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Sound Money Means Gold
- why gold-backed money is here

We know that Germany, Spain, Italy and France have all legislated to balance their budgets by 2016 and Germany did so a year early. We know the ECB is banned from funding national government spending (We're no longer "all Keynesians now"). Hence, we know Greece has been unable to inflate away her debt so has to borrow externally.

Without the resource of paper funny-money, then, governments will have to borrow and will want gold-backed money to lower their borrowing costs. This means a far higher gold price. The Great Satan with just 20% gold backing (with the alleged 8,133.5 tons) would be a $10,000/oz price. But neither the Great Satan or its poodle dominate trade these days. In an era of competing currencies, then, 100% backing will be necessary to support the weaker currencies.

A HUGE revaluation of gold will also give the deficit nations "breathing room" to adjust to the new monetary World order.

The Great Satan is already repatriating other nations' gold, having held it hostage at the JY FED all these decades. Hence the IMF rule banning backing of paper with gold is no longer being enforced.
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- gold conspicuous by its absence as they doth protest too much

The bottom line is this: Russia and China are in full support of globalist controlled institutions like the Bank for International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The governments of both nations have called for the IMF to assert their Special Drawing Rights basket currency framework as a foundation for a new world reserve currency system. Again, both Russia and China want the IMF, a globalist controlled entity, to become the de facto ruler of a new global monetary structure.

This call for a complete world monetary shift has not been taken as seriously as it should have been, primarily because mainstream economists argue that there is no alternative to the highly liquid U.S. dollar. This is no longer true, though.

With the rise of simple to generate cryptocurrencies and the easily tracked blockchain exchange mechanism, globalists now have the perfect liquidity tool for replacing the dollar as world reserve. All they need now is a crisis event to provide cover for the transition.

- World War III Will Be An Economic War

Well at least it's an admission the "worthless paper" petrodollar is over. This was where oil exporting nations were paid, not in "worthless paper" USD, but "recycled" into Great Satan bonds, so that they were only paid the interest and couldn't dump it for gold.

The SDR is as bad as the "worthless paper" USD. It is backed only by other paper funny-money which is, in turn, a credit instrument.

Buttcoins are worse still; backed by nothing and nobody.

Although the banksters are clearly illegally-manipulating gold, it still outperforms the "big, fat ugly bubble" in shares, with the S&P500 offering less than 1.9% in dividend yield. End of year prices (in "worthless paper" USD according to the afternoon LBMA "fix") have been:

1159.1, and

It's currently 1350.75.

Thus it's averaged 8.6% up to today, far oustripping the market and certainly far more than the Shyster of Omaha with his krappy 6% over the last ten years. This is because devaluation of the paper funny-money is inevitable and inexorable, given the HUGE and unpayable debt. Charlie Munger is a jerk who promotes this theft because he's nothing more than a crook.
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Goldbugs To Become Rich
- how to beat the "masters of the Universe"

The price of gold was smashed back down on Thursday.

Despite some commentators pointing out that gold should explode in price, it is down 5% y-o-y measured in "nitroglycerine" Poodles and only up slightly y-t-d measured in "worthless paper" USD, thanks to five quarters of gradual devaluation, now that China's petroyuan provides oil exporters with a far more attractive option and especially because it can be converted to physical gold when the first contracts are settled in September.

It's not as though the Great Satan ISN'T defaulting on gold payment YET AGAIN!

You'd have to be completely stoooopid to believe that the repatriation of gold from Paris and JY to Germany was because there was, somehow, no longer a threat of invasion from Russia.

You'd also have to be completely stoooopid to believe that the Warshington Agreement was anything other than a redistribution of gold between central banks.

You'd also have to be completely stoooopid to believe that either the SDR or buttcoins are going to be the new reserve currency when neither are stores of value, which is the main requirement for a reserve currency and why the Great Satan has to illegally invade you if you refuse to accept it.

