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ABOUT RACISM [Copy link] 中文

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My English is as good as white?

By which I presume you claim your English is as good as a white native speaker. I do not normally comment on people's English but as you have made this claim hongtea, I think you need to know the truth.

Your English is full of very basic errors. Here is an example:

You said:
"Let us looking at America if there just only white people building that country they will never become as America today. Many Chinese considers America just only white people but that not the reality. America is multicultures nation."

Here is a corrected version.

Let us look at America. If white people alone had built that country they would never have become the country they are today. Many Chinese consider that America contains only white people but that is not the reality. America is a multicultural nation.

You claim to be American born Chinese. I rather doubt it.


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thanks hedan

i still don't like the "more than one" option, though.  guess it's better than any other alternative.

what this really shows is the validity of jvt1965's argument that race is quickly becoming an outmoded concept.  


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What is a white english speaker...

...the undecipherable Newfie?? The Drawling Southerner??? The Nasal New Yorker?? The Clipped British?? The Wierdo-speak Aussie??
C'mon...even in your arguments against 'brand bigotry' you are swamped by your own ignorance.

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Another example...

I remember meeting a Japanese in Canada once.  His English was fluent, though with a bit of a Japanese accent, and he knew a bit of French.

His father was British, his mother French, and he, a white Japanese.

So would it be easier for him to find a job teaching Japanese or English in China?

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you're welcome, ts

"race is quickly becoming an outmoded concept"

I agree with that 110%.

Some more facts about the racial categories that the U.S. census uses:  The "White" race includes not only Europeans, but Arabs, Middle Easterners, and North Africans.  Ironic: if Saddam or Osama were in the U.S., technically they'd be white.

The "more than one" category is acutally worded "Two or More."


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Whaddya mean 'clipped British?'

There's as great a range of accents and dialects in the UK as in the US - maybe more. I have a friend from the Western Isles of Scotland who sounds more Scandanavian than English. Go to any small village in the south and you'll find more drawl than you can shake a stick at.

As for me, I come an area called the Black Country (where the industrial revolution started). Our accent, according to academics, is the closest you'll get in Britain to original Anglo-Saxon.


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