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China is Africa's 'best friend in history'   [Copy link] 中文

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How the "kind" Anglos helped the Africans!

Kenyans tortured during colonial rule
The U.K. on Thursday finally agreed to pay compensation to thousands of victims of horrific torture during the British colonial rule in Kenya in the 1950s.

Nearly 50 years after Kenya became independent, British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the U.K. Parliament that a total of about $30 million would be paid to 5,228 victims and said his government "sincerely regrets" what happened.

It is a decision that may attract the attention of Barack Obama, whose Kenyan grandfather Onyango was held in a detention camp for six months, according to the president’s book “Dreams From My Father.”

“When he returned … he was very thin and dirty. He had difficulty walking, and his head was full of lice,” Obama wrote.

Popperfoto / Getty Images Contributor

British soldiers and police in Karoibangi, Kenya, in about 1954 round up local people for interrogation as they look for Mau Mau fighters.

Others detained by the British suffered far worse. During a court case last year in London -- which prompted the compensation deal -- victims described their horrific treatment by colonial officials as they struggled to deal with the “Mau Mau” uprising.

Paulo Muoka Nzili, now in his 80s, told the court he was abducted by Mau Mau fighters, but escaped only to be arrested by the British authorities. They castrated him, and Nzili said he was left “completely destroyed and without hope.”

Jane Muthoni Mara, in her 70s, told the court she was beaten with sticks and sexually assaulted with a glass bottle containing hot water after she gave food to Mau Mau members.

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espoir date. 2013-4-27 16:59
you are not far  from the truth,but let me tell you where you went wrong,the europeans came  ...
Nothing from the Chinese is free. They are Building 100Rmb Railroads and stealing 100,000,000 RMB oil.

The railRoads are to make it easy for them to Carry your Resources out of your country.

Chinese Forget that  100,000 African Soldiers came to Fight the Japanese in 缅甸 (Myanmar) to block their Invasion of China from that side of the Border. We all shed Blood and Died over the Japanese War.

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Abe_gang is running amok in the African continent after seeing the might of African lion!

Abe and gang are such an idiotic figure in this modern world and utterly ridiculous; aren't you stupid and jealous idiotic guys trying so despeartely to embarrass China, internationally?

Abe and gang virtyually bribed the ASEAN with U$19 Billion in aids, recently in Tokyo Summit, so called because they are obtaining permits to export more of Jap automobiles to pollute all those countries! Now targeting Africa?

Did the brutal invasion forces of Japan / Nippon ever set to build any railway system for free in the African continent and Asian nations other than to invade, steal, rob and rape in those countries where the bloody brutal Jap forces invaded?

Of course, Jap Abe is trying to join hands with the his western atomic hiro-naga bomber to contain China; aren't you being so stupid?

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Seneca, you should thank the Chinese for allowing you to spew your hatred on them in this Chinese forum.

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honestly,china is far better than those who came in just that we are a bit too greedy with out thoughts and wants.why would you expect china to do all those things for free?africa in the 70's help feed china and so if they are doing anything in africa today is a sign of gratitude to what africa did in the past.their policy of win win is not too bad even though they take more than what they put only trouble will be the relaxation of the visa policy to africans.many can't come to do business again in china and now leaving the chinese taking over the whole market.africans have to pass through other african based chinese before getting what they need.that is a direct policy to create a monopoly market system in africa.the number of africans coming to do business now in china has been trimmed just to less than a do you explain the friendliness in this?any way our leaders are to be blamed as one participant said.happy spring festival to all.

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Enjoy your new friend Africa:
If you can't get CNN, do a search: "Fighting elephant poachers in Congo".

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China helped to build the Tanzania-Zambia Railway.

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