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ABOUT RACISM [Copy link] 中文

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Our chinese need to change to be a better people!!

China is still a monocultural society, now because China is making great progress in economic and social aspects, chinese people do face the challenge of improving their attitude and learning to respect different peoples from all over the world!!

The bad thing about Chinese is : i agree with the one who have already said: they like to discriminate their own people while ingratiate white people,

but the good thing about Chinese is that : i believe, we are a flexible people, Chinese are willing to learn, and can place themselves in retrospect.

Racism is gonna be a bigger problem as China is getting more prosperous and opener, but we need to speak up the problem all  the time and call for more respect for peoples no matter what they look like!!!!

I m optimistic!

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Are you blind?  When I worked in Jinan I had friends not only from various other nations, but also Hans and Hui.  In Shanghai I likewise had some Uighur friends, and I can guarantee you that they'd slap you silly if they heard such a stupid comment.  In in my new town also I have Han and Hui friends, foreign friends from diverse countries, and have likewise had wonderful conversations with Uighurs, and met some Tibetans in passing also.  While in Urumqi, I'd come across "Elusizu", Russian ethnic Chinese, of whose existence many Han themselves are shamefully unaware.  And you say China is monocultural?  Wake up!

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And in addition...

If I'm lucky, my previous rude post won't go through.

But I'd still like to mention, however, that China is by no means a monocultural nation, and if one observes around them, and makes friends among various ethnic groups, one will find that they don't all think alike neither.  China is surprisingly multicultural if one opens their eyes. Since I've been in China I've had Han, Uighur, and Hui friends.  I've also known Chinese of Korean ethnicity, and other friends who had Khazakh Chinese friends.  I'd like to mention, also that there are even Chinese of Russian ethnicity, who've been in China for possibly centuries.  

There are also Chinese Buddhists, Confucionists, Daoists, Muslims, Christians, etc. etc. etc.  Chinese who speak Putonghua, Zhuang, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uighur, Russian, Khazak, etc.  (Just look at the languages presented on the renminbi and see if you can identify the languages presented for fun) I've also met Chinese who speak English, French, or Esperanto, and know of a Chinese friend of a friend who's lived in Italy and speaks fluent Italian.

In addition, I'd even met some Uighurs in Shanghai and Urumqi who could pass for Europeans (In fact one of them exploited just that fact by presenting himself as a native English speaker for an English teaching job in Shanghai).  When I was in Urumqi, some locals would take me to be either a Uighur, Pakistani, or something of the sort.  Of course the Uighurs would know that I couldn't be a Uighur as soon as I openned my mouth to speak.  I've found also that my discussions with various ethnic groups would often revolve around different topics of interest to them, and that often I would learn cultural tidbits from them from them that my Han friends didn't know.

China is a richly diverse country, and that's one of the things that makes it so fascinating.

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What?. I never heard of such language in my life.

Where the heh it came from and what country spoken this language?

You tell me Mr. intelligent wana be........................

Talking about China is a multicultures nation and ofcourse because its so big and it have to be diversity in  cultures.

Go back to school and learn more about history and geography  of China and the world dumb ass.

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gtnbia has been deleted
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China's not monocultural

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Machjo and GNtbia

You two are dreaming of spliting china don't you.

Dream on..............

First you talking about feed them with the hamburger and sent more christian missionary to China in the form  of English teachers.

Now you tries to explain to Chinese that they have many  different cultures and languages and another word you tries to tell them that they are not the same people.  White people tries to do everything to split the China but they will never achieve they dirty conspiracy.  

Chinese people will not listen to white people like you. I remember that in the 60 the Russian tried to tell us what to do but then they got throw out from the country. American tries to do the same thing in the in 80s and 90s and even today they are still trying.

The Chinese people are not dumb and they don't want you stupid advise from the white trash like you all.

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to hongtea

I would like to tell you something about Esperanto language, but I'd rather recommend you to search in goolge(for example) and you will see what it is about.

In second place, plesae try not to be rude and insulting; this is a thread about racism and the topics to do with it and not about how many insults I can post to the other, because in fact you might be right, some in here might have to go back to school, but it is clear as day light that you still have to go OUT of school.

And third, when someone corrects you, and belief me we ALL make mistakes, try to be positive and learn.....not just answer by kicking! That, my friend will take you no-where.

Thanks for reading and have a Good Day!

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