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Hehe!!! China Invades India!!! Oh Really!!!!   [Copy link] 中文

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Yogesh Post time: 2013-5-4 13:57
All such border disputes are outcomes of a lots of complex thinking behind the curtains which is ...

The extent of reputation spoiling is little more than media hype from the western media - the real problem is the involvement of outside influences far from the Asian area of concern. For many years I have studied the covert yet obvious manipulations of various nations - Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, India and Pakistan by the US. I have watched as the US has slowly but surely constructed a ring of steel around the borders of China. The use of cultural and ideological differences providing the impetus for creating an atmosphere of distrust and of course the provocation of territorial disputation has worked well toward setting up the arming of the nations forming the ring of steel.
It is obvious what the US tactic is - it fully intends to use its power over these small nations to instigate a more serious conflict between one of them and PRC - which will then mushroom into a more serious dispute bringing into play the SEATO pact - the US intends to feed the smaller Asian nations into the meat grinder then enter the conflict which will of course bring NATO into play.
It was a stinging humiliation for the US when they lost out in 1953 to DPRK - then the fiasco of Vietnam - this humiliation will never be left hanging in the wind - the US still promotes a fear of communism among its citizenry - and while they might appear to be offering a friendly hand it is subterfuge.
So along the East of China they have a collection of "allies" who are prepared to push issues with China that could escalate - to the South they have India where the potential for conflict has been on low simmer for a long time - to the West they have formed various alliences with former soviet satellite states and moved in massive military forces under the guise of the so called "war on terror" and the illusion of a nuclear Iran.
But the one thing that throws a spanner in the works is Russia - the US is never sure just what Russia will do - that is the only thing preventing the West from openly invading Syria to bring about regime change - hence the use of the al Quaeda network that the US actually built and funded, hoping that will topple Assad thus keeping the NATO pawns off to one side and not bringing Russia in.
Yes there is much going on politically - and all the while it is obvious to China what is happening - that is why PRC is not sitting on its hands but taking every opportunity to build its defences - PRC is already at a level which scares the pants off the USA - and that is all that stops the USA from launching WWIII - they fully realise that should WWIII commence with PRC and Russia decides to side with PRC then the continental USA would be an easy target - something they have not had to face before. The end game between ideologies is approaching - and the US is unsure of just how it will end for them - you could say they are well and truly between the rock and the hard place, they will need to use these smaller nations to try to blunt the defences of PRC in order to reduce the risk to the US mainland.
There is much "diplomatic" smoke and mirrors at play at present - in particular I am interested in the funny cross talk coming out of Australia - each statement contradicts the last, which if anything is letting the cat out of the bag that something is afoot. What was it that Reagan said? "This planet is not big enough for two superpowers" ........
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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kongque Post time: 2013-5-4 13:37
Yes there are those who will jump on any thread with the sole intention of turning it into a flame ...

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kongque Post time: 2013-5-4 19:02
The extent of reputation spoiling is little more than media hype from the western media - the real ...

Haha, yes once again always blaming others for China's actions. You show the typical arrogance of 'It can't be us, must be a foreign plot!'

So if the U.S wasn't around, your saying all these neighbours would be fine with China taking what they percieve as their territory? Or maybe because the U.S is around China cannot use force or intimidation as easily. Thats not manipulation, thats merely small nations safe from China's coercion, intimidation and force.

China is only containing itself but not many Chinese understand this, hence why China is finding itself with no friends.
I may disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it - Voltaire

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them

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kongque Post time: 2013-5-4 16:02
The extent of reputation spoiling is little more than media hype from the western media - the real ...

Hmm...may be, what you say is true. But you should understand that it is your hypothesis. You see?

I agree with Kbay's statement about keeping island issue simmering between China-Japan may be a strategy of Britain, US. It is also possible that some power is playing a role for conflict between India and China. But what I do not get here is the incursion by Chinese military which is a proven thing as per the daily media reporting in India and even government now officially acknowledging it. Why does Chinese government invite confrontation knowingly when their obvious priority should be to get to the top of economic powers and bring prosperity for people of China?

I differ to you strongly about WWIII. No nation can afford to have third world war. Even if China was not a power to consider, US won't think of it. Nobody will think of it. It is complete annihilation. One important fact. People of US are not jingoist. I can strongly say this. They can stand against their own nation if they feel something is wrong even against other nations. Biggest chunk of human rights supporters come from US. Let us not forget that. So it is not easy for US government to get away at home by exploiting less powerful nations internationally.

I know that there are millions of ordinary people in China and elsewhere who are not aware of people in other nations and do not understand politics. If they know that there are people as good and likeable as them in other countries as well, perhaps they will demand from their governments to stop thinking of wars and care for humans.

I wonder why those politicians and diplomats are so heartless? Are they maniacally jingoistic or selfish or stupid?

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Kbay Post time: 2013-5-4 03:17
The China-Japan island dispute was deliberately designed and caused by the American generals at the  ...

Picking up from where
we had been caught with our pants down
and where we left off?

Or, let's just put it simply like this: Finishing
off what are "unfinished business". I mean ultimately, this will happen, if not
in this generation, then in future generations...

I mean you
just can't keep a good horse down
you know!!!!


Via The 1913 Intel Site

China: Let’s party like it’s 1793

          May 4th 2013        




IN 1793 a British envoy, Lord Macartney, arrived at the court of the Chinese emperor, hoping to open an embassy. He brought with him a selection of gifts from his newly industrialising nation. The Qianlong emperor, whose country then accounted for about a third of global GDP, swatted him away: “Your sincere humility and obedience can clearly be seen,” he wrote to King George III, but we do not have “the slightest need for your country’s manufactures”. The British returned in the 1830s with gunboats to force trade open, and China’s attempts at reform ended in collapse, humiliation and, eventually, Maoism.

