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ABOUT RACISM [Copy link] 中文

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There are two aspects of Racism in China that bother me and although most Chinese may not agree that they are racism, they are at the least - insidious and damaging to China.

Watch any Chinese TV channel or go into any department store in China to see this for yourself.

I am speaking about the - to me - very strange idea that a Chinese woman, to be considered really beautiful in China, must have as white a face as possible.

One could call this reverse racism but I just call it strange.

Women all over China are spending millions - and that's in USD not RMB - to try and change their natural - and again to me beautiful - skin color.

Meanwhile of course, in the west, women (and men) are all trying to be as brown as possible (suntanning, using coloring) so it isn't a restricted phenomena.

In China though this is getting worse. Companies will hire a less qualified worker if she has a whiter face than a qualified worker, some of the cosmetic factories are using dangerous chemical bleaches (and not just domestic manufactures either - ones from Japan and France are among the biggest offenders in this area), there are also dangerous herbs being used, lasers, and the list goes on. Women without a "white' face are looked down on by other women with a natural skin color and yet - to me anyway but I'm not Chinese - a Chinese woman with a very white face looks sick. In medicine, a skin that looks unnaturally white is cause for concern.

This occurs in Hong Kong as well so it isn't only in Greater China that it happens.

As a point of interest, would one of the Chinese women that have posted a few times post on her views of this?


The other, is racist treatment of Chinese people by Chinese people.

I find it offensive that a foreigner is treated better than a Chinese person in their own country. It used to be that for example a foreigner paid more for certain things but those days are gone and that is not what I meant.

A case in point has already been made about foreign English teachers being paid more than qualified Chinese teachers, I know there are many companies that will pay foreign worker more than an equally or more qualified Chinese worker - and this does not have to be a westerner either. In many factories in South China, workers from Hong Kong, many with lower educations than their counterparts in the company, will be paid more; especially if the factory or company is owned by a Hong Kong or Taiwan company.

I have seen this form of self-racism in my daily life - and regularly. I have seen a highly educated, well-dressed Chinese person go to a 5 star hotel and get treated with terrible service and then seen the same hotel staff fall over themselves to genuflect in front of a foreigner. In fact, it has happened to me and I don't like it.

I've been in a post office for example and the clerk will not smile at a Chinese person (unless a pretty girl with a white face) but if I approach the desk they will smile. Why? Of course I usually smile in such situations anyway but that's not the point.

I know there is a lot of dislike among some groups of Chinese that is not so much about racism as just dislike - some Shanghai people tend to not like Hong Kong people, some Hong Kong people don't like anyone from Greater China, some people in Beijing don't like people from Guangdong Province - and vice-versa; but this is common all over - some of my friends in Houston think people from Austin or Dallas are weird and vice-versa, some people in Vancouver think people in Toronto are too American and vice-versa, but in each of these places they will not mistreat the person because they are from the city with which they have what some call a "friendly rivalry" - but the outright mistreatment of a Chinese person by another Chinese person and then giving a foreigner better treatment - this I don't understand.

Foreigners are NOT more important than Chinese people in their own country and it is unreasonable that some Chinese act as if they are. Especially as this form of treatment has the obvious result of the person being so ill-treated having a natural resentment to the person - and even race - of the person getting the special treatment.

I would again be interested if one of the "real" Chinese posters had an educated comment. Is it the perception that all foreigners have money? (I certainly don't).

What is it?

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To jvt1965

I wonder WHICH side of the school you, yourself, are on? A teapot should watch its mouth before calling a kettle black!!

Do you know how many SILLY mistakes you have made in your own post which I paste again here before you edit it??

" I would like to tell you something about Esperanto language, but I'd rather recommend you to search in goolge(for example) and you will see what it is about.

In second place, plesae try not to be rude and insulting; this is a thread about racism and the topics to do with it and not about how many insults I can post to the other, because in fact you might be right, some in here might have to go back to school, but it is clear as day light that you still have to go OUT of school.

And third, when someone corrects you, and belief me we ALL make mistakes, try to be positive and learn.....not just answer by kicking! That, my friend will take you no-where."

Be honest and answer this.  When you imagine an African, do you think of a white, coloured or black man?? When you go to a Chinese restaurant would you expect to find the cook to be a white or black  man? When you go to your kid's school, would you expect to find that his Chinese language teacher is an Englishman? Take any children book and look closely at the pictures of how people from Africa, India, Arabia, China, etc. are depicted. Do they all look the same to you? Ask any innocent kid these questions and he will tell you the answer immediately without even thinking. Does that prove that you or the authors of those children books or the even kids are RACISTS??

