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Thank You Jamie Dimon for Illegally Smashing the Gold Price Again   [Copy link] 中文

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gork Post time: 2018-2-9 03:20
The Great Satan has defauilted yet again, owing China 400 tonnes.

These gangsters can keep the ma ...

I can't afford any but look on the bright side.
It keeps gold artificially low so the Chinese can keep on with their gold buying spree.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Will The Poodle Crash Out of the EU?

Launching his new papers this week, Mr Davis stressed the negotiating advantages of “constructive ambiguity”.
- Papering over the cracks

"Our policy is having our cake and eating it," British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson declared in 2016.
- Britain's Not-So-Sweet Options for EU Trade Deal: QuickTake Q&A

Put the two together and you have to wonder if the eating of the cake is BEFORE the Brexit deadline rather than AFTER.

Japanese car manufacturers have just had a conference with the poodle state to demand to know what's going on. The banksters too are saying that if they start to move to the continent, even calling off Brexit won't stop them finishing the transfer.

In other words, if the Brexit were cut and dried, there would be a mass exodus now. By keeping the victims guessing, they will make a slow transition and in the transition period, the poodle state will still get the benefit of the japanese car industry and the global bankstering.

The next question is why they're committing quackonomic suicide. The only sensible explanation is that for the first time in five centuries, the poodle state has to live within its means and a DRASTIC reform is necessary which max. Kiester refers to as "subsistence living".

“And she was keen to put some distance between her own stance and that of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘He calls it austerity. I call it living within our means’.”
- HSBC thinks Theresa May will go on a £50bn spending splurge

What we are saying to the country is 'we are going to spend less but we are going to live within our means.'
- U.K.'s Economy Is Doing Well, Thank You, Coke-head FinMin

We can get Britain back to living within our means in a way that is fair and sensible and secure."
- David Cameron warns of 'legacy of debt'

The Petrodollar is, after all, dead and buried.
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Petroyuan 26th March

China's securities regulator has announced on Friday that the petroyuan oil futures contract will launch on Monday 26th March. The oil grade will be medium-sour aimed at the middle-east producers. ... et-to-start-trading

This explains why the "worthless paper" USD has been managed lower over the last year and why the anglo/zionist propaganda rags have been making such a big deal out of the "surprise devaluation" of the yuan in 2015, which was less than the 2% daily limit.

Shedlock claims it's no big deal, as if the Great Satan didn't threaten Iran when she announced an oil bourse and didn't illegally invade Libya and Iraq. He also claims the yuan has problems such as capital controls, thus contradicting himself because he obviously thinks it IS a big deal.

But all oil exchanges which accept "worthless paper" USD and ONLY "worthless paper" USD effectively force oil exporting nations to accept the fraudulent funny-money and it then becomes their problem, as deputy treasury secretary John CON-nelly, put it on how to get rid of it. Satrap, Saudi Arabia, is even forced to "recycle" the paper funny-money into Great Satan bonds, suggesting that the Great Satan doesn't want the paper funny-money to be dumped in the FX markets and Saudi Arabia only gets to spend the interest. Oil exporting nations are then forced to acquire "worthless paper" USD to buy oil too.

A new oil bourse denominated in yuan will mean oil exporters will, at the very least, increase prices on "worthless paper" USD denominated bourses. Venezuela and Iran already refuse to accept "worthless paper" USD. Russia is also trading with yuan and rubles. There's much talk of China forcing Saudi Arabia to sell oil in yuan. But that's amerikan, worthless-parasite thinking. China has a surplus and a lot of it is denominated in "worthless paper" USD. The last thing she needs is no way of getting rid of it. It's Saudi Arabia who would want to diversify and Saudi Arabia and Qatar are already on board, as is Indonesia.

So that's every major energy exporter in the World except the Great Satan. Except that the Great Satan lifted the 40 year ban on crude oil exports from the land they thieved from the native American in 2015 and has been trying to thieve Russia's share of the gas market with the illegal wars of aggression in Ukraine and Syria. LNG terminals have been converted from import to export too.

As for capital controls, gold-bugs have pointed out nations can buy gold on the SGEI. China imported 8.43mbpd in 2017. At $60 for crude and $1,300 for gold, that's $184.6bn a year or 4,417 tons of gold against annual mining supply of 3,000. And that's just China's imports. Other nations can trade on the oil bourse for a maximum total demand of 53,000 tons of gold per year just from sales of crude oil. China and India already account for most of the demand now! The Great Satan may have to sell oil for yuan, especially if it wants gold! It defaulted on Germany's gold and now China's gold too.

Whilst Saudi Arabia is undergoing HUGE reform, the poodle state has implemented Brexit. Because the poodle state participated in the lie that the NATO gang would not advance a single inch towards Russia's borders, both the pothead war criminal and war criminal, Auntie May, have had to announce to the World a new "golden era" of relations with China in order to re-assure China that "Perfidious Albion" isn't lying YET AGAIN! But as it's double-speak, they can still renege and deny that they made the promise. In fact, it suggests there's nothing in writing.