Yes folks, despite SATA (the organisation formerly known as GATA) and Silvercore (the company ostensibly peddling itself as "Goldcore") trying to distract you with silver, it's going to be a return to the gold standard!
And given that neither the Great Satan or its mini-me poodle are major trading nations these days, they will have to back their paper funny-money with gold 100%, meaning a price of about £/$ 100,000 per troy ounce. No freakin' kidding!

Anyone paying attention will reap the rewards.

The anglo/zionist propaganda rags heavily peddle home-ownership. But mortgages is where the sheeple compete with one another to pay the most interest to the banksters. Renting allows you to invest the capital and protecting yourself from the inflation fraud by holding gold means you've easily beat the Shyster of Omaha's krappy 6% return on his investments over the last decade. So by combining investing in gold with renting rather than buying, you can beat the system of fraudulent paper funny money and loosely disguised slavery imposed by the anglo/zionist robber-barons.

But just like gold which has been suppressed for seven years, they want to wait you out. One of the developers of the website, announced he was finally giving up waiting for the housing crash and bought a property (no doubt by borrowing off the banksters). So he's now a debt-slave sucker.
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More Hilarious BS Investing Advice

The gangster-run Anglo-thieved prison-states are fascist (gangster-run). The model is one of exploitation, which is why they used slavery overtly for 350 years and now do so covertly. Despite the model clearly having failed, the robber barons who benefit from it continue to peddle their lies to justify it. You're supposed to believe, for example, that Venezuela is a failed economy, not because the Great Satan has imposed a medieval siege, but because it's socialist. Yet Russia, Japan, China and Germany are all highly successful socialist economies.

“With the breakdown of the market to the 200-dma, the market is now at a much more critical ‘make or break’ juncture.
- 8 Reasons To Hold Cash (Markets Are Rational... Until They're Not)

Yes folks, it's that "technical analysis" BS which is no different from killing a bird and reading it's entrails to predict the future. Where in this mumbo-jumbo BS does it prove that a round-number of 200 days is somehow significant?

And by "cash" the shyster means paper funny-money rather than "cold, hard cash" which is gold. Given the HUGE and unpayable debts of the gangster-run, thieved prison-states of Amerika and its mini-me poodle, you'd have to have total s***4brains to hold paper funny-money.

Considering all those factors, I begin to layout the ‘possible’ paths the market could take from here. I quickly ran into the problem of there being ‘too many’ potential paths the market could take to make a legible chart for discussion purposes.

Yeah, because this f**wit hasn't got a freakin' clue.

However, my guess is we are not likely done with this correctionary process as of yet.

Wow! I'm expected to invest my hard-earned savings according to some f***wit retard's "guess", which is what his BS "technical analysis" is anyway.

For us, technical analysis is a critical component of the overall portfolio management process and carries just as much weight as the fundamental process. As I have often stated:

“Fundamentals tell us WHAT to buy or sell, Technicals tell us WHEN to do it.”

Total BS. You never know when because all the markets are rigged. To beat the markets you have to know how to value assets. But all that gives you is a little security because the banksters will illegally smash the price of an undervalued asset less than they would an overvalued one. It could be years or even decades before the price reverts to fair value. Berkshire Hathaway shares, for example are always overvalued because the Shyster of Omaha not only underperforms the market, but he pays no dividend either.

Step 1) Clean Up Your Portfolio
Tighten up stop-loss levels to current support levels for each position.

Total BS. The banksters know where the stop-losses are clustered and make profits on their shorts by triggering them.

As I discussed last week on the radio show, in portfolio management you can ONLY have 2-of-3 components of any investment or asset class: Safety, Liquidity & Return. The table below is the matrix of your options.
. . .
Gold – liquidity and return, no safety.

Total BS and proven as such. Gold has outperformed the market over the last decade (as well as the Shyster of Omaha). It is liquid and is the safest financial asset of all.

Here are my reasons having cash is important.

1) We are not investors, we are speculators.

