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Taiwan's Last Chance to Reunite with China or Be Returned to Japan [Copy link] 中文

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"Friendly relations" between Taiwan and Japan no longer exist, cannot exist, and will not exist, as long as the Japanese occupy Tiaoyutai/Diaoyudao and roguishly harrass Taiwanese boats fishing around these islands.

In short, Japan has already de facto declared war on Taiwan and on China.

In the backdrop of the imminent Korean meltdown, China and Taiwan should ALONE or TOGETHER, BOOT OUT NOW the Japanese pirates from Diaoyudao.


If not NOW, when?

If not at Diaoyudao, WHERE?

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Does Pres. Ma expect a second Zhang Xueliang, Jr., to appear and lend him two balls?  {:soso_e111:} {:soso_e126:}

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abramicus Post time: 2013-3-9 15:22

YOU are a complete    I D I O T  and obviously you are praying for a human tragedy !
It is indeed very practical that the party is  judge, legislator, head of the army, executor  and  publisher  all in one in China.

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The real idiots are the thieves of China's historically incontrovertible sovereign islands, islands like Huangyan that have been mapped and used as shelter and fishng grounds by Chinese fishermen since the Yuan Dynasty, some 800 years ago or more, and Diaoyudao since the Ming Dynasty, some 500 years or more ago.  These idiots are going to find out that bullying China with pirate alliances only result in human tragedy - their own defeat.  Wise up and leave Diaoyudao before the whole of Japan is dragged into the final Sino-Japanese War of 2013, which will not be a picnic.

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China, ever patient and peace-loving, has exercised utomost restraint in not returning its attackers, an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth, and is willing to let bygones be bygones if the Japanese will peacefully evacuate from China and Taiwan's Diaoyudao.  That is China's contribution to peace.  And that blood debt is nothing to sneeze at - 35 million lives of innocent Chinese men, women and children, raped, tortured, then slaughtered by the Japanese betes noires.

If Japan does not want PEACE WITH FORGIVENESS, then it will get what is truly deserves from the Hand of the Almighty which is permanent, irrevocable, and complete.  Finally, the Babylon of Asia will fall in utter defeat.

Peace is possible, China is ready to extend the hand of friendship once again to the Japanese people, but if this hand of peace is slapped or ignored by Japan, then it will have caused its own tragedy, and cannot blame China for not giving it a chance for peace.

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It seems Taiwanese are primarily attracted to America first and Japan second. To a large extent Taiwanese see the development of the Japanese more akin to their needs both being islanders, and Japan being larger than Taiwan and in Japan Taiwanese also sees them as having the scientific prowess and promise as demonstrated by the Americans. In terms of social and entertainment culture, the is some Chinese-Japanese mixed flavoured of say 70%-30% in Taiwanese but here the Americans maybe are able to swing greater influence because of awesome military and economic clout. Also in the past, Asia is a bit gloomy with only one single domineering Japan that worships the Americans. This encourages many Asians to look to US. Korean, Singapore after Taiwan, even Thailand.

Next there is a question of role for the islanders. Are the mainlanders good for them, how they are supposed to acknowledge the mainlanders and vice versa, how they see themselves as part of the larger entity, etc. Social quality is an important factor. There is no question about economic and military prospects although they cannot be taken for granted. One of the key issue is mainlanders themselves migrating away. Its not exactly an encouraging factor. Why would the professionals and industrious want to do so if a place is that good? Is it lack of patriotism, lack of faith or something else...? This is not to say that wealthy powerful Americans don't back themselves up with second citizenship. Perhaps they do too only in low profiled manner and they still maintain strong solid unwavering activities in the US.

US' growth predominantly depends on the migration of talent - and from real far away, as far away as the other side of the Pacific from Japan to Taiwan. China's challenge is how to use its strong homogeneitic strength to absorb the strength of diversity and combine them well. For example while the mainland has strong homogenic culture centrally, its borders are well positioned to draw in the strength of diversity even from Australia, Russia and Turkey. An added strength is China mainland can act like a magnet to attract further like Western and Northen Europe talents of African talents. If China can churn out and retain domestic magnates as well as attract foreign magnates, then it is well positioned to attract Taiwanese. However patient is a prerequisite. Everything needs time.

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Interesting observation.  China is not a sufficiently attractive model for living to the Taiwanese, to be sure.  And the cultural values of China, being essentially more materialistic and pragmatic, have made the erstwhile Taiwanese materialists and capitalists feel they have been out-materialized.  Speaking of opulence and conspicuous consumption, Chinese elites now outshine them all, except perhaps the Hongkong elite.

The feeling of kinship had once been shattered by the 2-28-47 incident, and remains to be fully repaired.  Anger and feeling of being betrayed permeates Taiwanese perceptions of the Mainland.  If being part of China meant 228, who cares for it?  Not an unreasonable rebuttal to the appeals by the Mainland government to blood and kinship bonds.  Then too, the years of LTH and CSB have inculcated a feeling that it is all right after all to not be a Chinese at all.

How China addresses these personal and social misgivings about being Chinese remains to be seen.

But history, blood, and kinship are facts, not perceptions, and because of these facts, Taiwan shares the sovereignty of its brothers and sisters over Diaoyudao (called Tiaoyutai in more accurate fashion by Taiwanese).  And where sovereignty is at stake, these feelings of belonging are less important than the facts of possession of Diaoyudao, facts that generate livelihoods for its hundreds of thousands of fishermen and their families.  The fact that Taiwan has sovereignty over Diaoyudao is beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And, as of now, only China is willing to back up Taiwan on its claims, and even fight and shed its own blood, to secure its claims.  Once again, blood and soil bind the two sides of the strait together as one people, sharing the same destiny, regardless of their differences and disagreements.  Would the US stand up for Taiwan's sovereignty over Tiaoyutai?  Would Japan respect Taiwan's sovereignty over it?

No.  Nobody.  Not a single "Ally" of Taiwan is willing to spend blood and fortune to defend its sovereignty, and would even do as much to take it away from her.  Nobody, except China.

So it is that Taiwan and its mainland brother, China, find themselves back on the same boat, on the same island, facing the same future.  This defines them as simply ONE NATION.  No more questions.  Taiwan and China are one people, one nation, and one sovereign state in the community of all nations.

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