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[Family] Lies Parents Tell Their Children - I [Copy link] 中文

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Parents are the most awesome people we know since the day we born till the day we die. Because they know every single bit about us and know what’s best for us at all times. According to a survey, parents tell their children white (harmless) lies to protect them from harm, or to make their kids happy or to protect their child’s innocence. But some lies are just told to get themselves (parents) from getting into certain difficulties.  We provide a list of top  lies which are told to the kids by their parents, and some of them might be very familiar to almost all the readers.

10. Eat Your Vegetables


Eat your vegetables, if you want to be big and strong like a hulk. This lie has been told to almost every kid. Parents tell all sorts of stories and mumbo jumbos to get their kids to eat vegetables, fruits and nutritious stuff that kids do not want to eat due to their taste. The most common and classic statement was and still is about eating spinach (or other vegetable), if you don’t eat it you are never going to be strong and big. Whereas in reality vegetables can only go so far, however genetics play a huge role in how big or strong a kid is really going to be. Luckily the kids don’t know this, or nobody might be able to get them to eat any healthy foods.

9. Ice cream van


Remember when the ice-cream man used to visit your area and had put on a rather “permanently stuck in head” kind of song, what did your mom use to say to you? You know when he puts on that song it means he doesn’t have any ice cream left. And some parents tell their children that the ice cream man is really a “Kidnapper”, who will kidnap the children and take them away. Now I don’t know why parents tell this specific lie to their children, I mean what harm can an ice-cream do? You may have to spend a few extra bucks but it’s going to bring smile to your kid’s face.

8. Stop making faces or…


Many children have the urge of making faces to other kids or people just to annoy them, but this gives so much pleasure to the kid who is making faces. Such children are then told a white lie that if they keep on making faces like that, God will make their faces permanently like that. This eventually stops majority of the kids from doing so. This lie however is a generally accepted one since manners are the basic principles to teach your child and making faces, even though is fun for the kid, isn’t so much fun for anybody else.

7.”I know everything”

After a parent says the above mentioned line to their kids, it results in two of the possible ways. One is that the kid would think of his/her parent as a “Super Hero”, who knows and can do everything more precisely anything, which would eventually make him/her proud. Whereas the other reaction which can take place is that he will start to think of his parent as a weirdo or something because he will have the image that his parent is a sore loser because a single person can’t know everything. Well the child cannot be blamed if his maturity is limited. A parent should consult some other means in those matters of which they don’t know anything about.

6. How was I born?


The type of the children generally known as “The Curious Kids” always ask questions and mostly really silly and stupid ones, but they can’t handle it because of their young/pre-mature age. Their questions start with Who, What, Why, When but never really end. Mostly I have seen kids asking their parents, “Mommy/Daddy, where do babies come from?” or, even more difficult question, “Where did I come from?”, now parents choose to answer these types of questions in a variety of ways. The straightforward, honest answers would probably be the best but one might not be mature enough to understand what it really is, that is why many parents rely on lies and legends to explain this phenomenon to their child. The most common answers given are according to the age of the child, some parents tell them that “you were brought to us by a stork” or “your mommy went to the hospital and brought you home”. If the age of the child is more than a toddler he/she might not buy the idea of a stork, but I’m sure that there are other ways to answer these kinds of questions before the kids learn the reality.


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They are lovely lies, but if I have a child I won't lie to them.

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My mom told me that I was picked up on a mountain
Life is what you make of it

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Another is that many parents tell their kids that the Bible is true

And Father Christmas


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