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Already, it is all too clear that Taiwan is preparing to retake Diaoyudao, if only China would show its commitment and capability to assist and defend the initial wave of Taiwanese commandos landing on Diaoyudao.  China should not pretend it needs not prepare or show its readiness to assist on an instant's notice, just because Ma announced he would not seek a united effort with China in defending China's sovereignty over Diaoyu island.  Ma has no choice but to announce there will be no coordination with China, but China has every choice to coordinate with Taiwan, because there are no separatists inside the mainland to squeal on its own plans, or to mount protests against China's coordination with Taiwan.

Japan's claim of continuous effective jurisdiction over the soil of the island of Diaoyudao must be broken, once and for all times, by having Chinese officials and civilians setting foot on Diaoyudao, regardless of all costs.

Only a Taiwanese landing party, defended by China's navy and air force, combines both the legal and peaceful recovery of Diaoyudao with the tactical and strategic power of China to ensure that their peaceful activities are not disrupted violently by the pirates of the Far East.  China must unite at least on Diaoyudao if Japan is to be defeated on all fronts.  Both sides must work together, even if they do not talk to each other.  This will be China's defense against a pivot into its sovereign territory by the Japanese intruders.  Basketball players do not need to talk to each other in order to win games.  They must read each other's actions and trust their interpretation, and victory will be assured in the end.

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You really have a one-track mind. Anyway, your opinion is your opinion but please don't use FULL caps on your thread tittles.

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Writer's real name is Lau Guan Kim.  lau_guan_kim is for commentary and analysis. He writes also under another alter ego jinseng. I will respond to good reasoned debate. Mudslingers shall be ignored. What I do not like are ignorance, stupidity, chauvinism and bigotry. The other party has as much right as I have until it resorts to insults and nuisance.

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lau_guan_kim Post time: 2012-12-19 22:46
O, BULLSHITFUL, why you object to Full caps?

You have no right to demand that.

It's obviously allowed to do almost whatever the fuck someone wants in this forum. For example: I remember you making 4-5 consecutive posts containing only this:   Sure, you may do that, like expatter made posts which contained a lot of half made sentences and a lot of "..." (!) BUT that's not the reasons why those things exist.

You use bold or caps or fancy colours on a word for emphasis, if everything you write is in caps or bold or fancy colours then it's like you're screaming to the rest of the people or as if your opinion is more worthy or has more value than theirs does. It's like you're treating others without respect. I understand that it's probably because abramicus is overly pationate about these things but he can show restraint just like all civilised people do. for example: Someone may accidently smash into your brand new car while you're going to your wedding this doesn't mean that you should kill him. This is what seperates people from animals.

Do you understand now?

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Taiwan Should Retake Diaoyudao and China Should Defend the Landing Party on the Island with its Entire Military Force.

The Victorious Order of Battle:

1.  Taiwan forces land on Diaoyu Island.
2.  China defends the patriots on the island.
3.  The so-called Japanese jurisdiction on Diaoyudao is forever shattered into a thousand pieces.

No words, only a wave, a wink, and a nod, and then . . . ACTION . . . land a thousand civilians, soldiers and officials on Diaoyudao.

And defend them with two million men, ten thousand planes, one thousand missiles, with a reserve of ten times as much, from the mainland.

难忘  灿烂  谁会忘得了钓鱼滩。
难忘  浩瀚  一浪一浪的奇谈!   
绝色  超凡  只会出现在钓鱼滩。
一身  是胆  一起轰轰烈烈地干!

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Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked
Writer's real name is Lau Guan Kim.  lau_guan_kim is for commentary and analysis. He writes also under another alter ego jinseng. I will respond to good reasoned debate. Mudslingers shall be ignored. What I do not like are ignorance, stupidity, chauvinism and bigotry. The other party has as much right as I have until it resorts to insults and nuisance.

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Due to the intentional misinterpretation of the Mutual Defense Treaty, Japan is not only tacitly allowed, but openly encouraged, to use this defensive treaty as an offensive weapon in cutting off a piece of Chinese territory closest to its people's heart, the island of Diaoyudao, where Japanese annexation of Chinese soil began in 1895, right after China lost the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894, due not to lack of valor or arms, but due to the historic betrayal of its own navy and army by a corrupt chief, defense and foreign affairs minister all wrapped into one, Li Hongzhang.

If the Japanese ships and planes are the bayonet blade used to probe and cut into the flesh of the Chinese people, then the so-called Mutual Defense Treaty that threatens nuclear destruction on those who dare resist this bayonet blade is the barrel of the rifle onto which the bayonet is secured.

