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Please Do Not Fail This Age(Repost) [Copy link] 中文

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The author is Zhou Xiaoping, a writer and commentator in China

I was born in 1980s and in a city which lies in the west of the country. When I was young, I was influenced by the literature and magazines sold in the street, so I believed there was something wrong with the state system, and the economy was also restricted. When I grow up, I’m very active on the Internet, and I always criticize the government. In 2006, I was chosen as the top ten Internet figures by Tencent, ranking only after Han Han and Xu Jinglei. If not for the special chances, I wouldn’t be so sober-minded.

In 2007, I came across a report, which read: “Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe have always been flattering the United States, but few people know that his brother was killed in that country. From the monitoring system, we can see he struggled for a long time, during which a lot of people and cars passed by, but no one stopped to offer him help.” The words attracted me a lot, and I began to know that “The moon of a foreign country is no rounder than the one in our own country, so I began to reflect on something happening around me.

In 2008, I began to read such books as History as a Mirror, The History of Europe and The Federalist. The more I read, the more conscious I become. When I read the articles on magazines and newspapers and on the best sellers and I couldn’t help laughing, I realized I have developed my own world outlook.

People around are being addicted in microblog, and they are being eroded by magazines and newspapers and also the best sellers. Besides, they become more selfish and colder, which makes me worried. The world belongs to the elder, and it also belongs to us, but after all it belongs to us, so how we think about the world is important, especially how the elites of our generation think about the world, and how those who have money, skills and technology and management think about the world., which are very important for their offspring because they will one day face the heavy burden of the world. If we are hypnotized, and only a few people are conscious, how can we guard everything around us?

Whenever malignant cases occur, there will be someone who infinitely magnifies the incidences through the Internet, and criticizes that it is caused due to dictatorship or the system. If there is anything that just happens, there are a variety of rumors accusing the government of covering the truth from its people and helping the criminals. When a case investigation just finishes, doubts would rise. No matter who is caught, people would say the government just finds a scapegoat. Is that so interesting to do so again and again?

China is like a berated but unyielding rural child, through his own efforts, he changed people’s impression on him bit by bit. In the beginning, people complained that he was old-fashioned, dirty, poor, and therefore he had low self-esteem, indecision and tears, anger too, but in the end he was quiet, hard at his own business, no longer cared about what others said. 60 years passed, and Chinese people's lives have changed dramatically. There are many people who have grown up from rural area children to new urban young men, just like me. According to the known history, there was never such changes like this. If this does not prove that our political system and our race excellent, then I want to ask what deserves to belive in?

My friends, one that can stand high will see far. Life requires us to hold our heads up, rather than just stare at a dirt short-sightedly. We are fortunate to live in this great era; we are witnessing a revolutionary change; we are experiencing this oriental civilization counterattacking the Western hegemony. This particular era gives us a special mission that must be completed: that is to make this nation and state right, after suffering from a hundred years, we have to make it right. My friends, please do not live up to this age; do not let our future generations blame our stupidness today.

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No system is perfect but I'd rather trust a battle hardened government that's brought China so far
in 62 years than a small group of obscenely rich tyrants that own and rule the USA.
In the past 30 years the lower 80% of the people in the USA have actually lost ground in terms of
real, inflation adjusted worth while the 80-99% have made only modest gains of 20-40% over that
same long span of time. Only the top 1% in the USA have made significant gains, 250% in that
same 30 year period. All economists will agree that the major flaw of capitalism is that it concentrates
more and more money to fewer and fewer people over time.
I'm glad that you have matured. That is more than I can say for most of the participants of this
forum who love to trash China and its government at every turn.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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you got it right there my friend~

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can't agree with you more, well done{:soso_e185:}
desperate for positive energy, and get rid of worries and sorrows

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robert237 Post time: 2013-8-5 10:56
No system is perfect but I'd rather trust a battle hardened government that's brought China so far
i ...

Democracy = Capitalism = Privatization
All business will be privatize, meaning business~ no money no talk...that is why rich ppl with business is getting richer...poor ppl with no business keeps on consuming and spending = getting poorer...
Govt. is poor = rich ppl is rich & poor will be poorer
That is why Detroit gone bankrupt~!

Communism = Socialism = Sharing
Govt. controls funding and businesses...taxed money from the ppl, will be given back to to ppl...pushing poor lower class to middle class...more fund to govt. more opportunity to develop the country, and its people.
Govt. is rich = rich ppl are controlled, poor ppl are pushed up~
That is why more middle class is booming in China~


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slimpanda Post time: 2013-8-5 16:42
Democracy = Capitalism = Privatization
All business will be privatize, meaning business~ no money n ...

Deng said "to be rich is glorious"

Guess what - he was right!

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socialism is actually antisocial - it gives a reward when none is deserved and punishes effort

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