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Why are people mean to single people?   [Copy link] 中文

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In a world that celebrates romance and finding The One, people can be rather rude to single people. Have you ever had such experience if you are single?

Take dinner parties. There comes a moment, and that question: "Why don't you have apartner?" It is usually asked by one of a couple, with always a swivel ofthe eye to his or her other half, so really two people are asking this question.

Any answer will fail to satisfy. The questioner expects no happy answer. If you are single, you must be only covering up your bone-deep, life-corroding loneliness.The questioners know this, and the insight they believe it affords comfortsthem. They are safe.

They look down from the high castle of coupledom, protected from such a fate. But if you wereto ask them: "Why have you settled for him? Why are you stuck with her?Were you so afraid of being alone?" such questions would be thought rude,intrusive.

Last week a friend of mine went on a date. A foolish thing to do. The man she met had been married three times and had a child by each wife. An example of emotional continence I'm sure you'll agree. And he asked my friend, single and childless, why she had failed at life.

He didn’teven feel ashamed of his three failed marria
ge before he asked my friend that stupid question.

Being single is not a sin. Why are people mean to single people? Have you had such experience if you are single? What do you think about it?

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Yes, I did, I had such experience, which just happened to me last weekends.

When the winter sales season kicked off last weekend, I went to a department store and began to enjoy my shopping there. I love to shop and the shops love me in return. When I drop into the shops, I always shop till I drop. For me, shopping is like a retail therapy which can help me relax and enjoy life and get out of all the trouble in my life
for a while .

However, in a fashion store, my happy shopping moments were killed by a series silly questions asked by a silly sales assistant. After I paid for my nice shoes with my credit card, a sales assistant wrapped it up for me and asked me, “Miss, why are you shopping alone? Are you single? Why don’t you find a company for yourself while shopping? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Being single is not a sin. I don’t have to give any explanation to anyone who has nothing to with me about why I shop alone. I enjoy life no matter whether I am single or not. I was trying to tell her, “It is none of your business and concentrate on your part”. But I didn’t, because I knew it was rude if I said so.

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old man
this is the label to me ,my parents ,my friend,more and more children of my schoolmates all told my this reality
i have been a old man
so the question mentioned in the host's article frequently occured im my current life
i wanna end this,but apprently ,a little difficult task

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being single is not a sin
but we all konw,being single is a sin in many many lonely long nights,in a monents suddenly fall on you

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lovetuscany Post time: 2012-11-30 15:59
Yes, I did, I had such experience, which just happened to me last weekends.

in ur case, i think u r too sensitive...
the sales assistant might be checking out on u...if hes a guy...means hes checking out whether u r single or he got a chance to court u~ hes a shy type~
if the sales assistant is a girl...might b mean that she is checking out u on behalf of her boy friends...someone had a crush on u...

so u shud b happy about it~

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why ur friend date a guy tat failed at 3 marriages and carry children from each in the 1st place?
he obviously got attitude or character problem that his wives ran away...3 times....either he got problem that he don wan to change or he cant tolerate others type...

go get a new date~
consider me pls~
im cute~

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from my experience in China:

A lot people ask: why didn't You find "Chinese girlfriend"? and then continue: because, You know, EVERY foreigner have one! You are here some months and haven't had AT LIST ONE?!

They may be surprised by my answer, but I'm not "EVERY foreigner".

I know, that a lot of laowais decides to have "Chinese girlfriend" one, or another, to save money "for massages" (it is questionable, because instead They but them gifts). But "a lot" is not "every".
I prefer to look for the one, that will have "maximum compatibility" and ... something more, deep between the soul and heart.

Yesterday my friend asked me if I'm still looking for a "girl to be wife", because His sister asked Him to ask... This was very straight! However I like to make things clear, so OK for me :)
Strange situation maybe - I never experienced that family is helping each other in looking for a mate.
And then I want to ask other "singles" (former...?):
Have You ever been in the same situation? What was You reaction, and... how it ended (happy end, fail, friendship...)?

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