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Taiwan and Mainland Should Unite Better Sooner Than Later   [Copy link] 中文

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Ma Reciprocates Goodwill of Xi in Historic Speech of Oct. 10, 2013

Ma Yingjeou spoke directly to the status quo of cross-strait relations by describing it in realistic terms that nobody can dispute, i.e., that the relations between the two sides of the strait is the most stable, most peaceful, and most prosperous relationship in all of Asia today, and that this relationship is NOT an international relationship.  This statement is historic and well said on the National Day celebration of the ROC in Taiwan on October 10, as this year's Double Ten Celebration is the 92nd anniversary of the day of victory of the ROC against the corrupt and treasonous Manchu regime.

The following is an excerpt from ChinaNews website, as follows:

10月10日电: 台湾当局领导人马英九今日表示,今天的台湾海峡已成为亚洲最和平的海峡、最繁荣的通道。两岸人民同属中华民族,两岸关系不是国际关系。两岸应深化交流互动,增进政治互信和人民福祉,共同为两岸合作,振兴中华,再创新高峰。

I am speechless.  How many generations of Chinese have longed to hear these words, but could only hope they will one day be spoken.  How many lives were sacrificed to hear these words spoken, families sundered, loves lost.

We are fortunate to see this day.  We have heard it and we must redouble our efforts to make it now come true.  When China is united, nobody will ever take its peace away ever again.

NOW are the colonial powers most dangerously poised to attack the united China again.  The war drums are sounding anew from the Fascist bastion of Japan.  The Orks are coming, led by Sauron, who acts on the orders of the Lord of the Ring.  Target:  Middle Earth.  

Before reunification is achieved, China will face the most wrenching economic sabotage, the most nerve wracking military confrontation, and the most unjust propaganda smearing.  But if the two sides are united as brothers, they will never shame the memory of their forefathers, and will inexorably re-establish the peace and prosperity they have long been denied.  Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

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Ted180 Post time: 2013-10-9 18:41
But look at Hong Kong. And isn't the CPC moving (cautiously) toward democracy? I'm optimistic abou ...

Hong Kong is much different history then Taiwan.........When Chiang took his Army and moved to Taiwan , his plan was to build up his Army and go back to Mainland China...he wanted to fight the Communist....Truman wouldn't support him......He set up the Republic of China's Gov't in Taiwan....

PS....Chiang sent one of his General's to New York with a pile of Money to buy Real Estate in New York.....He became one of the largest real estate developers in New York....He bankrolled his daughters business...Vera Wang......Her Mothers Father was the last Warlord of China...... depends who's writing the History
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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seneca Post time: 2013-10-10 21:40
Hello Cantata ottante-otto,

when have you last been to Formosa?

Formosa? Who ever been there?

Did you mean the colonised Island where people have been bullied by Western bandits?


Seriously are your wife barbarian because she is from the mainland as you claim?

There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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Like that will ever happen
Stan, you're holding a gun to God's head. I can't think of a metaphor that's better than this.

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This post was edited by incarnationabc at 2013-10-11 11:46
seneca Post time: 2013-10-11 11:00
Sorry, I forgot to answer your question:

I have (been to Formosa).

Formosa doesn't exist in the world. It was a history.

You are to scared too answer my question. Is your Chinese wife barbarian  as you said
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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Re-Unification Is a Many Splendored Thing

Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  This is most true when it comes to human relations.  Imagining the future makes it become a reality.  In science, in art, and so too in human relations.

I therefore would invite you to imagine . . .

1.  Ma being invited to be a personal guest of Xi in his own home, and vice versa.

2.  Ma being invited to be an observer in some important level of the Mainland's government or party meeting, and vice versa.

3.  Ma being made an honorary chairman of some important governmental meeting in China, or of some important NGO in Mainland China, and Xi likewise in Taiwan.

4.  Guest houses being established on both sides of the strait for high level officials of each side to live in when they come visiting, preferably with similarly built homes for the local officials to live in, so that they can talk informally while taking a stroll or having a picnic.  The names for these compounds or villages can be called, for example, 民生小村 in the mainland, or 民主小村 in Taiwan, for the exclusive use of official guests and their families only.  Giving each other an address on the other side makes each a real neighbor of the other side.  Of course, they do not have to all be lived in all the time.

5.  Encourage officials and private citizens of both sides to become observers or honorary non-voting members of various public and private organizations of the other side, in order to understand in depth the perspective of the other side.  Of course, this has to done gradually and in a reciprocal manner.

6.  Create new agencies or NGO's where representatives from the other side have voting rights.  The scope of such organizations can be properly defined so as not to cause friction with the regular government functions of the host entity.

7.  Encourage marriages between the younger generations of both sides, and thereby establishing a new residential permit category for the future generations.

There are doubtless many more things that can be imagined that would benefit both sides equally and fairly.  Now that Xi and Ma have opened the gates, it is time for the cultural genius of the Chinese people to flower and bloom in this magnificent garden.

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seneca Post time: 2013-10-7 19:08
Taiwanese tell me they regard Chinese as barbarians and the ruling clique over there as "red bandits ...

Post time 2013-10-7 19:08:42 |seneca
Taiwanese tell me they regard Chinese as barbarians and the ruling clique over there as "red bandits".

This is what I have lifted out from the 'General Forum Guidelines(2011-12-8)'

6. What can’t be posted in the BBS:

1) Anything opposing the basic principles of the Chinese Constitution, endangering China’s security, leaking China’s secrets, subverting China’s sovereignty and undermining the reunification of China;

Your agenda is that obvious ........
How can voice_cd be so oblivious to that?
FIRST NATIONS ( LAKOTA PEOPLE ) Heartbreaking - (Google Search for video) "to stay true to who you are. Never allow anyone make you different or think different about what it is you are created to be ...

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