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托福语法副词的作用解析 [Copy link] 中文

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      1 副词与形容词的功能区别:形容词修饰名词;副词修饰除名词以外的所有词性及句子成分
  [例1] The ordeal of the Cherokee Indians, who were forcible moved from their homeland in the 1830*s, is remembered as the *Tears*. (91.10)
  [答案] B 修饰动词moved应用副词forcibly。
  [例2] Although the United States experienced rapidly growth in the first half of the nincieenth century, it was still predominately concerned with agriculture and forestry. (93.10)
  [答案] A 修饰名词growth应用形容词rapid,而不用副词rapidly。 此题是TOEEL常考类型题。请注意以- ly后缀构成的副词通常是命题焦点。
  2. 否定词not与形容词no的区别
  解题要点: 区分副词not和形容词no的命题是TOEEL常考的题型,主要分布在structure (1-15题)中。当not或no出现在选择答案中,应首先判断它所修饰的中心词的词性以决定选哪一个否定词。
  (1) Since Alaska attained statehood in 1959------- single party has dominated politics there.
  (A) none
  (B) no
  (C) not
  (D) never (94.1)
  [答案] B 修饰中心名词party应用形容词no,而非副词not。
  (2) ------- social crusade aroused Elizabeth Williams enthusiasm more than the expansion of the United States.
  (A) No
  (B) Nothing
  (C) Not
  (D) None (91.10)
  [答案] 修饰主语名词crusade 应用形容词no. 而非副词not。
  (3) ------- all rainwater falling from a cloud reaches the ground, some of it is lost through evaporation.
  (A) Nowhere
  (B) Not
  (C) No
  (D) None (91.8)
  [答案] B 修饰形容词all应用否定副词not。Not all (不是所有的)是固定短语搭配,表示的是部分否定,not all = sosme。
  (4) The mechanism by which brain cells store memories is ------- clearly understood.
  (A) none
  (B) no
  (C) not
  (D) nor (90.5)
  [答案] C 否定系词is,应用副词not。
  (5) Not woman held a presidential cabinet position in the United States until 1933. When Frances Perkins became secretary of labor. (89.1)
  [答案] A Not 改为No.

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