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More Palpably Absurd White-Supremacist BS
- in a TOTALLY LAWLESS gangster state

The target of their interest may surprise some, though. Mainland buyers didn't bottom-fish their beloved Tencent Holdings Ltd., or pile into the fattening bond yields of the largest domestic banks. They went for HSBC Holdings Plc, purchasing a net more than HK$5 billion of stock.
. . .
Then again, China Construction Bank Corp.'s 77 percent return isn't too shabby either. So why do they love HSBC so much?

The answer is good corporate governance, and HSBC's long track record of caring for shareholders.

- Confused by China's HSBC Love? Check Out the Ex, Bloomberg BS

That implies China's banks have no good governance, despite being the World's largest and most profitable by far. The anglo/zionist gangsters also attacked Abacus bank in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika owned by chinese Amerikan, Thomas Sung, accusing it of causing the subprime collapse, despite Abacus having one tenth the average default rate at 0.5%. With three daughters all of whom were lawyers, Sung successfully defended his bank in court but the legal fees were $10m which was not refunded by his lying scumbag, thieving accusers.

That "good corporate governance includes HSBC being fined for a fourth time for financial crimes after they promised they wouldn't do it again: Deutsche Bank, UBS and HSBC had all been accused of engaging in manipulating the gold price and the bullion banks have now admitted they are guilty of the charges and have paid fines.
- Gold Bullion Price Suppression To End? Bullion Bank Traders Arrested For Manipulating Market

Wachovia was caught drug-smuggling. Wells Fargo has been caught cheating its customers in several ways in just the last year or so. The Giant Vampire Squid referred to their clients as "muppets" and sold subprime toxic-waste to them before Gary Cohn started shorting it.

The bottom line is that China is history's greatest ever creditor and the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika is history's worst ever debtor.

As well as extorting cash out of :

Kim Dotcom,
Navinder Sarao,
BNP Paribas, and

and smearing:

Kobe Steel,
Takata, and

the amerikan goons & thugs accused Abacus bank of causing the subprime crash. With three daughters all of whom were lawyers, Abacus successfully defended herself in court as she had a default rate of 0.5% which is one tenth the average of the amerikan bankstering industry. However, it still cost them $10m due to the corrupt and fascist laws of the gangster-run, thieved, prison-state of Amerika where a JY maid can be raped and denied a trial to keep rutting ape, DSK out of jail, where the murderer of Vincent Chen can be spared jail despite murdering in cold-blood because he's "not the sort" to go to jail and where Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon can simply rob the sheeple at MF Global and PFG Best but have the lawyers file the wrong lawsuit to keep them out of jail too.
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Totally Lawless
- Bris**t "Justice"

It is now known that the Swedish prosecution was willing or wanted to drop the arrest warrant in 2013, but, according to newly surfaced emails, the crown prosecution service was pressing Swedish authorities to continue with the case. Further revelations before that the British authorities were pushing this week to basically to so anything they could upholding the situation and avoiding solution of the matter so Julian Assange could […]. This, of course, is on top of the decision by the UN human rights tribunal two years ago, which came to the conclusion that the Julian Assange situation was amounted to arbitrate attention, and the UN body ordered, basically, the British authorities to do anything in their power to end the situation and to pay damages to Julian Assange.
- 'Politically Motivated Prosecution' - WikiLeaks Ex-Spokesman on Assange Warrant

In fact, Assange voluntarily appeared at a police station in Sweden before he left the country. The case wouldn't normally be the subject of an arrest and as George Galloway correctly stated, at worst, it's bad sexual ettiquette.

The swedish authorities have repeatedly claimed they would interview Assange in the ecuadorian embassy to resolve the situation, but have failed to do so.

By stark contrast, convicted war criminal, Tony Blair, escapes justice: Lord Chief Justice Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd and Mr Justice Ouseley found there was no such crime, and therefore “no prospect” of the case against Blair succeeding.

“If there really is no law against launching an ‘aggressive war’ in England, then the law is an ass,” Galloway wrote for Westmonster.
Blocking Tony Blair’s prosecution for Iraq War ‘an attack on democracy’

- Galloway: ‘Law is an ass’ for blocking Iraq War prosecution of Tony Blair

International law is very clear, that attacking Iraq without justification is a war crime, the worst war crime of all. A malaysian court has found both Blair and Shrub guilty of high "crimes against humanity".

If the goons & thugs can get away with any crime they want, including raping and murdering children, then they, as criminal gangs, have zero authority.
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Read Like a Book

One slide suggested that the UK might cut “levels of occupational safety and health” leading to “higher exposure to chemicals and carcinogens”, and that workers could have their consultation rights cut to reduce delays for collective dismissals.
- David Davis: Brexit will not plunge Britain into Mad Max dystopia

That would be for the first time in their entire history of krappiness!!!

Yes, everyone knows the anglo/zionist gangsters have always cheated and will preserve rule by the robber-barons. We know the denials are a lie because they specifically rigged the rigged Brexit referendum in order to lay the blame on the sheeple themselves. They then belaboured the point that they're only following the will of the sheeple.

"Brexit will hit lower paid workers the most, report finds"

First they enslaved their own with a fascist, feudal serfdom, then with the "indentured servants" infesting other nations and overt slavery for 350 years, before imposing covert slavery and the fraud of "worthless paper" funny-money after the two World wars they started. Now they're extorting cash out of foreign business in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika and peddling the fraud of buttcoins which are imaginary coins backed by nothing and nobody, which no one uses for payment anymore as you can't find anyone daft enough to accept it, transactions take hours and cost several dollars each.

Even Amerikans posting on Zero Hedge are comparing the gangster-run state to "Sodom and Gomorrah".

But now that the petrodollar is dead and buried, the Great Satan and its mini-me have abandoned so-called free trade and the rules-based order that they never adhered to anyway and want to resort to crime, corruption and krappiness yet again. War criminal, The Donald, abandoned TPP and wanted to renegotiate NAFTA before imposing illegal tariffs on washing machines and steel. The poodle state has rigged a Brexit referendum, which none of the sheeple asked for. As Jan Philipp Albrecht has pointed out the sheeple will now be fornicated.
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Once Again the Difference is Stark

Hasty Steerbutt reports that China does not suffer the farce of anglo/zionist crime, corruption and krappiness: "China already has the globe's longest bullet-train network, but it's plowing 3.5trillion yuan ($556 billion) into expanding its railway system by 18 percent over the next two years, to 150,000 kilometers, or more than 93,000 miles."

That's over one thousandth of the distance to the Sun. Like the World's fastest supercomputer, China is not competing against anyone and is expanding the high-speed rail network out of necessity.

Note too, that that is JUST the high-speed railways and not the rest of China's infrastructure. Note that the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika doesn't have a single inch of high-speed rail. Also, it will be completed in just two years time.

By contrast, Steerbutt points out that war criminal, The Donald, is proposing $200bn from the taxsucker in infrastructure spending for the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika's collapsing infrastructure some of which is centuries old. He wants another $1.3trn from the taxsuckers as private capital too.

Both Kiester and Steerbutt note how it usually takes decades just in proposing such projects in the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Poodleville and Amerika, citing "middle-men" (thieves). Whilst the Beijing Olympics were completed on time and within budget (despite a stoppage when some historical discovery was excavated), as was the Three Gorges Dam, the Great Satan and its mini-me always have vast over-runs in time and money.
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seneca Post time: 2018-2-22 15:47
And, interestingly, Gork alias Totothedog alias Buddy alias Gotohell alias CHangabulla was able to p ...

Me and my other personalities have powers beyond your comprehension.
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