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Star member interview questions wanted   [Copy link] 中文

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DSseeing Post time: 2013-3-19 13:45
Out of all members here, who do you think deserves the most respects?
What do you think of Snappy?; ...

take a hike Moron....
Never Let Anyone Outside The Family Know What You're Thinking.

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what are you opion of house price still raise, May it be entrance lower price?

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Thank you all for raising questions, and all your questions have been forwarded to 1584austin.

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Q:zhangjudy: What’s your opinion and advice towards China’s news report to foreign countries? thanks!
A: Could you elaborate please

Q: WhiteBear: Why pigs? ;)
A: My Wife and I had been looking after one of our Grandchildren and ‘Peppa Pig’ DVD’s had been on during the afternoon for his amusement. It was that evening I joined and thought a Pig Avatar would be fun, so added Peppa Pig, the only time I go away from Pig Avatar’s is when I am outside of the UK and then I add a pic to show what country I am in.
Q: Ratfink: What is your view on Ghosts on the forum Should abusive users have their I/P banned for life?
A: Ghosts mostly, are great fun. I guess ghosts quadruple our regular membership here.
I have always let it be known that the F and C words should not be allowed, and serious abusive attacks also especially towards a member’s family. If a member goes too far with those things and fails to stop after a warning. Then yes ban their IP’s.

Q:Chris.chen: How many English songs can you sing ?which one do you like best ?
A: I can sing any English song’s put in front of me at KTV. My Favourite two KTV songs are Betterman (Robbie Williams) and Lemon Tree (unknown artist) I find they are easy going enough.

Q:RonJaDa: Out of all your posts in CD, which ones mean the most to you? Why?
A: ... p;highlight=islands ..
That is my favourite thread. I love UK islands and island life. As long as they are small walking islands only with no transport, that let’s you know what ‘island’ life is really like…I love just that
. My best is an island called Lundy as you would see if you read all that. I have stayed there 28 times

QSseeing: Out of all members here, who do you think deserves the most respects?
A: Well the answer is me, of course.
Most members deserve respect, for their own input to the forum. Some like me ‘try’ and target the ‘fun’ side of work on here, others bash away at other sections. It all seems to work well.
Some are Plonkers that we have to ignore.

What do you think of Snappy?
A: Snappy is Snappy what can anyone do about that.( xixi )

Q:linlinlinlin: How much time do you spend here per day?

A: I used to spend 3 hours approx per day when I could for the first year or so, now I am sort of semi-retired I am out of the UK a lot more often so find time is more limited I do keep in touch while away but not so often
Does your wife complain about it?

A: No she didn’t when I was on more often and doesn’t now…I rarely watch TV she does ……….so that’s why
Do you get a plump read envelop from Chinadaily?
A: No, I was asked ‘help’ out, mainly it just involves verifying  a few threads and deleting a load of spam from time to time

Q:desperado123:How long have you been here and which forumite is your favorite and whom you are scared of?
A: 2009 I joined, I can’t say there is one person I have as a favourite, as you know I don’t get involved often in current affairs are any serious stuff,
Although I do miss Kbay when he is called back to prison for long spells.
I am very scared of Whampoa the wicked witch as we all are.

Q:bigbull:what impact has this forum brought to your life?
A: This is the only forum I have ever joined.
It humours me and and even though I have been  to China now perhaps 18 times, it has given me a much greater understanding of life in China.

Q:huaren2323 A) What do you think are your major contributions and what you gain from this forum?

A: I guess I was asked to Moderate as I was on the forum on a regular basis and didn’t get involved with conflict and foul language.  Sticking to mainly light hearted things
(B) what do you think about using real names and real pictures instead of inanimate avatars. Why ? or Why not?
A: No real names definitely not for me.
I don’t want people that do not need to know, to be able to look me and my company up on the internet….
There are a few members that I have made friends with that do know…
Pictures that’s no problem I have put my picture on here many times, and a very handsome chap I am too (xixi)
I like the idea of Avatars as a fun thing.

Q:sunnylin01: Chindaily forum brings me fun. I like chatting and sharing photos here. And the first question is what attracts you to chinadaily forum?
A: I like to forum for the reasons you do,
And the second question is do you like travelling? How many countries have you travelled? What and where impressed you most?
I have been to CH, TW, HK, Qatar, Saudi & USA also many Europian countries and their islands…
I live in the UK and I am sort of semi retired I spend much time in Spain where I have a house.
The only one I would not go back to is USA, especially New York
China intrigued me and  still does. So I like China very much.

Q:hekailun: what are you opion of house price still raise, May it be entrance lower price?
A: I know that the price of houses in many provinces is out of reach for so many.
I employ an office women, in Shenzhen that is trying so hard to buy an apartment, only last week she talked about thinking of moving to DG as they are cheaper but the travel issues were too great so she is still renting but hopefully towards the end of the year may be able to buy in Bao’an Shenzhen.
I wouldn’t suggest lowering the initial deposit to entice buyers as that only puts further pressure with higher repayments later.
An area needs to be flooded with new build properties to bring prices down. Let’s hope they stabalise at least

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