China has made an extraordinary journey along the road back to greatness. Hundreds of millions have lifted themselves out of poverty, hundreds of millions more have joined the new middle class. It is on the verge of reclaiming what it sees as its rightful position in the world. China’s global influence is expanding and within a decade its economy is expected to overtake America’s. In his first weeks in power, the new head of the ruling Communist Party, Xi Jinping, has evoked that rise with a new slogan which he is using, as belief in Marxism dies, to unite an increasingly diverse nation. He calls his new doctrine the “Chinese dream” evoking its American equivalent. Such slogans matter enormously in China (see article). News bulletins are full of his dream. Schools organise speaking competitions about it. A talent show on television is looking for “The Voice of the Chinese Dream”.

The end of ideology

Since the humiliations of the 19th century, China’s goals have been wealth and strength. Mao Zedong tried to attain them through Marxism. For Deng Xiaoping and his successors, ideology was more flexible (though party control was absolute). Jiang Zemin’s theory of the “Three Represents” said the party must embody the changed society, allowing private businessmen to join the party. Hu Jintao pushed the “scientific-development outlook” and “harmonious development” to deal with the disharmony created by the yawning wealth gap.

Now, though, comes a new leader with a new style and a popular photogenic wife. Mr Xi talks of reform; he has launched a campaign against official extravagance. Even short of detail, his dream is different from anything that has come before. Compared with his predecessors’ stodgy ideologies, it unashamedly appeals to the emotions. Under Mao, the party assaulted anything old and erased the imperial past, now Mr Xi’s emphasis on national greatness has made party leaders heirs to the dynasts of the 18th century, when Qing emperors demanded that Western envoys kowtow (Macartney refused).

But there is also plainly practical politics at work. With growth slowing, Mr Xi’s patriotic doctrine looks as if it is designed chiefly to serve as a new source of legitimacy for the Communist Party. It is no coincidence that Mr Xi’s first mention of his dream of “the great revival of the Chinese nation” came in November in a speech at the national museum in Tiananmen Square, where an exhibition called “Road to Revival” lays out China’s suffering at the hands of colonial powers and its rescue by the Communist Party.

Dream a little dream of Xi

Nobody doubts that Mr Xi’s priority will be to keep the economy growing—the country’s leaders talk about it taking decades for their poor nation to catch up with the much richer Americans—and that means opening up China even more. But his dream has two clear dangers.

One is of nationalism. A long-standing sense of historical victimhood means that the rhetoric of a resurgent nation could all too easily turn nasty. As skirmishes and provocations increase in the neighbouring seas (see Banyan), patriotic microbloggers need no encouragement to demand that the Japanese are taught a humiliating lesson. Mr Xi is already playing to the armed forces. In December, on an inspection tour of the navy in southern China, he spoke of a “strong-army dream”. The armed forces are delighted by such talk. Even if Mr Xi’s main aim in pandering to hawks is just to keep them on side, the fear is that it presages a more belligerent stance in East Asia. Nobody should mind a confident China at ease with itself, but a country transformed from a colonial victim to a bully itching to settle scores with Japan would bring great harm to the region—including to China itself.

The other risk is that the Chinese dream ends up handing more power to the party than to the people. In November Mr Xi echoed the American dream, declaring that “To meet [our people’s] desire for a happy life is our mission.” Ordinary Chinese citizens are no less ambitious than Americans to own a home (see article), send a child to university or just have fun (see article). But Mr Xi’s main focus seems to be on strengthening the party’s absolute claim on power. The “spirit of a strong army”, he told the navy, lay in resolutely obeying the party’s orders. Even if the Chinese dream avoids Communist rhetoric, Mr Xi has made it clear that he believes the Soviet Union collapsed because the Communist Party there strayed from ideological orthodoxy and rigid discipline. “The Chinese dream”, he has said, “is an ideal. Communists should have a higher ideal, and that is Communism.”

A fundamental test of Mr Xi’s vision will be his attitude to the rule of law. The good side of the dream needs it: the economy, the happiness of his people and China’s real strength depend on arbitrary power being curtailed. But corruption and official excess will be curbed only when the constitution becomes more powerful than the party. This message was spelled out in an editorial in a reformist newspaper on January 1st, entitled “The Dream of Constitutionalism”. The editorial called for China to use the rule of law to become a “free and strong country”. But the censors changed the article at the last minute and struck out its title. If that is the true expression of Mr Xi’s dream, then China still has a long journey ahead.

As for myself, I'm not interested in any of the politics, i.e.,
the communism crap or the Maoist crap of it, I'm only interested in
the "picking up from where we had left off\nationalism side" of things here because
I'm not the political kind. I'm more the nationalism kind.

Putin's a killer. This was the claim made by Fox News journalist; Bill O'Reilly during his recent interview with Donald Trump. Trump's reply came in the form of a simple question. What, you think our country's so innocent?

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Yogesh Post time: 2013-5-5 02:22
Hmm...may be, what you say is true. But you should understand that it is your hypothesis. You see? ...

But we do not differ on WWIII - I agree wholeheartedly that the WORLD cannot afford it - and that has nothing to do with the $ cost - it is entirely to do with the survival od humanity. One thing I do despair about though is the US/Israeli threat of mutual destruction if they look like going down. The world needs to be completely rid of nuclear weapons and armies - I say that if politicians want to go to war let them fight the battle with a sword and shield - if that were the case we would have peace on Earth.
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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