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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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Bitcoin, the universal digital currency was supposed to be the replacement for the US dollar.
Bitcoin never did become the money in everybody's pocket used for buying your everyday potato and rice grain in the supermarket. Instead it was horded, locked away in the cloud safe and became a speculative random number piece.
More worrying, Bitcoin was for the brave few, because today you are a Bitcoin millionaire, tomorrow you may worth zero cent, thanks to hackers or inside job digital theft.
So digital cash is still a maybe replacement for the dollar.

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Dimond, Blanfein, etc etc+poison soup.

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Absurd Predictions For Gold

One of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies expects the global consumption of gold to reach 4,370 tons in 2019 – the highest since 2015. The projected quantity is slightly up from 4,364 tons consumed last year.
- World gold demand set to hit four-year high – experts

Yes folks, a mere 6 tons increase is being predicted for an entire year's demand.

Gold supply is also a LOT higher than many who are familiar with the gold market would expect: Global gold supply is projected to see a modest increase of one percent to 4,707 tons in 2019.

Even with scrap recycling, usually only 4,000 tonnes are produced and, if anything, gold supplies should be shrinking.

Yet, a HUGE increase in demand has already been seen but which resulted in similarly unambitious price projections: Gold prices could reach $1,400 per ounce in 2019 due to the US Federal Reserve’s less aggressive stance on interest rates, bullion purchases by central banks and lingering global uncertainties, market analysts explain.
. . .
The yellow metal was trading at about $1,283.57 an ounce as of 09:19am GMT on Tuesday.

- Thousand ton twist: Gold buying frenzy by global central banks to push bullion prices higher

Gold has already blasted past $1,400 in June. It was last at $1,283 in May. Often the liars cite an average price for the entire year to de-emphasise the price gains. This is the exact opposite of B.S. Bernanke's preferred measure of inflation which eliminates food and fuel because of "volatility".
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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Despite soiling his masters of the universe underpants and illegally smashing the gold price in 2013, Jamie "stinky pants" Dimon appears to have failed to contain the gold price. For the six years when the price was contained (but only measured in "worthless paper" USD) it was only because the Great Satan and poodle defaulted on gold owed to China and Venezuela and they also thieved Ukraine and Libya's gold too. The poodle state has also just thieved a tanker of Iran's oil in the latest act of anglo/jew flagrant illegality.

The price of gold seems to be rising inexorably. So much so that I've decided to spend it just as fast as I make it rather than wait for the big reset.

Similarly, since ol' Stinky Pants claimed he would fire anyone he caught trading buttcoins and then was exposed doing just that, I've decided to sell all my gold and buy buttcoins which are backed by nothing and nobody and so are completely worthless.

No, just kidding.

Since the gold standard was abolished in 1971, the value of the dollar has decreased annually by 3.96 percent.
-  Could The US Be Gearing Up For A Return To The Gold Standard?

Yes folks, $35 on the 15Aug71 to $1457.76 today, 5Aug19, is 3.96% and NOT, I repeat NOT, 8.08%.

You would need over $600 today to purchase the same goods you purchased for $100 in 1973.

And $3,452 to buy the same amount of gold, is indeed "more than $600" from when gold was, officially at least, re-priced at $42.22 in 1973.

Still, a dollar is a dollar, right? No, it is not. It is just a piece of paper.

Well it is now. Originally, it was a fixed amount of silver. But silver was de-monetised at the start of the 20th century. The "dollar" has never been a piece of paper, per se. The paper was always just a credit note FOR a dollar. It was never "backed" by precious metals such that it was money in its own right.
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Gold has risen as much as £1,242.03; an all time high in Poodles.

That's £57.19 and 4.83% so far this WEEK. I'm making entire months' worth of spending in just hours.

And yet, the seemingly inexorable rise in the gold price since May is annoying because it's like someone in a shop paying you change, but counting it out very slowly and all in pennies.