Nope! I'm an investor and by "speculator" he means a gambler who has NO FREAKIN' IDEA what will happen next.

2) 80% of stocks move in the direction of the market.

LOL! That's like the old saying that you have 80% of accidents in the home. You're not likely to suddenly have an accident in Timbuktu unless you live there. 80% of stocks (shares) WOULD BE the market!

3) The best traders understand the value of cash. From Jesse Livermore to Gerald Loeb they all believed one thing – “Buy low and Sell High.”

What a crock of s***!!!! That's the old bum-steer banksters use to focus your attention on price rather than value. It's buy cheap; sell expensive.

4) Roughly 90% of what we’re taught about the stock market is flat out wrong: dollar-cost averaging, buy and hold, buy cheap stocks, always be in the market.

Total BS again! Sometimes they're right. Sometimes they're wrong.

5) 80% of individual traders lose money over ANY 10-year period. Why? Investor psychology, emotional biases, lack of capital, etc.

Total BS YET AGAIN! The markets are all rigged and the sheeple are inundated with BS propaganda such as the above article.

Cash protects capital. Period.

Total BS yet again! The whole idea of paper funny-money is they devalue it, so it's the only place guaranteed to lose you money.

7) You can’t “buy low” if you don’t have anything to “buy with.”

That's such an asinine argument you know for sure that this shyster is full of it and by "it" I mean excrement.
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Yet More Distractions From Gold

"Silver Bullion Remains Good Value On Positive Supply And Demand Factors", reports Silvercore which masquerades as "Goldcore".

Silver, of course, takes up about 300 times the space of gold to store the same value, which is why central banks hoard 33,000 tons of gold and not 10,000,000 tons of silver.

Mark O'Byrne cites a variety of banksters for his bullish silver opinion, which is, therfore completely worthless, including the daft assertion that every time the gold/silver ratio has exceeded 80 it has fallen. That's as daft as saying no mountain can possibly be taller than Everest, simply because that's the tallest mountain we have.

Despite mentioning the "fundamentals", O'Byrne completely fails to offer a sensible comparison of supply and demand. Instead, O'Byrne pulls the oft-used trick of mentioning statistics which imply much but prove nothing.

By contrast, the Great Satan is defaulting on 600 tons of gold it owes China. Koos Jansen reports that China actually supplied gold to Cesspit London (crime, cockroach, bedbug and money laundering capital of the World, cocaine and gonorrhea capital of Europe) last year.

Similarly, Zero Hedge peddles gold miners rather than gold: For instance – if the price of physical gold increases 10%, a quality gold mining equity can increase 100%. . .
- Finally They’re Getting It: Goldman Sachs and Famed Bond King Turn Bullish On Gold"

That's BS it "can" increase a gazillion %, but it won't. Notice how round a number 100 is. Some gold miners have fake hedges and collars, selling gold calls. So if the price of gold rises, then they won't see any increase in profits at all.

With the petroyuan, the last piece of the jigsaw is in place for a dumping of the "worthless paper" USD. The only reason there hasn't been a run on it is because there's a international agreement to stop it imploding. That's why the ECB and BoJ have imposed negative interest rates but only on excess reserves at commercial banks. That's why Steve Hanke is suggesting Venezuela dollarize, despite Venezuela, Iran and Free Korea refusing to accept the fraudulent funny-money.

A gold standard is already, de-facto, in place, which is why the propaganda is completely failing to deny it and is, instead, offering daft suggestions of the SDR or even krapto-currencies will become a new reserve currency: China appears to be adopting crypto-currencies, but on its own terms. At last week’s annual Boao Forum for Asia, the new central bank governor, Yi Gang, indicated that while the People’s Bank of China is going to maintain a “tight supervision” over virtual currencies, it is also “exploring a better way for digital currency to play a more active role … in the real economy.”
- Messages from China show digital currency is taking off

But note the switcheroo! China's governer mentioned "digital" currencies NOT krapto-currencies or virtual currencies.
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Gold Standard Preparations

What we again find odd is how quiet everyone was for the past ten years when central banks, by keeping interest rates at record low levels, enabled the world's biggest debt issuance spree, for both public and private debt, and now that debt is at a level that even Goldman recently said is no longer sustainable, suddenly everyone - from central banks, to bank CEOs, to NGOs - is screaming from the rooftops how dangerous debt really is.

