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ABOUT RACISM [Copy link] 中文

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To gtnbia

Re: "My complexion is fair, but not white-white, and I tan in the Sun, I have dark brown and curly hair, and hazel eyes,..."

My cat, "TERRI MAGGA CHUTE", also has those features and she is a MULTI-SPECIES descendant from repeated "matings" of European TOM cats with "ass-sniffing" PUSSY cats from the Indian subcontinent who adore and worship them as "shahibs" and of course, rocking their heads "to and fro" both, whilst acquiescing and when "playing hard to get"!!
If you don't like cleaning the SINDAS's in China, why not go back to begging on the streets of Karachi like your brethren, gtnbia GU-WALLA ??

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To HeDan

What do you actually mean by "native English speaker"??

I would like to remind you that without a country called "ENGLAND", there would NOT be today a language called "ENGLISH" just like there wouldn't be a language called Chinese if there was no country called China! The word "English" is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as "the language of England" which means that the English language is NATIVE to England and to those who originate from England just like the Chinese language is NATIVE to China and to the Chinese people. Any person whose ancestors did not ORIGINATE from England or who were not born or brought up in England from an early age CANNOT claim to be a "native English-speaker". One must differentiate between:-
a) fluent like a native English speaker
b) fluency in the English language
c) qualified to teach English from a recognised English language teaching institute in ENGLAND.

Before you answer, I ask you this,  if well-to-do Chinese parents send their child to a foreign school in China which uses TWO foreign languages as their teaching medium, would that mean that their child would automatically become a NATIVE SPEAKER to both those languages? Yes, their child would be exposed to listening and speaking foreign languages from an early age and may even acquire a FLUENCY in both foreign languages but to claim that he would be a "native speaker" is nothing but a conceited lie.
As an example, why not ask the Pakistanis here on this thread, why they shake their heads "to and fro" when saying both "yes" and "no" in English? Do English people shake their heads like this? It is a well-known fact that a child IMMITATES his teachers. Do you want your child to learn to shake his head like their so-called "native-English" teachers from India and Pakistan or adopt the abrupt accent of African English teachers??
Which would you choose if you had a choice, the fake or the original??

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To bchung

The problem is NOT with the Chinese, it is with people like YOU and the English people themselves!!

FYI, it is a well-known fact that the English had conquered and colonised almost a third of the world. They didn't settle in all their colonies even though they forced the use of their English language on their colonial subjects. The "English" language which evolved in the colonies where their own English people settled where ACCEPTED as variations of English, e.g. American English, Austrailian English, New Zealand English, Canadian English, and to a lesser extent, South African and Rhodesian English. But the "englishes" which evolved in colonies where their people did NOT settle or not in large numbers, are NOT accepted as variations and are DEGRADED and called "inglish, hindlish, singlish, chinglish, pidgin, ...........rubbish, etc......... !

If there is indeed racism in the teaching of English, it was IMBIBED by the EnglishTHEMSELVES and not the Chinese!! You have either learn English the ENGLISH way or you just forget about it, afterall it is THEIR language and not yours!!!

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temico, cool down

1- I do not critize a posters writting because I'm sure we ALL make mistakes,(except you apparently!) I recommended that poster to try to learn from the others when corrected.

2- I am not sure if you like or not the fact that in this big country there are different people and different traditions. I personally have a very good time here discovering the diffeences. My wife, a Chinese, helps me with that.

3- I am teaching in China as well as running a business. I have all the qualifications the Chinese authorities ask to a foreigner and at the same time get permanent training to improve. The last Diploma I got was the DELTA from the Cambridge University.

4-I will not answer any other question related to my grammar in this post. If you want to discuss about it please just send me a message and I will be delighted to answer that way, this post is to discuss about racism and not the posters ability in writting.

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Why not just cut the crap jvt1965, and just......

.......answer what is it exactly that you are teaching in China?? If you are teaching English, then it is teachers like you who are the cause of the POOR English that is being taught in China and in Hongkong too!!

As for racism, it is inborn in Europeans more than anybody else. You yourself, have given a fine example about that so-called "black Spaniard. Their colonial forefathers killed off any African opposition, robbed the rest of their language and culture, forced them to convert in their crap religion and finally treated them like a pieces of  "sh*t". Ask yourself, what happened to the native American Indians, Australian aborigines, Incas, native Fillipinoes, etc., etc.??
Despite the fact that I am only a student, I am still prepared to discuss any point you wish to raise about China, in the open and for all to see. It's high time you realise that not all Chinese shirk away to avoid confrontation with foreigners!!

BTW, I don't give a hoot whether your wife is Chinese or Martian! Can she be much different from those Chinese wives who were waiting on the tarmac in Washington for the arrival of their despicable American spies husbands of that EP-3 spy plane incident when they were released from Hainan Island??

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Now I really know!

The kind of person you are temico. And I think the rest of the forum also can see for themselves.

BTW, my wife thanks you for calling her something similar to a hooker but she would like to clarify certain things, that I will post here.

First temico, she is a Primary School teacher, and has been for the last 17 years. She has two majors; Chinese Language and Culture and Fine Arts. Actually she teaches Art at her school after having taught Chinese for the first 10. Her family has gone through several hard times, including the death of her father in an accident occured in the Bohai Sea in 1979, and that many Chinese here can remember.

We both work for a National Oil Company, and are very proud to do so and lead a very simple, quiet life. We have a daughter of 13 years old who is studying in middle school, the same one where I teach.

As you can see there is nothing special about us, well I'm a foreigner, but I think that that is only my body, 'cause my heart is Chinese.

You have insulted seriously a NORMAL Chinese working family. We thank you for that because we know now who we don't want to get along with; only a last consideration Sir. If you are a Chinese National you are a shame for your country for saying those nasty words about another Chinese. If you are not Chinese, you might want to reconsider your relationship with this big country that has oppened her doors and hearts to many of us, certainly not expecting such behaviour.

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The one who should be ashamed is YOU, jvt1965......

.....because you are nothing but a parasite sucking on the blood of poor  Chinese who can't see through your farce! You are not even fit to speak English leave alone teach it!  Though I am only a student, I can yet easily detect your LOUSY spelling and grammatical mistakes. Care to challenge me to prove it??

You don't even understand English properly and here is a perfect example:-

Re:  "my wife thanks you for calling her something similar to a hooker..."

Please point to me where in my previous post did I call your wife "something similar to a hooker"? It is actually YOU who is IMPLYING that those Chinese women married to those American spies on the EP-3 are "hookers". My post is still there for all to see. Care to prove me wrong, LAOWAI??

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