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Anglo/Zionist Gangsters Throw a Tantrum

In the context of these developments, the China Daily said last week that the resurgence of the “China threat” theory was a sign, not of danger posed by China, but of the West’s anxiety amid a fast-changing world.
- US companies get lawmakers to soften anti-China bill: sources

And as well as the "Russiagate" allegations which are every bit as impossible as the bullet that killed JFK: Following the revelations, the senator donated A$1,670.82 – the figure in the bill – to charity, admitted wrongdoing and stepped down from his prominent position as deputy opposition whip in the senate.
- China-Australia tensions break into the open

In other words, they can't compete so they do what they always do: cheat. It's not as though they DIDN'T start two World wars to impose their parasite currencies at the Genoa Conference in 1922 and then at Bretton Woods in 1944.

Now that scam is over, they've lifted the ban on crude oil exports that was imposed after war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold payment in 1971, the biggest default in all of history.

The Anglo/zionist gangsters should get used to be the World's shoe-shine boys. But they don't even do a good job of that; seriously! Some of the beggars in Cesspit London stop you at the train-station and you tell them to sod off because you've got a freakin' train to catch.
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The Usual Sad Little Bastardry

"Heathrow Chinese discrimination 'unacceptable'", state-run BBC

When the Poles flew with the RAF during WW2, their C.O. couldn't believe they were as capable as they said they were. So he flew with them and when he got back admitted they were as capable as they said they were.

In other words, the Anglos swallowed their own propaganda and were NOWHERE NEAR as competent.

They knew they were krappy at the 2012 Olympics which is why they pre-empted being accused with their own accusations of China's athletes. But the Indian boxer (via his translator) spat out "Cheating! Cheating! Cheating!" which is an accurate description of my degree course in Poodleville and where the Indian foreign stewdent made the mistake of calling out, "But this is England!" and was punished with a low grade. (However, in my first job, I met an Anglo from a few years earlier from the same course who was head of his own department. They only gave him a pass degree. Perhaps he too had complained. They gave someone in my year a 2:2 when he was obviously mentally retarded. Seriously; complete s***4brains!)

Similarly, "Sina sees staggering 430% rise in profit for 2017". But the Shyster of Omaha has underperformed the markets over the ten year bet he had with Protege Partners achieving only about 6%. It's only because the banksters have used the endless supply of "worthless paper" USD to bid up the price of his Ponzi scheme Berkshire Hathaway (that doesn't pay a dividend) that he's as rich as he is. Both the markets and the Shyster have underperformed gold, which means the Shyster (and anyone invested in the amerikan shares market) has been LOSING MONEY! Whilst the Shyster has been swimming without a bathing costume, Charlie Munger has been jerking off! The Shyster of Omaha is a slum-lord and Wells Fargo has JUST BEEN caught YET AGAIN defrauding its customers.

Chinese banks are far more profitable than the Shyster of Omaha and without the HUGE stewdent loan and car loan default rates of the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika: Chinese banks’ overall non-performing loan ratio held steady at 1.74 per cent for a fifth straight quarter,
. . .
Overall return on equity averaged 13.9 per cent last year, down from 21.9 per cent in 2011

- Investors continue jumping on the China bank train

Jeff Bezos returns 40c in earnings in a quarter, yet his shares are trading at over $1,000!!! The reason Berkshire Hathaway shares are priced 100 times higher is because the banksters have been bidding them up for longer than they have Amazon shares. Both Bezos and the Shyster are getting a free loan from the suckers who buy their shares.

Meanwhile, war criminal, The Donald, is proposing a "reciprocal tax", where two nations charge duty on imports against each other; the exact opposite of a free-trade agreement. This is SPECIFICALLY because the Great Satan can't compete: "What is a 'reciprocal tax' and why is Trump talking about it".

That's as pathetic as the Great Satan parking a gangster-boat in Edo Bay in 1853 to force trade with Japan or the poodle state illegally infesting Tibet to do the same at the end of that century. It also highlights the change in relationship between the anglo/zionist gangsters and the rest of the World.