As an amusing aside, in a blog post posted alongside the Fiscal Monitor report, IMF director Vitor Gaspar said that the "United States stands out" and singled out the US for criticism, warning was the only advanced country that was not planning to have a falling burden of debt because tax cuts would keep public borrowing high.

- IMF Sounds The Alarm On Global Debt, Warns "United States Stands Out"

In other words, in preparation for the new monetary World order of sound money and a gold standard, everyone has converted their borrowings from high interest rate bonds to low interest rate bonds which has seen the capital increase massively to take into account the future interest that would have been paid. A nation borrowing, say, $100bn at 5%, will refinance into a $200bn bond at 0%. But war criminal, The Donald, appears to be reneging on international agreements again and embarking on Keynesian deficit spending as though we are still "all Keynesians now" as war criminal, Nixon, announced when he defaulted on gold payment in 1971.

And Here's Yet More BS Investment Advice

A positive nominal return could have been earned from dividends but the real return this century from UK equities has been only 1.9%; real return from bonds 3.2%. Risk is not about volatility, it is about loss of capital. That is why investors should always have some money in cash or government bonds.
- Six precepts every investor should remember

So having specified "real" returns, the Quackonomist then suggests holding paper funny-money or goon & thug bonds which are only promises of future paper funny-money to preserve capital. Yet, the whole idea of paper funny-money is they devalue it; it's the only place GUARANTEED to lose value.

It also mentions compounding, so with the long-term average at over 7% (and that includes the gold/exchange standard era), you will lose half your savings to inflation in a decade.
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Eazy Peazy; Lemon Squeezy

As Gary North has pointed out, the Great Satan is so heavily indebted that it will have to default. Laurence Kotlikoff claims the Great Satan unfunded liabilities are $220trn. The on-the-books liabilities are $21trn.

North points out that inflation is a stealth tax and therefore the most politically viable way to default rather than an outright default. He claims it's "100% guaranteed". But it's worse than that. Western nations are already outright defaulting on pensions obligations by raising retirement ages. So inflation is 200% guaranteed.

Whilst the BS claims the FED is fighting inflation. Others have pointed out that the only possible source of inflation IS the FED. Whilst they claim inflation is only in the region of 2%, anyone who looks at the price of housing 30 years ago, can plainly see that inflation is closer to 7% and the S is only just H-ing The F.

Given this guaranteed inflation of about 7% per annum and gold's inevitable and inexorable rise in price which is, most importantly, compounded year after year after year, you'd have to be completely stoooopid not to be holding gold as a long-term investment to be hoarded.

This is why the propaganda articles all claim that buying a house is cheaper than renting. What all these propaganda articles fail to mention is the income you receive from investing the capital. After all, Germans mostly rent rather than buy. Are Germans supposed to be stooopider than Anglo/Amerikans? They don't want you selling your house, taking the capital and investing it.

Here's the statistics for gold over the last 15 years:

End of year price (in "nitroglycerine" poodles), LBMA afternoon fix:
Last spot price: 971.79,

These prices can be double-checked at:

Here's the average a.p.r. return for each year, again counting down and referenced to 2003:

2018 ytd: 10.19%,

Here are the same statistics for "worthless paper" USD:

2018 ytd: $1314.89,

And the average a.p.r.:

2018 ytd 7.98%,

Can you imagine getting those rates of return from a hedge fund? Can you imagine having those sorts of return being virtually guaranteed for the future? WELL THEY FREAKIN' ARE YOU SUCKERS!
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