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To canchin

What you have observed is NOT racism but inborn INFERIORITY COMPLEX. I have written an article on this subject a couple of years ago in another forum. I will try to locate it and post it in this forum on a new thread. Hopefully you can post some of your observations to add to mine.
Thanks in advance.

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answer to temico

First of all, thanks for the correction. As you can imagine it is a typing mistake.

Second answer your question; about Africa, you ask the question to the wrong person. Or to put it simpler; I have been living in different countries around Africa for nearly 12 years, so if someone asks me how do I imagine an African, my true answer would be "...depending which part of Africa we are talking about, and what minority group" But I do agree that 99% of the people you would ask would answer "black".

Third my comment to hongtea was motivated by the fact that HE was the one who said I don't know how many times that his English is as good as a white's(?) English. But the truth is that it is not; in fact he makes very basic mistakes. When another poster corrected him, in a very polite way, he answered by insulting. This alone speaks of somebodies education and manners. I did NOT say that I am perfect; because I know I'm not.

I also would like to tell you that after working for the last 15 years as a journalist, focused on the social relations of different people, I can conclude to say that racism is not exclusive to only one race(how much I hate to clasify people like this, btw!), but a very common fact from the people of a more powerful group towards those of lower status. I could put thousands of examples, and belief me when I say that most come from "first world countries" towards minorities living there.

If any of my three daughters (13,10 and 5) would have an English teacher to teach them Chinese, the first thing I would do is check for that teacher's qualifications; not her/his passport. I suffer myself enough with this when I get to be asked the question "how is it possible that a Spanish national is an English teacher?" when I have been born in the USA, raised in the USA and only adopted the Spanish Nationality because my mother is a Spaniard too, and it was more convinient for my job in dangerous areas of Africa.

The cases I have explained here, I have seen them PERSONALLY, this means that I know they are true.

I hope this answers enough your worries and makes you understand that I am not pointing at anybody.

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tanned white people

re: canchin

my wife recently told me how much she spends on facial treatment every year--$300!!  she said she was "low maintenance" compared to her sister in malaysia, who spends a couple thousand every year on her complexion.

if you go throughout asia, i think you will find the "white face" thinking to be pervasive.  it's not just china.  you see kids with white powder on their face all over in thailand ... it's a face-whitening treatment their parents or grandparents put on them periodically throughout the day.  a whiter face is just as good as a schooling degree, i guess.

to be critical of american culture, why would anyone want to expose themselves to harmful uv rays in order to get tanned (and possibly develop skin cancer and cause more wrinkles?).  

strange, these humans ...


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to jvt1965

Re: [ I suffer myself enough with this when I get to be asked the question "how is it possible that a Spanish national is an English teacher?" ]

Are you trying to tell me that you are an English teacher, jvt1965? Or are you teaching Spanish to "Anglo-phone" and "Franco-phone" African countries??
FYI, a "typing error" is called a "typo" while "grammatical and spelling mistakes" are called "silly"(a mild term) mistakes and especially when they come from a person who is criticising the language mistakes of others!!

I ask you another question, if you see flock of NINTY-FIVE geese flying overhead with FIVE ducks flying amongst them, will you refer to that flock as a "flock of geese" or a "MULTI-species flock"? FYI, the Chinese population is made up of NINTY-FIVE percent Han and only FIVE percent of ALL the other ethnic minorities COMBINED TOGETHER!! Now, how do you expect a TRUE Chinese like "hongtea" not to get "pissed off" with yapping HOTCHPOTCHED-CASTE bumpkins here, calling China a MULTI-CULTURAL SOCIETY??
Before you answer, I wish to remind you that you are not the ONLY one here who have mastered several foreign languages!

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To delta whatmore.

Is that your photograph?? If it is, then I would like to ask you the purpose of pasting it with our post since you claimed that  "Our chinese need to change to be a better people!!" Are you trying to say that YOU also need to "change" or are showing your picture to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from others because you consider yourself already BETTER than your brethren??

I would like you remind you that no matter how Chinese people try to "ki**ass" to foreigners they would still be termed  "ch*inks" in their eyes if not a worse derogatory term! Don't you think that it is high time you tore up that stupid picture and took a more discerning look at that silly mug in the mirror??

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