Also: The number of trade investigations, which often lead to tariffs on other countries' products, rose 81% in the first 12 months of Trump's presidency, according to a Commerce Department investigation announced Tuesday.
- This number shows just how much Trump has cracked down on trade

Whilst China beats her own record for the fastest super-computer, launches a fully-functional quantum teleportation communications satellite and pioneered stem cell cures and detected what may be the first evidence for "dark matter", to name but a few of her recent STAGGERINGLY ASTOUNDING ACHIEVEMENTS, Elon Musk, that "genius inventor" who buys in Panasonic batteries and Panasonic solar panels, has pioneered a bigger rocket than he previously launched. Yet there was no purpose for the launch other than as a propaganda stunt, launching one of his shoddily built Tesla krudmobiles into space. Perhaps the "Don't Panic!" reference to Douglas Adams means  it will be the "ark B" used in Adams's novels to send the gynnantonix-drinking "bunch of useless bloody loonies" off to another planet, now that the petrodollar is dead and buried.

Time for "genius inventor", Elon Musk, to launch and EVEN BIGGER rocket and an EVEN QUICKER Tesla krudmobile, having a penis compensation mode rather than a ludicrous one. After all, isn't that the whole idea of  BFR?
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Flagrant BS Wearing Thin

Poodleville used to smear japanese proucts as "jap crap". That lie no longer holds water, though they have now attacked Toyota, Takata and Kobe Steel (as well as Samsung).

Already, the claim that China can't compete (because we Asians can't innovate) is wearing thin. Some of China's recent achievements are FREAKIN' LIGHT-YEARS AHEAD of anything the anglo/zionist gangsters can produce. That's why the Great Satan and its poodle have white-supremacist, apartheid edukashun systems; to hold humans back.

All the six intelligence chiefs said they would not use a Chinese phone supplied by the Huawei or ZTE…
- FBI Warns Chinese Spy Operatives Have Infiltrated American Universites

The Great Satan goons & thugs have already admitted they have no evidence to support their accusations. But China blocked imports from IBM and Cisco after Ed Snowden revealed how the NSA was bugging everything, including implanting bugs in Cisco routers and then re-applying the factory seals.

The FBI is the bunch of crooks who very publicly asked Apple to hack their krappy iPhone. Except that tech experts then pointed out that a freakin' child could hack it.

In other words, the FBI wanted the amerikan sheeple to have iPhones because they were so easy to hack.

By contrast, Blackberry, which is supposed to have particularly good security, was smeared on the rabidly pro-Great Satan Boom Bust propaganda programme, with one guest speaker claiming he'd suggested buying one to his kids and they just laughed. That's the oldest scam in the book and how the state-run BBC's Yob Gear propaganda programme smears japanese cars, with the former Yob Gear rodent ridiculing super cars because of their brand, not because of their quality, performance etc.

Its “nontraditional collectors” of intelligence and technology, have not just been in the business community of stealing patents but now the disease has infected academia.

The usual ZERO evidence is presented. In fact, war criminal, the Donald, obviously didn't want to offend China, which is why he very publicly demanded a fishing-trip to find something he could use against China.

The pothead war criminal, poodle-minister even took start-ups to China to try and sell them!!! But all he managed to sell was a bucket of pig semen.

Apple, by contrast, has been sued by everyone on the planet for patent violations. Even Samsung, which supplies some of the technology, has had to sue Apple and all that Apple could do was counter sue for "look and feel".

Furthermore, it was the "military/industrial complex" which their own POTUS warned the amerikan sheeple about, NOT China or Russia.

The bottom line is the Great Satan hasn't had a current account surplus since 1975. But now the petrodollar is already dead and buried. War criminal, The Donald, cancelled TPP and wants to renegotiate NAFTA because, as he said, Amerikans buy BMWs but no one wants to buy amerikan krapware. It's why the poodle state has implemented the rigged Brexit referendum, which no one asked for.
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The Krappy Farce of Poodle Edukashun

The reason why gangsters always produce krap-kwality krapware is because they can't understand how they benefit from doing something for their customers.

