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Some things of which China might not want to be in the lead! [Copy link] 中文

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Some things of which China might not want to be in the lead!

canchin, sometimes you china always try to shy away from your problems or accecpt ur weak points. As far as i know, China has been know for her  excution and that's why people who commits crime in china always try tp escape from the country using all kinds of political reasons to quicken their stay in those other countries. Where did u get the information that those countries like Nigeria excute mentally retarded or children, can you give me one example.

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to yooto1

If you look at the bottom section of the post you will see where the information is available from.

There is also that wonderful - and available in China which is where I live - (but contrary to your statement I am not "China" which of course I infer you meant to mean that you assume I am Chinese; which again I am not) thing called the Internet. Try it, there is much information available for free.

Unlike some of the people that "China bash" without having more than hearsay and rhetoric to use in their posts, I try to at least find information that is supportable when I make a comment - either from actual personal experience or backed up by documented evidence as this list was.

As with others, you make the mistake that this is a list criticizing the States - it is not - only as the post title states, some of the things that those that suggest China should be more like another country may wish to look, and perhaps decided to not emulate.

Perhaps you would care to make up a list - supported by documented evidence - of things that perhaps it would be good for China to emulate? There are many you know.

As a full answer to your question - or request - that I provide the "where" of the information:

If you have Adobe Reader or another .pdf reading program:

If not:

Here you will find the AI report which I note in my post.

The relevant section from March 2002 is:

5.  Use of the Death Penalty Against Child Offenders
International human rights treaties prohibit anyone under 18 years old at the time of the crime being sentenced to death.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child all have provisions to this effect. More than 110 countries whose laws still provide for the death penalty for at least some offences have laws specifically excluding the execution of child offenders or may be presumed to exclude such executions by being parties to one or another of the above treaties.

A small number of countries, however, continue to execute child offenders. Seven countries since 1990 are known to have executed prisoners who were under 18 years old at the time of the crime - Congo (Democratic Republic), Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA and Yemen. The country which carried out the greatest number of known executions of child offenders was the USA (15 since 1990), accounting for more than half of child executions worldwide.

Yemen has since outlawed the practice (as did China in 1997)

May I also suggest:

Another interesting document may be found at: ; where you will note that oddly enough, in some areas, a "juvenile" is described as someone under 16 - this in places where the "right to vote" does not come into effect until one is 18.

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Choose the good ones to emulate naturally

I will hope China can become number one in the:
1) number of original designers
2) number of scientists
3) number of people who have positive net worth
4) number of global trade exhibitions
5) number of cultural activities

But I definitely do not want China to become:
1) World's cheap labour factory. Cheap labour means pure price competitiveness, low quality, unskilled, poor, looked-down upon, little healthcare benefits, and lack of job security. Currently this may be the way to accummuate wealth, but china and the chinese must consider transforming itself into a richer nation. The whole world will benefit from this tremendously.

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also i doint want china to be

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although i do like you post their is alot of info there that is very much up in

while the facts could and i wouldn't  say their not but  .... lowwest math scores .... thats out of like the top 10 or 20 countries,  the two about taxes is because we are not very socialistic but do have some basics but we like to keep our money our selfs and use private industy to do things not our government .. as i think china learned that the hard way ... i do argee that socialism is better then pure capitalism but i like northern european style like sweeden and such more then most .... what else was there some of the waste is very true as for how fat americans are and i am not fat nor do i waste nearly as much as most americans
another thing is their is a new movie by michael moore  about bush and all the wars which you might like it is called  "fahrenheit 911"  and if you don't know who michael moore is i think you should read more about him (i have seen two of his speeches at my university)  he is very far on the left in american politics and as anyone that is extrem so of his views tend to be one sided but i do agree with alot of what he talks about.  anyway what im saying is although alot of what you said is true alot of it  can be made to sound bad if you are not fully informed about that subject. forinstance the U.N. things are used as leverage in trade and politics and although we may not sign one thing or another it does not mean we don't have laws against such or what not and using such things as leverage is not just a U.S. thing all countries do it including china and for the death penalty for people under 18 .... lol first of all they have to get a jury of U.S. about 16 Citizens to agree tocondem the person  also a judge to agree that the under age person can even be put on trial as a adult, another judge to agree in the trial and on top of all that  you  would have to deal with a open court room where the media is welcome  to go  and trust me alot of people would know when a case like this happens.  i would like you to look up the under 18 people that got  death it was likely people with charles manson and such  who's group killed over 35 people there for i think most would agree that he should get death.

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greenhouse gas emissions - the US is number one, but...

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i just like to fight with people sorry

i am really against the death penalty  and U.S. waste , pure capitalism, (which the U.S. does not have we got social security among other things) a two party system and in a few states we do have 3 partys that make it two the final elections and anyone can become a party but do to the overwhelming support of the two parties non others are capable of winning thus forceing alot of voters to go for the lesser of the two evils. like now for example i have to vote democrat cause if i voted for lets say the green party which has quite alot of support in the state i live in then bush would win i can't let that happen cause i hate him so i am forced to vote for who has a chance of winning.  its kind of like you know how europeans have alot of parties and they join together to for majorities to win. well in america it's like once they joined together they stayed together therfore coming to mostly a middle ground.

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