This bayonet blade is ready to spill Chinese blood in 2013, and the rifle is ready to be fired if China blocks this blade and chips or breaks it into two.  China, unfortunately, is armed with only a knife that has a much shorter reach than the bayonet blade, and a gun that has a shorter range than the rifle.  China is bravely fending off the thrusts and cuts of the bayonet, intent to keep its body whole, but finding the fight so uneven that it often hesitates in the midst of the struggle, wondering if it could ever keep its organs and limbs from being severed.

This is the way that the Chinese people, as individuals, were brutally killed by the Japanese soldiers ever since the First Sino-Japanese War to 1945.  And now, it is being practiced on the Chinese people and its national territory as a whole.  It is no less brutal today, as the effect of a rifle shot would be the death of millions of her people, in modern terms.

Taiwan and Mainland China are like the two arms of the Chinese people, who unfortunately hate each other more than they fear their foe.  But the thrust of the Japanese attack on China, taken at a national level, is directed at the belly of the Chinese people, centered on Dioayudao no less.  Once the thrust is successful, China's sovereignty over all its territories (limbs and organs) will be weakened as a warrior's limbs would sag if he lost too much blood, and the whole country would be vulnerable to challenges from every side again.  

Unfortunately, Ma cannot see the forest in the trees.  Continually harping on their differences, he refuses to cooperate with the Mainland in parrying this collective bayonet thrust of the Japanese attacker, thinking it is somehow gloriously proud to be butchered by others.  China, of course, will not fall apart if Diaoyudao is forcibly taken from her by Japan.  But China's abillity to hold its many parts together would face challenges from every direction until China as a country eventually loses its status as a sovereign state.  China will simply bleed to death.  At that point, Taiwan will also be invaded, just as a severed limb of a cow serves as steak on the plate of its executioner.  Inability to grasp the whole . . . inability bordering on retardation . . . of something so clear!  Unbelievable!

The fight depends entirely on the order of battle as the weapons cannot be changed overnight.

If Taiwan is the right hand, as it should be if it is holding the short knife, then it must act first by parrying the blade of the bayonet from being directed toward its navel, which is Diaoyudao.  Taiwan should act first, and decisively, with all its strength to deflect and if possible, break the bayonet blade.  The knife it wields is not a tiny pocket knife, but a traditional Chinese short knife used by the Taiping Rebels for instance or the Manchu army in their fight against the Japanese.  It can break, and if not, it can at least block and deflect the bayonet blade with certainty if used decisively with all the strength of the hand holding it.

The Chinese mainland becomes then the left hand that holds the hand gun.  Although its range is shorter than that of the rifle, at the short range of the Diaoyudao fight, it suffers no major disadvantage, and may have the upper hand when it comes to maneuverability and flexibility in changing its direction of fire.  Its purpose is not to engage in a gunfight with the rifle though, as the end result would be mutually assured destruction, but to prevent the rifle from ever thinking of firing.

And thus, with this order of battle of Taiwan first landing on Diaoyudao with all its might, which can deflect the Japanese from the island easily, and China next warning Japan to not attack the Taiwan patriots on Diaoyudao, both Taiwan and China can keep their belly from being punctured by the Japanese thrust onto Diaoyudao.  Successful defense of Dioayudao means other hostile countries hoping to cut off parts of China should China be weakened by this loss, would not dare to attack China.  China saves itself a dozen battles by winning this single battle over Dioayudao.  And Taiwan saves itself from ending up as the dinner of Japan after China totally collapses, as it once did in 1894, when it lost the Naval Battle of the Yellow Sea.

The Naval Battle of the East China Sea over Diaoyudao will spell the survival of China as a sovereign state, and the peace, prosperity and freedom of Taiwan from foreign exploitation and expropriation.  It is a win-win situation.  Therefore, it is time for Taiwan to decisively retake Diaoyudao from Japan which is using its Mutual Defense Treaty as an offensive weapon, and its SDF as its bayonet blade.  And it is equally time for China to be ready to defend Taiwan with all of its military capability, especially its patriots who would have landed on Diaoyudao, even just a few minutes ago.  China's state of readiness must be measured in seconds of reaction time.  The moment the Taiwan patriots enter Diaoyu sovereign waters, China must immediately be there to protect them.  

As in any life-and-death fight, the right and the left hands must work together without any pause or delay.

This is the simplest way to explain the only way to win the Naval Battle of the East China Sea.  Right hand, left hand, belly button - one body, one people, and one nation under Heaven.

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