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it is 4:45 am China time,, USA censors free press ? [Copy link] 中文

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"As for news, well, the nice thing about Canadian TV anyway is that we do have so many choices from around the world and not just the closed-kingdom kind from down south. <b>Also, we are a free country so we get to access news on a regular basis in all forms of media from all over the world.

I have even more choices here in China.</b>"

seems to me you meant china provides more media access.  


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Incorrectly interpreted quote - it didn't need slanted interpretation

It has to be your English.

There is a distinct - and important - difference between saying:

" think china's media is more diverse/open." Which means the Chinese Media: CCTV, local channels (we have 7 in Shenzhen - along with the 12 CCTV channels, and about 60 more and that doesn't count the ones noted in the next sentence).

And in saying:

"I have even more choices here in China."

In Canada, I don't have access to Deutch Welle, Japanese broadcast channels, Korean broadcast channels (hell, I had to go to Kunming earlier this year and they had a channel from Thailand!), and I also - while in Canada - don't have access to Chinese television save CCTV ( (the English language station) and CCTV International if I wish to pay the extra to get it from the cable company.

And I will even go a little further in my explanation.

You say you live in the States - I've been there many times - stayed in a nice 5 star in Chicago just last year for several days during an exhibition. All I could get were ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the local affiliates and CNN, MSNBC - and a plethora of porn channels. No "foreign" stations - not even CBC and Canada is really only a few miles away. Definitely no Chinese channels in the hotel, no Japanese, Korean, French, no Deutche Welle, not even BBC.

Choice? Lots of choices. American media, Hong Kong media, Japanese media, Korean media, British media, German media, - and also China media.

You are becoming not only selective in your reading, but also selective in how you interpret  that which needs no interpretation.

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Re Mistreatment of prisoners

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oh my goodness


your contortionist arguments would be entertaining if they weren't so sad.

so, what is it you are saying?  i asked if you thought chinese media was more open/diverse.  your answer: china has more media choices (than the u.s.).  

based on what evidence?  your stay at u.s. hotels?  

at home, i can access about 10 stations with my boxtop antenna.  when my mother-in-law was here from malaysia, we got cable (the basic service) and she watched chinese broadcasts from china and taiwan.  i think there were about 100 channels available.  if you have a satellite dish, as some of my chinese friends here do, you can get even more broadcasts from hkong and china.  

did you hear about how hillary clinton's memoirs were edited by her chinese publisher, omitting parts about her trip to that country?  is that your idea of choice?

as far as i know, the u.s. does not censor the web media.  

please stop bending over backwards to defend china at all costs.  i'm even ashamed sometimes at the media "choice" available in the u.s. because some of it is so trashy.  but, hey, that's what you get with free speech.


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ironically, i'm having some trouble getting my replies up.

anyway, i think your quote is pretty straightforward.  how about this interpretation:

"canada has more media choice than the united states, and china has even more than canada."  ergo, china has more media choice than either canada or the united states.

would you disagree with that interpretation of your statement?  

i think it's a silly assumption.


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sorry, tsupasat

Well, there is supposed to be a rule about NOT taking pictures of soldiers returned home in a casket.  So, If that's the rule, surely this reporter knew about it, but took the chance anyways.  Does the rule need to be change, well, maybe.  I think it's fine how it is, though.  I didn't know they fired her husband as well...maybe he helped her, i odn't know.  It does appear to be an "example" the pentagon is trying to show.  It seemed harsh, but if that's the rule, then that's the rule.  

they say nobody wins in a war.  Well, i'm not sure about that.  I know somebody loses for sure, though.  

I think bush could say some things to appease people, but it's not needed.  Like the reporters try to get him to say sorry for 09/11.  What a joke.  He said osama should be sorry and I agree.  I did allow the 09/11 'commision'.  That's big stuff, he could have waited until the election was over.  He is  great leader inmy opinion.  I raq will be a good example of this and so will afghan.  

The treasury guy for iraq said most iraqi's are happy that saddam is gone.  Of course they want the US gone as well, just as Bush noted in his national speech.  See, they only show these small little dirt towns with poor fanatics in iraq.  Last night they showed baghdad and how normal it was.  People waling down the street buying things fromt he markets.  The media is trying to manipulate opinion on the war.

"Definitely no Chinese channels in the hotel, no Japanese, Korean, French, no Deutche Welle, not even BBC.
I'm selective too ;-)
Well,  I can tell you for a fact CCTV can be aquired via satelite in the states...dunno about the others.  Satelites are pretty common here as well.  Infact, the person I know who gets CCTV gets it for free.  He bought a satelite and doesn['t pay a monthly service at all...just intercepts the signal.  I know on our 'cable TV' I have like 80 channels or so.  I don't think i'm getting less channels than china is, but I could be wrong.  I don't think this has to do with anything other than the lack of demand for it.  I don't know anyone that would watch cctv, other this chinese guy I know.  I don't want it even, thoguh I do wathc it at his house sometimes.

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