MuckDonalds, for just one example out of ALL anglo/zionist krapware, uses trans-fats which are carcinogenic for the customer, but lasts longer for MuckDonalds. HFCS is in everything not because it DOESN'T encourage cancer and obesity, but because it's cheap. Monsanto produces a gangster-modified crop which doesn't have higher yield. Instead it is more resistant to Roundup which is "probably carcinogenic" according to the UN's W.H.O. Then war criminal, The Donald, whines that Amerikans buy BMWs but no one buys amerikan gangster-kwality krapmobiles! Well freakin' duh!!!

But Poodleville is bankrupt and insolvent so has to stop the sheeple consuming by making them debt mules.

For many students, the prime minister will say, "the level of fees charged do not relate to the cost or quality of the course".
- Tuition fees: Theresa May challenges university costs

This follows on from the propaganda stunt of one Asian gradyooit suing Oxford for his lecturers taking sabbaticals half-way through his course.

Poodleville's edukashun system, especially at yooniversity level is a complete crock o' s***!

Their quackonomics stewdents complain they're being taught quackonomics rather than economics, even at their most prestigious: Cambridge and Harvard.

It's also been noted that the Open University, which offered courses on TV had better prepared material. Obviously, this is because the courses were open for anyone to see. On my krappy course the Anglos themselves complained they were learning nothing useful. As a result the lecturer announced that they spend only about an hour per week per year of stewdent and that it wasn't what you learnt but how you acquired the information. This was double-speak for a green-light of wholesale anglo-cheating, as if they weren't already doing so. Days after the course started one Anglo sought me out because I was Chinese and asked to plagiarise my work. And, as ever, where civilised nations clamp-down on cheating, the anglo/zionist gangsters institutionalise it: It comes after Telegraph revealed that teachers at Eton and Winchester College were suspended over allegations that they leaked exam questions ahead of upcoming papers.
- 'Cheating' scandal: Teachers shift blame to exam boards

I asked the crooks for a curriculum so that I could study subjects and so get more out of the lectures which were so krappy that they consisted of the crooks droning on for an hour and then simply walking out. All I got was a blank stare. I got the same when I asked another lecturer how his maths was relevant to my subject. I figured out how it might be applied later. But in the workplace you'd most likely NEVER use it.

I would have fared better if they'd just given me the curriculum and allowed me to spend six months studying it on my own, instead of the four freakin' years wasted. But then, the goons & thugs want to keep the sheeple off the unemployment registers. With the end of the petrodollar, they've rigged the Brexit referendum and raised the skool-leaving age back to 18 from 16, just as they did the last time they tried to return to the gold standard.

. . . with almost all courses being charged at the maximum £9,250 per year.

And since convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, introduced stewdent fees, half the stewdents now get a 2:1 whilst another quarter get a freakin' 1st! Only a slug-brained dimwit would want a worthless piece of paper whilst allowing themselves to be defrauded by paying for, but not getting, an education. But the slug-brained Anglos know they don't deserve to even GO to yooniversity, so are happy to be well-qualified janitors. Extrapolating from the 40% of stewdents in Kalifornia who are Asian, virtually ALL stewdents in Poodleville should be Asian because there's three times the Asian population.

Both companies and the yooniversities themselves have been complaining that they have to give "remedial training" because the slug-brained Anglos are as Douglas Adams put it, "know-nothing f*$!wits".
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That Would Be The Anglos

Of neanderthal art, however, there is virtually no evidence, and what disputed examples there are mainly comprise rudimentary straight lines and no recognisable images.
- Did Neanderthals' poor art ability contribute to their extinction?

We know the Anglos are from the Angles region of Saxony, which is now Schleswig Holstein and near to the Neander Valley.

We know the only art they have is the art works they've thieved off everyone else.

We know they have Tracy Emin with her unmade bed and a sparrow on a stick as art or L.S. Lowry and his "mathstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs".

We know Douglas Adams depicted them as slug-brained Vogons because of their thuggery and the "worst poetry in the universe".

Now we have the latest Anglo attempt at art and it's a pile of s*%&. Whilst the Amerikans complain they're served up "crap as food", the Anglos serve up crap as art: The fatberg that went on display this month at the Museum of London is proving something of a sensation.
- Don’t feed the fatberg! What a slice of oily sewage says about modern life

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Definitely Snake Oil
- Big Agri & Big Pharma

The Anglo/zionist gangsters are so pathetic that they started two World wars to impose their parasite currency on the World at Genoe in 1922 and then at Bretton Woods in 1944.