Neither am I making money. I'm simply losing it at a far lower rate than the suckers who hold onto jew confetti.

The money-changers have also called a halt to gold's rise as it surpassed $1,500. That's also indicative of the manipulated markets. Who would be daft enough to short or sell gold during such a rise? It's like a huge crowd rushing en masse in one direction, only to suddenly and all at once stop; totally absurd.
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Fascist, Feudal Prison-State

Right to a lunch break, paid maternity leave, vacations, sick days. These are trivial benefits next to the claws of the Federal Reserve Bank that erodes American workers real purchasing power via inflation. Inflation is more crushing than any other factor that makes American workers peons. Whatever pay raise a worker earns, the Federal Reserve taketh away. Inflation is not the target 2% the Federal Reserve publishes, but more like 6-8% (Source: You have to ask for a 6-8% pay increase every year to maintain your standard of living!
- The Dumb American Worker

In fact, since war criminal, Nixon, defaulted on gold in 1971, the average annual confiscation rate has been 8.09% (15Aug71: $35/oz; 6Aug19 $1,463/oz)!!

With sound money, the poorest workers can eschew the plasma TV and save.

With paper funny-money, there's no point saving because they thieve 8.09% every year and it's compounded.

Both World wars were started so that the banksters could print jew confetti (credit) out of "thin air" and, as B.S. Bernanke says, "at essentially no cost". A penniless hobo taken off the streets and inaugurated as a bank could immediately lend out a billion "worthless paper" credit notes and charge interest.

Quackonomist Steve Keen claims funny-money stops the rich from saving. Even a mentally retarded quackonomist such as Keen, who lost his bet on the auztralian housing market because he's thick, knows full-well, that the wealthy make profits from inflation whilst it hits the poorest the hardest.
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The New Monetary World Order

There's been a change in the markets. After six years of the gold price going nowhere (in "worthless paper" USD), it's suddenly taken off and is hitting all-time highs in most major currencies.

The PPT seems to be absent: The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) had been in a sharp decline with losses of over 400 points when the “glitch” began. But rather than continuing on that downward path, once traders were unable to see or evaluate where the stock market was actually trading, the Dow stopped tanking.
- Shhh! Don’t Tell the Public There Was a Frightening “Glitch” in Stock Markets Yesterday

It looks like John Williams, the vice chairman of the Fed’s policy-setting board, is making big changes. Perhaps the FED will adopt what Janet Yellen referred to as a "macroprudential" role: The story involves Simon Potter, who ran the all-important markets desk, and Richard Dzina, head of the financial services group.
- Abrupt Ousters, Public Missteps Sink Morale Inside New York Fed

Of course, the likes of Berkshire Hathaway continue to purchase Apple in it's third year of decline in smartphone sales (it's biggest source of revenue) or Amazon (who's valuation one article claimed implied it would expand until it covered the entire planet) which, like Berkshire Hathaway doesn't pay a dividend. Along with Jim Rogers, Google and Apple the Shyster of Omaha also holds over $100bn in "worthless paper" USD and its equivalents.

Since May, gold (and silver) has been on a tear. Because financial news is transported by bare-back riders on the Unicorn Express, new all-time highs in Poodles are just one or two Poodles higher each time. One exception was Tuesday, when gold hit YET ANOTHER all-time high in "nitroglycerine" Poodles of £1,271.11 only to be smashed down for the afternoon fix to about £1,232 and then held there (about $1,500) until after the morning LBMA Fix.  The Commitment of Traders saw the bullion banks go HUGELY short last week, just as they always do when the gold price spikes. It reports as of close of business Tuesday and is published on the Friday.

Meanwhile, negative interest rate bonds now exceed $15trn as every commentator has noted. This is since China called a halt to accumulation of reserves in 2015. The inverted yield curve shows the Great Satan can't afford to borrow at longer dates. Alan Greenspan has "helpfully" offered that arbitrage should encourage buying of Great Satan bonds.
Compounding is the magic ingredient.

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