! She made up lies about her ex boyfriend, who lived next door to make me hate him. Told me a story about how her dad and her don't get along, and how nasty he was. I was engaged to that girl, whom I was about 4 years older than. She wanted me to go to marriage counseling with her uncle, who was a pastor. I refused, as I'm atheist, and I was old and mature enough to know what to expect from marriage. When I refused that, she immediately dumped me and found another guy. Wow, that hurt a lot. Then, she told that guy lies about me to make him hate me and make him feel sorry for her! I was heartbroken at the time, but it was fortunate, as being married to a pathological liar would have been bad.

5. Later, I met a woman on a personals site, who turned out to be my wife for 9 years. I had my daughter with her. She was a smart lady, a doctor and very emotional, warm, and caring. We loved each other deeply for a long time, but when we had our child, she wanted to spoil her and do everything the Polish way and I was more liberal. She got pretty arrogant too, as she neared completion of her residency; wouldn't listen to me on anything. So we had a nasty divorce. She was heartbroken, as I'd left her "for no reason". Even now a year later, she's still bitter and won't talk to me any more than is required by law. I'm sad for her, as she will hold this grudge for the rest of her life. I hope she can meet a nice arrogant guy to make her happy and help her to forget me.

Now, you guys who just posted "Yes" how about the detailed stories? I think that is what Krista was really after, not just a yes/no. ;)

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KristaChen Post time: 2013-11-15 19:47
It seems that pretty girls and handsome men have the priorities to  dump their boy-friends and girl ...

I think so, when they are shallow people, who are always looking for the next excitement. The recent post: "Zhang Ziyi: In love again?" reminded me of that. She seems like a shallow person who would dump a guy for a silly reason.

But it is not always so. I dumped some girls and I'm not very handsome, and once or twice, I was dumped by a girl who was not exceedingly pretty. Different reasons too, some deep and some silly.

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Smaug Post time: 2013-11-16 22:12
Yes, and also been dumped a couple times too.

1. I was dating a girl in high school, a short (4'11" ...

Thanks for sharing your true stories. You really got me.

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