They have to force trade by parking a gangster boat in Edo Bay in 1853 and illegally infesting Tibet.

But today, they're EVEN MORE pathetic and have to do the exact opposite, putting up barriers to trade with war criminal, The Donald, and the rigged Brexit referendum.

As China's emperor wrote, "We have not the slightest need of your manufactures."

It’s official: antidepressants are not snake oil or a conspiracy
- The drugs do work: antidepressants are effective, study shows

That's like an argument where someone phones you up seven years later and offers a rebuttal.

“Depression is the single largest contributor to global disability that we have – a massive challenge for humankind,” said John Geddes, professor of epidemiological psychiatry at Oxford University. It affects around 350 million people worldwide and instances rose almost 20% from 2005-2015.

“Antidepressants are an effective tool for depression. Untreated depression is a huge problem because of the burden to society,” said Andrea Cipriani of the NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre, who led the study.

And that should trigger your BS-alarm. Why are they peddling the need for anti-depressants and not the effectiveness?

Here's another clue: The study published in the Lancet took six years, Cipriani said, and included all the published and unpublished data that the scientists could find.

Yep! It's YET ANOTHER meta-study; a statistical analysis of other studies, meaning the results are only suggestive at best because a proper empirical study has not been performed.

Here's another clue: They looked at results after eight weeks of more than 500 trials involving either a drug versus placebo or comparing two different medicines.

And did they choose eight weeks because it aligned with the desired result, in the same way that Ancel Keys cherry-picked results before declaring fat and not carbohydrates are bad for you. Using all the data, Keys would have found the exact opposite result. We also know Harvard accepted bribes to support Keys's lies.

The most famous antidepressant of them all, Prozac – now out of patent and known by its generic name, fluoxetine . . .

So named because it's mostly just fluoride, the by-product from nukilar reactors which would cost money to dispose of otherwise. So desperate are they to peddle this snake-oil that convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, was found to have used taxsucker cash to buy up HUGE amounts of it but then had to dump it somewhere, so chose to dump it into the drinking water. When caught, the war criminal claimed it must have come from those who were urinating it out. But that would mean they've been using sewage, and badly treated sewage, to supply the drinking water!

Here's more evidence which should make you wary: “We don’t have any very precise treatments for depression at this point in time,” said Geddes.

As for the lies from Ancel Keys, which have now been proven to be lies here's more propaganda denying it: Increasingly trendy low-carbohydrate diets are no more effective than traditional low-fat diets, scientists have said.
. . .
But last night experts said the research showed the key to losing weight was simply eating less.
. . .
He said the study showed the fundamental strategy for getting in shape with either a low fat, or carbohydrate, approach should be similar.

Namely, eating less sugar and refined flour and as many vegetables as possible, while prioritising whole foods - those which have been processed or refined as little as possible.

- Low-carb diets 'no better' than traditional focus on fat

Like the above propaganda for snake-oil, you should be asking why the study was done. If they're no worse than a low-fat diet, then why attack them?

As for "sugar and refined flour", they're both carbohydrates NOT fats.

And it's not clear that the low-fat and low-carb diets were comparable. Did the low-fat diet consist of 500 calories a day and the low-carb 4,000 calories for instance?
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Occupied Korea Joins the Axis Powers of WW2

In its debut year, Hyundai’s luxury line bumped Volkswagen AG’s Audi from top billing to the No. 2 spot, with premium mainstays BMW, Toyota Motor Corp.’s Lexus and VW’s Porsche rounding out the top five.
- Luxury-Car Ranks Upended as Genesis Tops Germany's Stalwarts

As war criminal, The Donald, said, Amerikans buy BMWs but no one buys amerikan krudmobiles. Barnie Rubble and Fred Flintstone had live rear-axles. You can see that at the start of each cartoon; a cylinder of rock with a wooden pole as the live rear-axle, just like Ford's Mustang.
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