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Pas de Deux - BJLisa and Johnners Meet in Beijing [Copy link] 中文

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Two of the regular contributors to this forum - Johnners from England, and BJLisa from Beijing -  met in Beijing, on Friday 30th April. They had a Chinese dinner on Friday 30th, in Haidian, and an Italian lunch on Saturday 1st May, in Sanlitun. Johnners then had to visit Shanxi Province for 5 days, before returning to Beijing to run a seminar at a leading Beijing University.

Although Brad's (eminently sensible) rules on meeting people in person that we only know through the Internet weren't strictly adhered to, a warm friendship has blossomed.

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Rumpy pumpy?

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Jumping the Gun

You are very quick off the mark, ubersuave, with your mischievous insinuation.

Bjlisa is a lady, and conducts herself as such.

Capice ?

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was that an answer?

Ladies like to rumpy pumpy too ya know and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Hope you didn't talk UK football,

Thank you for the endorsement of my rules for  the <I><B>sensible</I></B> person, Johnners.

Am pleased to see you survived said social intercourse, unscathed and with fleece intact.

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Veraison de pu

Brad, sincere thanks for your concern about my person. Please rest assured in the knowledge that neither BJLisa or myself were subject to any potential threat.

Our discourse centred around cultural, artistic and philosophical matters. The only dull moment came when we (briefly) speculated on the most probable lifestyles of many of the male contributors to this forum. However, it is testament to BJLisa's considerable charm - nobly assisted by a decent Chianti Classico - that such a low note was of no import on two splendid occasions.

And no, the grass-based past-time that so infatuates the English did not crop up. Having just learned of the demise of Newcastle United and Chelsea in the latter stages of European competitions, this topic may now be considered off-limits. I'm sure however, that English pride will be restored this Summer with success in the round- and oval-ball games in Portugal and New Zealand respectively.

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It's great to know that chivalry is still alive! :)

Tis so sweet to have a nice platonic outing, isn't it? Dining and wining a woman without expectations of having some wild sex as an 'end reward' - this is just good to know. In a nutshell, I'm glad to know that chivalry is not a dying trait!

I've read Brad's thread of dos and don'ts on 3D meet-ups - which is practical as well in some or many ways (kinda streetsmart advise - but not a cure-all thing for everyone). Some may beg to differ from Brad's advise - by not adhering to the rules religiously, some still end up unscalded! On the contrary, some followed the rules intently, but and still end up half-charred. So, it's subjective and based on sheer luck at times, isn't it?

Though we can try to expand and constrict the department upstairs, we can't discern for sure - it's the risk we take - all in the name of being adventurous and being open-minded! We can try guessing till we're blue in the face, but that's only being judgemental in some ways by not chancing it? We can gauge who are the baddies / goodies by 'reading between the lines' at times? Time will tell through many swappings of emails / chats / other 'ports' of communication.

Anyway, Johnners, allow me to connect my piece to your thread... as I'd like share with the rest of the readers about online relationships. There's always some sort of a bitter-sweet stigma about admitting to having met someone online - for some, this is a burning question at the back of their minds. I know of many skeptics out there who'd say that this is like some blind-date exercise that would spell only this, 'Geez, you're so ugly that you need to be set up!"

Come to think of this, isn't this a totally unfair prejudice? However, people cannot help being mean *shrug*. Who likes to admit to the fact that they need help or are seeking for a partner... as they've not met one nearby that is palatable, or make their pulses skip a beat? So, here we are... with the conveniences of the net! It's the only way to meet minds from other countries and people from different walks of life, aye? Let's put looks and all that's physical aside... internet chatting and internet love connections or whatever they call it today was initially created to help busy people meet others outside of their social circle... but of course, at this day and age, we have those who have taken advantage of this service by making it into some circus, or a breeding ground for prowlers... this evolution has of course, created a new generation of net horror stories.

However, the there's another side of the coin in regards to this... the internet in this day and age, apart from it's horror stories, has either directly or indirectly helped a lot of people with their love lives, or built great friendships, or interract with those who are like-minded, or meet a kindred spirit etc. Take for example, the recent Elle/ Cybersex and Romance Survey conducted has the following results: A whopping "40 million surfers in the US log onto personals sites and around half of the women and 36 per cent of the men that visited personal sites said that the activity has made a positive impact on their social life".

So, stumbling upon love online is no longer a surprise these days? I've known of a few friends who have met their online 'friends' and fostered great friendships (I have a few good pals that I meet up for a drink or two or a movie from time to time - and I look fine and have lots of friends I know via my own social network in real life). Some of my friends have actually hit it off with those they have chatted with! I attended their weddings years ago, and they now have families of their own and everything else that's sweet and rosy.

The Net in this sense, is almost a great fix for many people's social / love life. Imagine, with just a button's click away, you get to log on and chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime! It's not wrong to depend on serendipity and fate to work via the good ol' fashion style (if you don't mind your relatives' / friends' / workmates' network of introducing possible partners). I must say that all these possibilities have to work overtime to cater to the endless, infinite pressure - all eyes are on ya. The Net brings not only privacy, or the chance of meeting someone right for you, but also in TEACHING and INFORMING you on who suits you best, what YOU should do to make yourself more 'marketable' and so on...without anyone meddling or sticking their noses into your love life.

Well, that's my humble opinion - anyone has anything else to add on or share?

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