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Why “Made in China” Still Suggests Low Quality   [Copy link] 中文

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Bug-Ridden Amerikan S**tware

The US ban on Huawei is pushing it to develop alternative systems that may rival Google and Android
- Say hello to the Russia-China operating system

But all that would entail would be taking a flavour of Linux and then adding malware! This is like the CIA creating "modern art" to try (but fail) to compete with russian culture!

Android is even more unstable than Billy Gates's Microkrap s**tware, despite systems administrators all adopting Linux because it's more stable, more secure and better in every other way possible.

The krappiness of amerikan s**tware isn't evident just from Boeing's MCAS. It's even made it into sci-fi such as Iron Man II, where Hammer's s**tware is described as s**t.

Google, which is a division of the CIA, offers a free and open-source version of Android, but then peddles a version which ISN'T open-source too. So! Plenty of back-doors.

Of course, the article is also a slur on Chinese, suggesting, once again, that China is dependent on russian intellect, when they're really just describing themselves.

Howeer, it does admit: HongMeng is rumored to be 60% faster than Android.

The HongMeng system may also harbor functions dedicated to security and protection of users’ data. That’s what’s scaring Google the most; Huawei developing a software impenetrable to hacking attempts.
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gork Post time: 2019-7-2 00:08
Bug-Ridden Amerikan S**tware

The US ban on Huawei is pushing it to develop alternative systems that ...

Small wonder Google is on the brink of destruction...

  Wouldn't bother me should they go UNDER...

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Because We Asians Can't Innovate

It will mean the end to the XJ luxury car in its petrol- and diesel-burning form, which has been made since 1968.
-  Jaguar Land Rover to announce electric car investment

That's as bad as the krappy Boeing 737, based on the 707 in the 1950s and which has always had the krappy tail flaps problem whereby it would be too strenously difficult for the pilot to operate!
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Is Amerikan Quality an Oxymoron?
- Lauren Fix ducks, dives and then spouts krap

"Nobody Buys Amerikan Anymore"
- Grosse Point Blank

That was decades ago. More recently, war criminal, rapist, self-confessed sex-offender and "f**king moron", The Donald, complained that Amerikans buy BMWs but no one buys amerikan krudmobiles.

The s**tshow at Boeing highlights how the gangsters there haven't fixed a decades old problem with the 737, were beaten to the market with Airbus's A320neo because they haven't invested at all in R&D and then placed the engines in the WRONG PLACE because the ancient design was for an era before boarding tunnels were introduced. These gangsters then tried to apply a botch to fix this botch and murder 346 people and are STILL refusing to recall these flying turds and scrap the lot of them.

Asking Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, why amerikan krudmobile sales have fallen to 9.6% of China's market, whilst german car sales have risen to 23.3% and the japanese market share was 21.3%, Fix claimed: "A part of it is what they're offering. People wanna have a certain experience."

Straight away you have to note the "part of it", which suggests it is not the main issue at all. People wanna have a car experience not a krudmobile experience.

LF: "You'll note that Lincoln is one of the bigger car manufacturers that's in China."

Yes, but it's still only 9.6% and falling.

LF: "But it's all about that experience and the Germans and Japanese are offering a different experience and people wanna buy things online as well."

But what is that "experience", not buying a krudmobile?

LF: "So as we're evolving to that, they're evolving to that as well."

So the "online" buying bit isn't even relevent.

LF: "And of course there's a lot of restrictions so it comes down to how much money you have to spend and if there's going to be a fine levied against you for purchasing a vehicle that may be in a restricted space. So there's a lot of restrictions across the country and they like to control pretty much everything in China, so I'm sure that they're controlling literally the sale of every vehicle. And if it has to do with tariffs, you know they're pushing back on amerikan brands."

WTF is she talking about? Are amerikan krudmobiles banned from certain parking spaces?

When Brito then asked about China's domestic share of 36%, Fix replied: "Well even Geely which owns Volvo and some other companies like Chery, they're producing cars that are reasonably priced."

So the bit about "Chery and Volvo" was stalling until she could think of a reply?

LF: "They're mass-producing them, so there's more of them available"

Huh? Amerikan krudmobiles are hand built?

LF:"And of course, China's going to look more favourably on something that gives their people jobs and keeps the market moving versus bringing in outside companies which they own a portion of those businesses, those factories that are located in China."

But that doesn't explain why the chinese consumers are buying more domestic vehicles than amerikan krudmobiles.

LF: "They'd rather, obviously, push their own brand, like we say, "made in Amerika", they'd want "made in China".

But are they?

As we know, just like Boeing, Gangster Motors' suppliers joked that GM only had three criteria: price, price and price. Julian Dellasentellis wrote that GM's kwality kontrol consisted of moving the sales desk away from the service desk so that fresh potential victims wouldn't be able to hear the "irate rants" at the service desk. Ford, as we know, has a live rear-axle on its Mustang and the F-150 truck not only has a ladder chassis from yester-century but disc brakes made from teeny, tiny slivers of tin foil. Tesla is a whole new s**tshow that is obviously a parody of Ron Howard’s parody, Gung Ho, movie.

Poodleville is, similarly, notorious for peddling krapmobiles with ancient mechanicals disguised in a new body shell.

Dr. Michael Hudson has a part of the explanation: But Americans are not just a bit uncompetitive. The housing costs in America are so high, the medical and health-insurance costs, the taxes and wage withholding on labor and prices for basic infrastructure that there’s no way that we can compete with foreign countries simply by currency manipulation.
- Michael Hudson: De-Dollarizing The American Financial Empire

In other words, the gangster policy of ripping off their own sheeple by making them debt-slaves has backfired. But then gangsters couldn't give a rat's ass about that. All they care about is getting rich even as both the Great Satan and its mini-me poodle state admit their average IQ is declining at such a rate that within a generation they'll be dumberer than Tom Hanks's Forrest Gump. Convicted war criminal, Shrub is already there. War criminal, The Donald and war criminal Boris Johnson are nearly there.
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And the Great Satan isn't even an "also ran". Nokia and Ericsson are the only other horses in a three horse race. Chinese companies are already researching 6G. Poodleville has been forced to adopt Huawei equipment, despite the propaganda stunt of former state monopoly BT, ripping out Huawei hardware.

During remarks at the White House in April (with Ivanka present to make her own comments), President Donald Trump said “Winning the race to be the world’s leading provider of 5G cellular and communication networks; we want to be the leader in this. We cannot allow any other country to out-compete the United States in this powerful industry of the future. We just can’t let that happen. It is a race America must win.”
. . .
Thanks to the 1995 NAFTA vote which began the redistribution of millions of skilled American jobs overseas and the extraordinary growth of American telecoms relocating jobs abroad, the NSC confirmed that:

“Fact: US telecommunication manufacturers have all but disappeared” and that “Today only a handful of companies are postured to play a role in global 5G deployment” followed by the facile assurance that “Equipment manufacturers have expressed a willingness to move manufacturing facilities to the US in support of 5G.”

- Complexities Of 5G & National Security

But it looks like the aim ISN'T to compete with Huawei, but to block 5G which would allow strongly-encrypted voice calls in real-time. That would explain why Great Satan yooniversities are now rejecting Huawei collaboration that they previously accepted.
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This is rapidly changing in effect.

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