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it is 4:45 am China time,, USA censors free press ? [Copy link] 中文

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I see,'re a Republican aren't you?

I completely understand your point then.

I'm not.

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wow i have only stayed up till 4.45am two times in my life

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good to remember

i think it would be good to remember that these pictures were first released by a u.s. media organization (60 minutes on cbs?), as was mentioned earlier on this thread.

another "censorship" issue was the caskets draped with american flags that the pentagon didn't want published, but got front-page treatment anyway.  so where's the censorship?  the freelance photographer did get fired along with her husband, but that also went in the news.

i'm amazed at how xenophobia gets all his dirt (which may be legitimate) from the u.s. media, then says the u.s. media is censored.  doesn't that seem contradictory?


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>>>Let people read a story, which they don't, but don't give the world fuel to burn us with man.<<<

Here's an idea:  Let's not torture Iraqis, and then not worry about the media does or does not do.   That seems like the much better route than torturing Iraqis, and then begging the media to stay hush about it.

Airing these photos brought about the necessary internal and international pressure to force the Pentagon to crack down on this
sort of abuse.  CBS did the right thing.  If there are uprisings in Iraq, it's the fault of the soldiers who tortured the Iraqis, not the media who reported it.

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To mikeghet

Another backstabing Canadian?  Isn't it a little ignorant of you to stereotype Canadians and throuw them all in one basket?  I'm Canadian and I personally don't agree that the Canadian government should oblige a percentage of airtime to broadcast "Canadian content" only.

Yes, it's true that alot of Canadians spend their time watching American TV all the time, and they're also the ones who then complain of all the US content.  Yet when I was in Canada I was quite capable of finding quality Canadian TV for myself.  So if Canadians need the government to force them to watch Canadian TV, then that's an insult to Canadian cultural talent.  Plus it's Canadians' own fault if we choose to watch American TV all the time, so why should the Canadian government bail us out?

But to assume that all Canadians think the same just shows your own ignorance, I'm afraid, mikeghet.

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As always - incorrect

Actually, the reason there weren't that many complaints from Canada is because we probably couldn't see what the big deal was with a sagging, misshapen boob with a star pasted on it flashing in the middle of some pseudo-football game that most of the people I know don't bother to watch anyway.

As for news, well, the nice thing about Canadian TV anyway is that we do have so many choices from around the world and not just the closed-kingdom kind from down south. Also, we are a free country so we get to access news on a regular basis in all forms of media from all over the world.

I have even more choices here in China.

But then again, as I said, once I knew you were a Republican, everything became clear.

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