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it is 4:45 am China time,, USA censors free press ? [Copy link] 中文

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OMG!!! - 2 canadians at once.

I got two canadians ganging up on me now!!!

First I will declare that, in general, I'm repulbican.  You can keep that on the record.  But, I will vote for the best man, regardless of party.  

Now to the good stuff.
machjo, ok, you can insult me for stereo-typing canadians.  I'm wrong for saying "another back stabbing canadian".  That justcanadian guy was being stupid and I felt like he was trying to kiss A$$...but hwo knows.  So for the record, I apoligize to unbiased canadians.  Don't tell anyone about this thread ;-)  BTW, thanks for not explicitly calling me ignorant...I wouldn't want anyone to know my secret on here ;-)

Now on to canchin.
"Actually, the reason there weren't that many complaints from Canada is because we probably couldn't see what the big deal was with a sagging, misshapen boob with a star pasted on it flashing in the middle of some pseudo-football game that most of the people I know don't bother to watch anyway."

See, I think it has to do with a little less receptive country here, a lot less people in canada, and probably a lot smaller percentage watching the superbowl. I personally think it was the Amish calling in...but I can't confirm it.

So, can you both agree that not all republicans are ignorant just because I am??  c mon...i agreed with you that I'm wrong.  How about the justcanadian guy...isn't he wrong?

Even so you may not want me to....i like canda...well, western canada anyways.

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bms4880, I'm not saying it was ok what they, but that it MAYBE shouldn't have been reported at this juncture in the war.  I'm not for secrecy by any means.  I don't want a facist or socialst government at all.  i fell like CBS could have waited a little while so things can cool down.  This isn't the first time this has happend in a war, but people don't want to hear that.  Today, people want to see a bloodless war, but that just don't happen.  My point is that things happen in a war..mostly nothing good and this is just one of the things that happen.  The pics did nothing more than incite hate by muslims around the world and even non-muslims.  That's not good, right?  Those people seem a little dramatic and all this will do is give them some fuel to burn and a reason to not help in building THEIR country.  You have to remeber, we don't HAVE to rebuild thier country...but we are (another topic).

to whoever said something about the caskets...If I had a kid and that was mine coming home and everyone got to see my dead son in a casket I would be outraged.  This has nothing to do with what the liberals claim, "people need to know what happens in war".  Horse $hit!!  People know the numbers, people see it on TV every night, so that's just a stupid reason for someone to break the rules.  I think it's dispicicable...just like what they did with princess diana was as well.  The brits didn't even show that and it was their princess for gods sake.

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And that's with a Capital "C"

Actually, IMHO, for the next one I don't think you will be able to vote for the "best man."

The best man isn't running. No, I don't know really who that is - although I thought Dean was at least passionate if a bit of a loose cannon and he made a lot of points for being the one that was obviously perceived as so dangerous that 'they' took him out first.

But that's us Canadians - passionate - we like passion; and with better beer.

Perhaps if you had a chance to drink "Real Beer" instead of yellow water...!

And what's wrong with 'Eastern" Canada? I have a friend in the East and although he can't ride a horse he can drink beer - that's "Real Beer.

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sorry, mikeghet

but the pentagon was just being stupid about the whole casket photo thing.  

did you see the photos?  eventually, they were on the front page of the new york times and washington post.  i didn't see anything disrespectful about them at all.  i thought they were actually quite tasteful.  it's not like it was an "open-casket" photo shoot or anything ... just military personnel respectfully handling dead soliders.  

my gripe is ... why did they fire the photographer ... and her husband!  that's just being dumb.

i think the u.s. administration needs to own up to its mistakes.  i think they are starting to change in this regard, being more flexible and investigating some of the claims that have been going on for months ... i hope it's not too late.  by the way, i'll probably vote bush as well (doesn't mean i'm happy about everything, but hey, who is?) and still think the iraq invasion COULD have good long-term results.  what's the alternative ... wait 20 years till saddam dies of old age?  in the meantime, millions more iraqis are killed?  there are no good wars, but some are better than others.


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china's media more diverse


i'm curious as to why you think china's media is more diverse/open.  


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Re-read my replies in the thread.

Can't anyplace I said that - care to point the place out to me where I either made the implication or actually used those words?

Perhaps it was the quick read of where I mentioned the choices I have access to on the TV - where I actually left a few out such as Deutch Welle - an Internationao channel for German travelers that does have some programs in English and which I watch sometimes, and the Japanese channels which I don't watch, there are also - in most good hotels - channels in Italian, French and Spanish - although not all hotels have all of them.

Perhaps it was a mis-read on my comment about the CCTV? Having studied broadcasting, I am aware that in the so-called "west" media is for the most part a "ratings whore" meaning for the uninitiated that they go for the advertising dollar and so have become more entertainment top heavy than true news. The CCTV has a different take - their "right to do so" do't you think? - on what news is and what entertainment is. They do it differently.

Still though, if you can point out - as I say - where I made the implication you note I will be happy to reply.

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