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Taiwan and Philippines Losing Control Over Spat [Copy link] 中文

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No point for islanders and mainlanders to get too upset. Everthing boils down to foreign power interference. To this power whether it is people from the island or the mainland they are both disposable. Of course the foreign power will never own up to this but the events do indicate so.

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Taiwan's political leadership has gone to bed with more than one foreign suitor, and even paid many a banana republic millions of dollars of bribe money to recognize it as an independent sovereign country, even if no longer as the representative of all China.  

The strategy of the Ma separatists is to sign agreements with its neighboring countries, in the name of defending its sovereignty, as regards the fishing rights of its fishemen, but with the sole aim of having its government on paper as the counter-party to the agreement with another sovereign country, ON THE BASIS OF PARITY, as a co-equal sovereign government.  

The sad thing about all of this is that the poor Fisherman's Family does not get the apology of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, an honor rarely ever given by any head of state to any citizen of any country in the history of mankind, and a commensurate sum of reparations that would make his family comfortable, even if their grief cannot be adequately paid for, and his life can never be returned.  Now, making it worse for everybody is that this political leadership wants to punish innocent Filipino workers who help their families clean their homes, feed their children, and help their elderly, not for any wrong that they have done, but because they failed to secure the recognition of being a sovereign country from the mouth of the Philippine government.  

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sansukong Post time: 2013-5-19 11:57
It is to say, Taiwan is enjoying the best of the two worlds, at the expense of the U.S and PRC.  T ...

OK, that makes sense, sorry jay_dee, I wasn't able to figure out, but Sansukong correctly deduced you are projecting the attitude of Taiwan on this matter.

In Chinese terms, the fire has reached the buttocks of Taiwan with its fishermen being attacked first by the Japanese, then the Vietnamese, and now the Philippine Coast Guards.

And Taiwan's solution is to sign fishing agreements with each, hoping that by implication, it would be recognized as an independent sovereign state in their eyes, co-equal with them, and with the PRC.  Using the loss of sovereignty of China (by means of these agreements that do not have the approval of the PRC) to bolster the supposed "sovereignty" of the Taiwan government, is robbing Peter (the entire people of China) to pay Paul (Japan and the Philippines) using the marine resources of waters that legally belong exclusively to the entire Chinese people.

What do you call those who sell their land and marine territorial rights for partisan political gain?  

And the Taiwanese people have to be smart about this too.  Signing fishing rights agreements with neighboring countries is not EXACTLY defending the fishing rights of the Taiwanese people.  It is also giving away HALF OF THEIR RIGHTS TO JAPAN or another country, because they should have enjoyed EXCLUSIVE FISHING RIGHTS over these areas, and their incomes will drop as foreign ships come and haul off more and more of the marine life they are used to harvesting for their home ports.

What the politicians really want is the piece of paper saying that they are co-equal with the other country, as a sovereign independent country.  And if China objects, then they will fault China for not defending the fishing rights of the Taiwanese people, and yet spoiling an agreement that would have gotten them at least half of such rights.  This also another reason why China should step up to the plate and simply take over Diaoyudao, so that the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese fishermen who have been fishing side by side in these regions do not have to share THEIR fish with the remorseless and shameless "Comfort Women" victimizers of Satsuma.

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No problem.
I'm just here for the money

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The only parties "losing control" about their own actions are Taiwan and Mainland China.

I feel that the Philippine government maintains calm, oversight and control.

Such "decent behavior" may enrage others, I know.

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Read what your Hongkong compatriots think of this issue:

"Taiwan's reaction to killing of fisherman is out of proportion"

Just go to the SMCP website and read.
The whole thing was purposely "inflated" and kept "cooking" by certain people who have an interest

in putting the so-called "banana-republic" to shame, which dared to go to ITLOS against a major world power.

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NgTran Post time: 2013-5-19 18:22
The only parties "losing control" about their own actions are Taiwan and Mainland China.

I feel tha ...

Shooting an unarmed fisherman who is fighting for his life, his liberty, and his livelihood in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by a Philippine Coast Guard firing squad is hardly what any country would call "decent".  

On the other hand, your President's behavior is to be commended, in being calm, in control, and showing compassion for the Taiwanese fisherman, despite an ongoing dispute over who really owns the EEZ at the site in question.

And, your behavior, well, is more like that of the killer squad.  Your words are aimed at the hearts of the Chinese and Taiwanese people.  And, show no signs of the compassion your President had the courage to show and the humility to have.  Unfortunately, there are too many NgTrans out there causing trouble for their country and suffering for the innocent fishermen of other countries.  You need to reflect on your belligerent behavior and learn some respect for human life before you open your big mouth again.

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