China  is also being secretive, only reasing some details nearer the date. This is probably to disguise the level of interest and so avoid market disruptions.

The bullion banksters are net long gold when you include their holdings in the CRIMEX warehouses. Watch out for them increasing physical holdings as they fear default in paper gold.
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If You Haven't Sold By Now, You're In Trouble
- if you're going to panic, panic early

Ray Dalio is correct to say that those holding cash will feel stupid. But that's always the case. The whole idea of paper funny-money is that they can devalue it and the history of currency debasement shows how irresistable it is.

But what the shyster doesn't mention is where you SHOULD place your savings. Putting it in shares, bonds and real-estate would be FAR WORSE at the moment. It's the currency debasement of paper funny-money which has inflated "big, fat ugly bubbles" in shares, bonds and real-estate.

The only place to be is commodities and in particular gold. It's not as though the Great Satan HASN'T defaulted on gold payment YET AGAIN, this time 400 tons it owes China. China's petroyuan which can be converted to physical gold should create HUGE demand as middle eastern oil exporters will no longer be forced at the point of a gun to "recycle" their oil revenue into Great Satan bonds (the Great Satan bond market is now propped up by the FED), which lose money in real terms.

Gold has outperformed the amerikan shares market, which in turn has outperformed the Shyster of Omaha over the period of his bet with Protege Partners. This means that the Shyster of Omaha has LOST money in real-terms as have amerikan shares and the hedge funds have lost EVEN MORE.
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"Investing" In "Rip-Off Britain"
- thieving is the only trick of this one-trick pony

A long-planned stock conduit between the equity markets of London and Shanghai still has a long way to go, but the U.K. hopes “it could be launched in 2018,” he said.
- China Cautious on Pre-Brexit Trade Talks With U.K., Envoy Says

When war criminal, Margaret Thatcher introduced the "Big Bang" opening up of Poodleville's shares market, some pointed out that it would be like allowing minnows into a pool of sharks. Since then the banksters have been making HUGE profits off retail suckers.

Just as the Great Satan has access to the entire planet via the internet with which it defrauds people with imaginary coin offerings, the poodle state wants China's money with fraudulent financial products and dodgy company shares.

All financial products are fraudulent because that's the only way the banksters can make a profit. If they had a GENUINE way to make profits, they certainly wouldn't be willing to share it..

The poodle state's companies are also notorious for being run into the ground whilst the executives take HUGE salaries, bonuses and pensions. Just look at how Honda, BMW and now Tata have put money into Poodleville's krapmobile industry but when the Anglo Phoenix Consortium bought Rover off BMW for a single Poodle, they did nothing but asset strip the company.

This is why the poodle state is happy to accept foreign ownership of shares; because they're such poor value for money. The poodle state even thieved back Iceland's holdings of companies by declaring Iceland a terrorist state!!! THAT'S how corrupt the anglo/zionist gangsters are!!!!!!

Meanwhile the most ridiculous farce in all of history rolls on; that of the amerikan quackonomy. Bart Chilton reported on how an appointee, once accepted by the goons & thugs could not be fired unless there was gross mis-conduct. So war criminal, the Donald, and his band of swamp-creatures, instead appointed a SECOND head to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Mark Mulvaney even as the acting director, Leandra English, was still in place.

Now Chilton reports that war criminal, The Donald, and his swamp-creatures have changed the remit of the bureau so that their main concern is not protection of the "muppets" but that the muppets should have guaranteed access to the markets. This is similar to the asinine legislation in Poodleville, where the pothead war criminal made it easier for everyone to switch bank accounts when there was never any problem switching anyway.
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With China's announcement of a yuan denominated oil futures contract, in conjunction with the existing gold futures contract where the physical gold is stored and deliverable and the Commitment of Traders Report based on Tuesday's data, Wednesday saw, first a smash and then a spike in the price of gold just after 8am JYT.

So the COT report, which will be published on Friday, will probably show nothing much, but from now until next Tuesday and/or the Friday after, the price might show some interesting moves.

It's not clear how China can achieve significant volumes of oil sold on the exchange when the money could, at any time, be used to buy physical gold.

Iran, for example, can dump as much oil as she can on the exchange.
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The "everything bubble"
- fools rush in . . .

Hasty Steerbutt reports that millenials are rushing into shares, despite the S&P 500 offering diddly-squat in dividends or upside potential and a HUGE downside potential. Meanwhile, max. Kiester hosts gullible millenials spouting their daft opinions about buttcoins, now that they're all freakin' geniuses: "Meet cryptocurrency guru George Weiksner — he’s 11".

To cover his back-side, Kiester offers the disclaimer that during the dot-com bubble he sat next to an 7-year old dot-com hopeful peddling a website of "knock-knock" jokes.

Similarly, millenials appear to be finding it easier to buy houses: "First-time buyers 'at 11-year high'"

Only gold is massively underpriced. If China's new oil bourse resulted in just one oil supplier swapping 1mbpd sold to China for gold, that would be 400 tons per year or one tenth of global supply (including scrap).

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